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Sweet dare


Tan Lines or Not
If you saw my last post, I am excited about our up coming vacation to a number of nude and possibly naturist locations somewhere outside the United States. But I am faced with a decision that I want your feedback on and let me explain.

The question is – do I go on this erotic vacation with tan lines or an all over tan?

For the past year, I am hooked on exposing my b..
Poster: Sandy, wife of Mack - nephew of PJ | Full Story»

Been off the site since 1/21/2020, but thought I'd share how I showed a cheating ex BF what he's been missing and what he gave up by doing what he did.

I'd heard from a friend that my ex BF Jeff would be in town for a meeting for a few days, so I thought I'd find out where he was staying and going out at night, since my friend was in the same meeting as Jeff.

A coup..
Poster: Kelly | Full Story»

Neighbor Woman
I always liked this married woman up the street. We became friends of sort. I showed some interest in her. It went like this.

She invited me in to look at her new cabinets. I could tell right away she wanted to have sex. She wanted to kiss. So I did and grabbed her up close. Soon I was in her from behind leaning forward.

I held back and made her orgasm 2 times, it wa..
Poster: David | Full Story»

I'm a young man (22) working as a department Manager position. I was looking for a place to live, so I called a few that were advertised.

One answered and said she wanted to meet and talk about the details. We decided she could come down to my work and talk. She came down just before my lunch and we discussed things when I told her it was my lunch time.

I asked if s..
Poster: Boochay | Full Story»

Pleasing my Husband
So my husband and I have sex regularly. Most times in the bedroom, you know the boring stuff, but sometimes my husband likes to make me do kinky stuff. Most times I play hard to get and act like I don't want to but end up doing it.

One night it started out slow, in the bed rubbing his package and he said you know what lets have some fun. He threw out having sex in the kitchen. ..
Poster: JandH | Full Story»

Vacation Excitement
As I wrote last year after I was converted from being an ultra prude to an ardent exhibitionist, my husband, Mack, his Auntie PJ and their dear friends Jack and Mandy promised they would take me on a vacation to a nude beach or resort. However, the blasted covid put a halt on the plans due to travel restrictions.

I just learned that Jack and Mandy spent a full day making all of our..
Poster: Sandy, wife of Mack - nephew of PJ | Full Story»

Thad's Second Lesson
After our night with Thad where I stripped and let him touch me, all to please Gary, my husband, we talked about what would happen the next time we had Thad over. As it turned out, we had longer than expected to think about it. Thad had to leave town for several weeks because of a family emergency.

While he was gone, I found out that I was about 6-weeks pregnant. I suspected as muc..
Poster: Gary and Faye | Full Story»

Condo Catherine
Catherine was a widow, lived alone, and was a regular in my delivery business.

Every Wednesday I would get a call for a 26 of vodka and always made sure she
was last on my list for calls and usually showed up at her door around 10 pm.

She was a petite one, maybe 5'. smallish tits and a nice ass on her.

She would exchange hugs and usually wore a ..
Poster: Dave38 | Full Story»

Wife on Trip to St Lucia
We had been at our resort one full day and that evening we had dinner in near by town. My wife was as normal not leaving a lot to imagine with short skirt tight top no bra and looking good.

The waiter as we asked for the bill said what was our plan for evening and we just said back to resort when he said hear are two coupons for night club next door. We could not see inside but Sue ..
Poster: Stewart | Full Story»

Surprise Massage
PJ here. I haven’t posted in a quite awhile. It led Denny to do something special for me and I loved it.

While at home a lot and with spring here, I had been doing a lot of yard and garden work and I was feeling very stiff and sore with a number of knotted muscles.

Denny booked an in home male masseuse to come to the house and give me a full body massage. His name..
Poster: PJ | Full Story»

Dealing with Big Pricks.
I'm what they call a grower, not a shower. In the locker room I always seem to be the smallest guy there. But when sexually aroused, it grows into a nice six inch prick.

My best friend in high school had a monster ten inch prick. Girls must talk and compare notes because he never had any problems getting any girl he wanted. They seemed to swoon over him. More than a few ..
Poster: Jasper Humpinghouser | Full Story»

Long Ago
One summer before we met, after the kids were in bed Linda would go to a neighbor's house and swim with a couple. They got along great and he liked to flirt. His wife would go to bed early leaving her husband and Linda to drink and swim.

They both stayed up late. Soon they got more frisky after she was in bed. They would tease and touch each other and even kiss.

Poster: Rick Terry | Full Story»

His Wife
My wife and neighbors husband went out of town. My wife to lake with sisters and kids. Her husband kids camping as she had to work.

On Thursday after they lave left. She calls my house and wants to know if I want to come over. I always wanted to do her. So I said give me an hour. I got cleaned up and dressed decent.

I went over just after dark. Let me tell you........
Poster: david | Full Story»

Wife's 1st Adult Movie Theater
We were married about 10 years at the time and I always fantasized about taking my wife to a XXX theater.

Her excuse for not going was these places were always in a nasty part of town. They had recently opened up a Jerry Lewis Theater in our part of town. Their claim to fame was G movies only and in 6 months it was closed.

To my surprise they opened an adult theater..
Poster: Sojaxman | Full Story»

One more Cock
It all started while the the hubby and I was engaged. It wasn’t like we hadn’t been with other people before we got together.

But I guess it was the raging hormones we both was in our early twenties. So I decided to tell hubby that I wanted to have another dick before we got married. I had been texting one of our mutual friends and had been dreaming on him fucking me. So I aske..
Poster: D&J Couple | Full Story»

Blindfolded Stranger
Hello all,

Love the stories! First time writing the story.

So, I’m early 50’s from MA.
I enjoy joining a cuckold couples. Love that scenario.
Experienced with few first time couples. That’s even more exciting.

But this story is not about couples.

I had an ad posted on an adult dating site looking for a couple. I..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

As the weather turned colder in the latter days if October bed time seemed to come earlier. Julie and I had been on a three day ride on the fast , we were spun on the dope.
We went to our room locked the door an slipped between the sheets . She had already cumed from our foreplay I couldn't from wanting to fuck her right ass and she loves as mush as I do. With that "pop"help as it f..
Poster: Johnniethekat | Full Story»

Her first Anal
I met this girl a couple weeks earlier. We mostly just talked on the phone for a week. I was working at a potato farm outside of town, so was looking for somewhere closer to stay since I lived in town. I found a place above a small country store that was much closer.

I asked her to come out and check my place out. There were 3 apartments over looking the 2 lane road with a store u..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Older is better
She lived alone next door, a widow of about 75, 20 years my senior.. slender and plain looking, but nice body on her.. I was her handyman of sorts, fetching her booze and cigsL and fixing things around the house. Casual visits ended with hugs and embraces began to linger and become more intimate. Her family lived across the street, so had to be discrete.
My suggestion to get more intimate..
Poster: Dave38 | Full Story»

From Rejection, to Erection.
I had a crush on this girl during my sophomore year in high school. After asking her out she rejected me but we still remained friends.

Come first day of junior year we had the same lunch period and she was flirting me with me the whole day.

At the end of lunch period she told me that we should hangout after school. So after school we agreed to go back to her place...
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

"The Girls"
I met this couple 30 years ago thru the nice lady I give my last house too. The wife DK and the nice lady with my home now worked together and Dk's Hubby and I were friends years before.

So I am a Tit man/fan , the bigger the better and DK's were 52HH's and she calls them the Girls or as she squezzed them all on my chest and chin rubbing them back and forth, hi baby I'm DK and the ..
Poster: Brad Hanes | Full Story»

The Wood Shed
We used to play some bondage games, but alas now this is a thing of the past. One of her favorites was to have me strapped to the wall in the wood shed, wearing a pvc raincoat, oh and nothing else.

I think since them days our relationship has been in decline, probably a lot of it my fault I guess but I miss doing those things so much.
One morning completely out of the blue, ..
Poster: gizmo | Full Story»

Old Fashion Meaning
I'm a single dad of one. Wife 1 and daughter were killed as a result of a drunk driver. He ran a stop light, bounced off a truck, hit a trash bin that crushed them against a wall. The drunk kid was driving his daddy's Jag. Since, his dad is politicaly involved, he settled quickly, so me and my son are set for life. The only reason I went back to work is to keep myself occupied.

So, ..
Poster: Old School Dad | Full Story»

Tiny wife, large cock. True story part 2
**note** This is part two of my true story. If you haven’t yet, please read part 1 first to get the best experience reading.

Part 2

The next morning we woke up to the sound of our house guest in the main bathroom shower. In order to get to the bathroom he would have walked past our open bedroom door. He would have looked in to see her nude and only covered ..
Poster: Kurt | Full Story»

Friend & His Wife into BDSM
So I have a long time friend (Ed) who is into being abused by his wife (Camille). Apparently, they were doing it since before they were married. My wife and I hung out with them often, even before they got married. For more than 10 years, my wife & I were clueless as to what was going on.

Then late one Saturday afternoon we were over at their place for a BBQ, and drinking since we ..
Poster: Watched once | Full Story»


I go home and wonder again if I was going to get a phone call from my wife to come pick her up. Eleven o’clock gets her, no call; so, I assumed that everything was going well. I went to bed.

I get a call from Alex shortly before eight that he and Dave are up but my wife was still sleeping. I go over to his house..
Poster: geterdone | Full Story»

All the stories that I have written by Leonard have happened about thirty years ago. When my wife and I were approximately thirty five years old. We have enjoyed people wanting pictures of my wife but she just won’t do it anymore. At our age we still feel like we are Thirty five in our mind. But we have changed over the years. We still drive down the highway and my wife shows her boobs. But that..
Poster: Leonard | Full Story»

Our Fantasies
So E & I (J)have been married for almost 17 years. We met when my family moved to the same town she lived in all her life. I was a year older, but we were both in the same 6th grade class. Her house was directly behind ours. We walked to school together, by Jr High we were a thing. I got my nuts in the 8th grade. She has been with me ever since.

As soon as we graduated I joined the..
Poster: K & E | Full Story»

Caravan Park Fun
After my first post, I was overwhelmed with folks who loved my story & so as requested I've posted another adventure.

Just 3 weeks ago, Hubby & I were at a caravan holiday park & he always takes of in his boat to go fishing, leaving me alone. Well this particular day it was a very hot & humid one & I thought I'd flirt with the 2 guys who were camped behind us, just to have some fun..
Poster: Samantha Smith | Full Story»

An Evening in London
Years ago when my wife and I lived in London we went to a night club one evening. We had been wife swappers for awhile and heard about a club which we had heard was for wife swappers.

When we got there we didn't see anything that indicated it was for wife swappers. It had a Jamaican band, My wife, a very beautiful and shapely woman was dressed in a very sexy dress. Shortly after we..
Poster: James Doyle | Full Story»

Pub Re-opening Leads to Multiple Dares
Covid restrictions on indoor bars and restaurants got eased or lifted so my hubby Tom & I returned to our fave neighborhood pub type bar & grill with my sister (Sara) and my BIL (Matt) after a year of it being closed for inside dining. The pub has a game room that we often frequented while eating/drinking.

As we downed a premeal beverage, Matt asked me with a grin: Did I remember o..
Poster: Deena | Full Story»

Naked for the Neighbors
In the neighborhood I live in there's a decent amount of older women on my block and next to my house. A good few of them check me out, be it I'm mowing the lawn shirtless or washing my car. Yet one morning, they got quite a show.

It's about six in the morning, and I'm going out for a run in just a pair of shorts on the trail near me. About halfway through, I take a fall down a slop..
Poster: Hunter | Full Story»

Home from the Army 6
If you read my stories from the first Home from the Army to number 5 you know a lot happened in just a few weeks. My brother and his wife are swingers with 2 other couples.

I got with Ale and Ray and I fucked Ray twice and then my sister in law wanted to fuck me. I fucked her once just us two and then a threesome with my brother involved. I never met the 3rd couple, Ray sister and ..
Poster: Ken | Full Story»


I go home and wonder again if I was going to get a phone call from my wife to come pick her up. Eleven o’clock gets her, no call; so, I assumed that everything was going well. I went to bed.

I get a call from Alex shortly before eight that he and Dave are up but my wife was still sleeping. I go over to his house, walk in and he and Dave mee..
Poster: geterdone | Full Story»

She Couldn't Help It
It was a Saturday morning and I had just gotten up. I had slept late, it was about 9:00 am. There was a knock at the door of my trailer. When I answered it, there stood Dee. I was surprised to see her but knew why she was there.

The weekend before we had talked into the wee hours of the morning at the camp site. Her husband was sleeping in a tent near by. We were sitting by the fire..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Amy and the House Painters
We were having the whole inside and outside of the house painted, nothing too exciting. I got a call in the afternoon from the foreman, who had very limited English (he spoke Spanish) so it was hard to understand exactly what he wanted, but there was some issue and they needed to charge me more for extra work. I was in the middle of a busy work day, so I texted Amy and asked if she could just run ..
Poster: Jack and Amy | Full Story»

Alex told me again that he was concerned that he is not able to completely satisfy my wife. He went on to tell me that he has a friend (Dave), that he met when he was attending a support group for individuals that had lost their spouse. Dave is in his late-forties and had lost his wife to breast cancer a little over a year ago. Alex told me that Dave was much like him; not interested into getti..
Poster: geterdone | Full Story»

Wife's Past comes Back.
My wife confessed 20 years ago when we’re getting really serious and both just got out of boring loveless marriages. She told me 10 years prior she was asked to drop a box of to a man, Carl that lives alone in a big house. She was told he never leaves his house due to a phobia and rarely talks to people being very shy. She knocked on his door and he answered knowing the box was being dropped ..
Poster: CF | Full Story»

City Wife
So, I grew up in the country. After college I took a job in a large city. 10 year later I met my wife (Z) and we got married a year later. She grew up in there, returned after college and was living with her parents. I met several of her friends, and learned in high school she was a "Goodie Two Shoes". Even in college she wasn't known as a partier.

A couple of years after getting ..
Poster: Hobbie Rancher R | Full Story»

How teasing our elder neigbour went wrong!
Hi readers, the story I am about to share with you is true and happened a while back, and that was the begining of my secret double life. Well I was 21yo when I met my husband, I was still a virgen, 8 months later I turn 22yo and lost my virginity. At 27yo I married my husband and he had been the only man who ever got in my pussy. So I began to wonder how would be like to be with another man the d..
Poster: A. Laura | Full Story»

Stripping Additction
While in my final year at University I needed money so in my spare time I would go up to houses and ask if they need their lawns done, pool cleaned, whatever odd jobs I could do to earn some money.

One Saturday while mowing a lawn I took off my shirt because it was so hot that day, thinking nothing of it at the time until a woman neighbor got my attention and asked if I would be t..
Poster: Davo84 | Full Story»

Alex told me again that he was concerned that he is not able to completely satisfy my wife. He went on to tell me that he has a friend (Dave), that he met when he was attending a support group for individuals that had lost their spouse. Dave is in his late-forties and had lost his wife to breast cancer a little over a year ago. Alex told me that Dave was much like him; not interested into getti..
Poster: geterdone | Full Story»

Our circle of friends
We have been swinging for some years now and over time have established a group of friends who we play with there are 6 in total , they all know about each other as we have meet a few times for a gang bang , but most of the time my wife goes to there houses for the afternoon when their wives are out ( we like married men as there is no attachment just sex ) we have got a great relationship with th..
Poster: Alfie | Full Story»