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Sweet dare


Sheree's Pussy
Thank you Sheree, you have a very pretty pussy and I now have it on my desktop to look at every day.
Poster: Daryl | Full Story»

Hot Cougars!
I just found truth or dare and love it! I would love to see more of Sarah (and Eileen) the hot cougar! If anyone knows of another post, or if Sarah reads this please let me know, Thanks!
Poster: JR | Full Story»

Circling cop
A few years ago I was stationed a long ways from home, and got a lift to the airport from my gf. When we got to the airport my flight was delayed and I had a few hours to kill. We ended up finding a dead end street with nothing but homes under construction and decided it was a great place to have sex. After stripping my gf was feeling a little shy, but wanted to be on top, so I wrapped her in a..
Poster: JR | Full Story»

Sheree's Pussy
I hope I am doing this right. I think if I understand correctly, we can post comments here regarding the lovely ladies shown in the stories.

I want to tell Sheree, that I think she has a very lovely pussy!! I wouldn't mind at all being in her hubby's place...rubbing her pussy with my fingers.
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

Re: Massage
On the blog you asked us to tell our massage stories. I once got one for my wife but it wasn't an erotic one just a regular one and we weren't expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen.

He came over and set up his table and then waited in another room while she got undressed and on the table. I was in and out walking from the TV to the computer and would see them once in awh..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

my friend came over the memorial weekend holiday cause i got a new playstation3 for my 21 birthday well we made a run to get some alcohol and me and my friend was playing g.t.a.4 and my wife was bringing us drinks and she was a bit tipsy herself i've always wanted her to do a dare but she was to shy well with a little alcohol in her system she wasn't i saw him keep looking at her boobs and i caug..
Poster: james | Full Story»

Thank you Cassandra
I'm from the midwest although I'm currently serving In iraq. Your story and your pictures were the first pictures that have helped me relieve some stress-so to speak. :) Thank you. I would love to see more of your awsome body, or drop me an email. Thanks again! sctt.simpson1@gmail.com
Poster: scott simpson | Full Story»

Two Girl Roommates
Two Girl Roommates

This is the story of how I ended up with two female roommates. It started with me living with a good friend Sylvia. We were both in our mid 20s at the time. She was just getting out of a long and very bad relationship, so like many girls in that situation she turned into a bit of a slut. Sometimes we would hook up and she was always worried that it would turn ..
Poster: Fitz | Full Story»

Does any of the guys who has given there wife a mmf care to tell what was favorite parts and worste parts of it?
Please gv info
Poster: Jack42 | Full Story»

"Becoming More Sexual"
Not really a story...just wanted to say that girl is amazingly sexy. She should post more.
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

I just wanted to thank Anna for the fantatic pics of her hot 26 year old body! Happy belated birthday! Very sexy, very sensual! Hoping to see more of your fair skin and pretty pink parts! You have one lucky boyfriend! Love those nice breasts and sweet looking lips!
Poster: John | Full Story»

Need a little help.
For those who enjoyed wifes revenge and keep asking for pics im doing my best.she has to want same and neither of us want our faces shown.but keep asking and mabe she gv ya a peek at the best tasting pussy iv ever had.?till then sorry guys.i do hav true story to tell when that day comes you will all enjoy.bye till then.
Poster: Jack42 | Full Story»

To wifes revenge
Ur story is hot but needs pic and post on main blog.
Poster: David | Full Story»

just us
Love the picture hope to see more in the future. Your husband is one lucky man I know I would spend hours playing with them.
Poster: dave | Full Story»

who would like some of my nude pic!!!!
nude pic!!!!
justed email me its mrgnome@btinternet.com
Poster: kevin | Full Story»

My Girlfriend Dared me to Show it to her friend
When I was in college, my girlfriend and I were nearly always in bed having sex. Our roommate, Melody (seperate bedroom) was always joking with us about it. One night, the two rented a porno and kept joking that I should show them my dick. After about an hour of harassment, I thought "Why Not !" I stepped in the bedroom, and came out with my semi-hard dick wagging around. Melody and Cindy lau..
Poster: John | Full Story»

Nude Shaking Wife
Wow!!! Shaking and Loyal, thanks for the pix. You are lovely 'Shaking', your shaved muff is about the most beautiful I've ever seen. So smooth and fine. My crank is about to push my laptop to the floor. My wife won't shave "down there". She doesn't think its exciting or sensual. But then she doesn't think she is exciting or sensual, despite my efforts to let her know that she is. So thanks f..
Poster: Will | Full Story»

I think its great your starting to play. Alyssa you are beautiful. My wife is just starting playing aswell. You can see our first posting just below yours. Please keep playing and send more pics of your self.
Poster: j u | Full Story»

re: gary/ dave
I am trying to talk the wife into showing the bottom half. Each responce is helping more and more. Thank you all for the kind words.
Poster: just us | Full Story»

The Dangers of a Threesome
I met this guy S at my tennis club and he is about 10 years younger than me and we became good mates, playing a lot of tennis together: then after tennis we would always have a few drinks. After a while we started going out socially:

S had a girlfriend who he had been with for years and years and her name was K. I first met K at the Tennis Club social party: She was about S’s age..
Poster: Andy M | Full Story»

to b
I still dont know what she had in mind, she wont tell.
Poster: just us | Full Story»

I love the nekkid golf shots; very daring! I always wondered how women could swing a club with thier lovely breasts in the way. With your great pics I think I'm beginning to figure it out. Maybe with a bit more research on the subject we'll have an answer one day. :)

Keep up the good work - and keep having fun!
Poster: Rich | Full Story»

cool breeze and sunshine
I was out driving and turned down a particular road I had fantasized about streaking down earlier. I knew I realy wouldn't park my car and walk up the country road naked for miles and miles, but I did get undressed and got out every so often when no one was coming. It was 10:30 a.m. and a sunny warm day. I took an even more secluded road and then pulled off into the grass. I probably wouldn't have..
Poster: Joseph Film | Full Story»

Tiger Lily...
Tiger Lily,

This site has two components. One includes pictures with stories (blog). The other is just stories (post).

Without identifying yourself, in the blog section, you could submit pictures that do not include any identifying features. Or you could have the webmaster block out any identifying features, such as eyes, face, tattoos, etc. He is pretty good abou..
Poster: JeffB | Full Story»

Re: JeffB
Hi Jeff,

Gwen here.

When I first read your post I thought, "What the heck is he talking about???"

But then after looking at the pictures I realized what you meant. There was nobody else there. I was looking into a mirror as directed by my man to try to look sexy .... funny I know as I am not a model but that's why my attention was not directly at the ca..
Poster: Gwen | Full Story»

Eliza, Vroman and Manzy still loveya! Still look great! Lets see more!
Poster: Vroman | Full Story»

Resopnse to JUST US
TO: Just US

If I may ask, what was the dare that your wife had in mind?
Poster: B | Full Story»

just us
To: just us
Sorry that you lost the game, but may I say wow on a lovely set of breast. I hope you get the courage to do more in the future as I would love to see more. Your husband is one lucky man.
Poster: dave | Full Story»

Gwen's attention
First off, Gwen, Great Pictures! You look great. Thanks for sharing.

Now for the observation. In most of the pictures I noticed that your eyes and attention seems to be focused well to the left of the camera (from our perspective). That suggests that there was someone over there that you were looking at. However, that person would be too far from the camera to be the one taking..
Poster: JeffB | Full Story»

Me Two
Maurine, you have got one hot, smoking good body. One of the best thats been submitted. Hope that you continue the good work with the dares so we can see more of you soon.
Poster: Me Three | Full Story»

RE: Topless
Hey Eliza, I sure would like to be near you when you are getting a tan, whether those nice big juggs of your were covered in a little bikini or not, you are one hot girl.
Poster: M | Full Story»

hey sexy lady , show the bottome 1/2 if it looks as good as the top 1/2 i am sure the bottom 1/2 is just as sexy , cum play wif us and make me hard baby
Poster: Gary | Full Story»

Response to laphro
That was a hot story. Definitely share more!
Poster: s | Full Story»

How I started
I am an inexperienced Cuck, just one encounter involving my wife so far but hoping that will change soon.

The experience with my wife was in December but earlier in the year was the first time I tasted another guys cum.

For years now 12 of us have visited "The Belfry" in the UK for a golf break. At the last minute my room mate had to drop out but someone within the gr..
Poster: Laphro | Full Story»

Chastity, the affair, the non-faithful wife.
We have read through the two postings that you have had, and our guess, is that your husband is away in the military. First off, your husband is out there defending every right that you have to have an affair with another man and if you were even remotely woman enough or wife enough to do this, you should come clean and tell him about what is going on in your life. He really deserves the right t..
Poster: kartbahn | Full Story»

To: Tasting Wife.
Dear Cassie,
You are one awesome lover. Proud of you for your bravery. Love your openness. Your hubby one lucky man! Want to know more? Email me at straightboard at gmail dot com.
Poster: John W. | Full Story»

to Cassie
You are not alone! I love to taste other women on my man, I really love sitting back and watching her suck him off, to know that he is feeling pleasure makes me extremely wet. Sometimes I can't stand it so I have to take care of myself while watching, It is truly amazing. Have fun!
Poster: Star | Full Story»

My Blonde Girlfriend
Just to say that your are extremely sexy and your pictures are hot :-)! Would love to see some more photos of you with the blinds behind you wide open (what is the other side of those blinds - would you be risking exposing yourself??)
Poster: Miles | Full Story»

To my affaire
We loved ur pics u shared with us and hope to c many more!but just one question?what if your husband was to see the sight and recognise that pretty pussy?i knw i would spot my jills right away.hope its no time soon as we want to hear more.
Poster: Jack&Jill43 | Full Story»

Horny Housewife
Wow!! More, more, more. You are exremely hot and I applaude your courage. Great tan lines. Lets see the full front too.
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Great photos Blonde Girlfriend!!
I really like the pics online of you Blonde Girl Friend. Especially enjoyable and striking poses. I don't usually comment.. but often check out the pictures here at Truth or Dare. I'm not a guy who likes in your face porn.. but there is something really wonderful about seeing real and natural women expressing their sexuality freely. And sometimes some expressions deserve special commentary. Th..
Poster: Launce | Full Story»

RE: Blonde girlfriend.
You are beautiful. Not only was it a turn on for your boyfriend, but I am sure it will be a turn on for many men and women who check this site. Thanks for the contribution. Boyfriend, you are one lucky man.
Poster: SubDoc | Full Story»

RE: Blonde Girlfriend
Blondie, you have one lucky man. To have an accepting and game woman like you with such a hot body and gorgeous tits makes me jealous. Hope to see more of you in the future.
Poster: MP | Full Story»

RE: Window Flash
Hi J&J. The post of "Window Flash" was very beautiful ! Can you email me? straightboard at gmail . Thank You.
Poster: John W. | Full Story»

RE: Wild Wife.
Dear Mr. Hedge. Your postings were thrilling. Your "wild wife" is also very beautiful! Wishing you many more "vacations". You can also take short overnight ones, also evening grocery trips can be very "fun".
Poster: John W | Full Story»

There was one day while i was in class and i was thinking of a dare on the site then i was looking at this very hot girl and i looked down a little and saw her thong just teaseing me so i went to a rareley use stairwell took my pants off and masterbated rite there it was crazy.
Poster: ? | Full Story»

I live in a studio type apartment in the 5th floor. It became a habit of mine to strip of my clothes when i felt horny and hot and I open my blinds and my window. I lean by the window showcasing my soft and pink-nippled boobs. The view of my window is a barracks for the soldiers. During my last exhibitions, nobody notices my nudity. But recently as I was waiting and feeling the cold breeze. There ..
Poster: jess | Full Story»

Hospital duties
I was reading in bed while waiting for my wife to return from an evening shift at the local hospital where she works as a nursing assistant. I heard her car pull up, the back door close and her put the keys down on the kitchen bench. I thought the next sound will be a glass of wine being poured. To my surprise she came straight into the bedroom. She quickly stripped off and slid into bed saying I'..
Poster: Charles | Full Story»

Playboy Fantasy
You are such a HOTTIE!!!! loved the pictures of you, and hubby that you posted, very HOT!
Poster: c | Full Story»

Playful Claire
I wanted to comment on Playful Claire's post. You are gorgeous! Fantastic body, and a GREAT smile. Your husband truly is a lucky man to have such a beautiful open minded wife.
Poster: c | Full Story»

The release{ending to story.}
After hearing her say this i couldnt restrain anylonger and had her get on her all 4s as i got behind her and slid my length in her extremly wet pussy.i commented 2 her how gd she felt and frm how wet she was said she must of liked it?i startd fucking her slowly and asked what all they did.she told me they had huge cocks and would make her suck em both off and swallow their hot loads 2 start ea da..
Poster: Wifesrevenge | Full Story»

To A & C on Hotel Sex
Sounds like you are going to have some "quality time". Please let us know how things came about.
Poster: John E | Full Story»

just a question
ladies just wondering if when you all are in the stores if you ever try to steal a peek at us guys like we do at you ladies. i was feeling kinda naughty today so i goofed around in walmart. i dont wear underwear sometimes so today i was without and i went in walmart with my shorts unzipped and just walked around looking at all sorts of things. i knew if the ladies looked they could see me being..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

mom chat
just wanted to say very hot and beautiful would love to be one of your friends, sex is about the same few and far between. say hey at yahoo sometime, sexlessfool. see ya beautiful
Poster: jim | Full Story»

The release
My wife and i had been separated for a while when i heard her and a girlfriend of hers was pulled over by a cop who found some illegal thngs in car.enough 4 serious time.we got bk together and askd her bout it which she got upset and blew it off as nothing.then i heard more and caught she had lied to me on seriousness of it.finally she admited that a second cop arrived and put her friend in his ca..
Poster: Wifesrevenge | Full Story»

Playful Clair
I would just like to say that the photos of Claire are wonderful. Her husband is a lucky man indeed.
Poster: Rhys Marshall | Full Story»

To fun lovin couple
Just wantd to say ur attitude is great and so is the picks.please keep em coming and enjoy the thrill u get when doing them.the fun part of this sight is that u dont have to show ur real identities and u ladies get to enjoy knowing how hot and sexy ur body is to men and now and then us guys even get a little excited when the ladies gv us a comment.and face it gang.we all love seeing our wife get w..
Poster: Day2day | Full Story»

To Claire
You said that you reckon that your hotter than most chicks here or at least your husband did and yet you have posted any full body nudity. I dare you to post some pics of you in public or some pics of your v??
Poster: Some guy | Full Story»

I used to work at a beverage company as a salesman. We had a woman in the front office named Beverly who did a bit of everything. She was tall, about 5' 10", auburn hair, green eyes, big pouty lips and a body like a porn star. BIG tits, slender waist and a large ass built for sex connected to the longest legs I've ever seen. She was hit on by every guy there at one time or another and always s..
Poster: Les | Full Story»

There's this Polish hottie who works in the
freight company we share a building with. Her name is Barb and she works the later shift from 3 to midnight. After 7, her job is mainly to answer the phones and get the next days pickups together. She's usually got another person there with her, but not always. One night I got in from my day around 7 and went into the warehouse to turn in my paperwork and take a leak before going home. I saw ..
Poster: Bobby | Full Story»

Me and my favorite dance class mom
This morning was dance pictures for my daughter's dance class. We have them every year at the community center on Sunday morning. It's always empty except for the picture people. We had a scheduled slot in the middle of the day and as usual, they were behind. My daughter and her classmates were hanging out and showing off their outfits. Kris, the mom I've been friendly with over dance and sof..
Poster: Tony | Full Story»

catherine, you are the hottest girl to appear on this site! your body is awesome, your eyes are totaly sexy, and your poses are very erotic. the looks on your face in the photos is such a huge turn on! maybe more in the future, possibly totally nude?
Poster: steve | Full Story»

getting my own kicks
hey girl just wanted to say look very beautiful, kinda in the same boat wife dosent like sex but love her to death so what do you love to hear from you. sexlessfool at yahoo
Poster: sexlessfool | Full Story»

Ok. About a year ago I had to go into the hospital for a minor operation. They had to remove my appendix because I had a high chance of appendicitis. Anyway. A friend of mine drove me. On the way she mentioned to me that the gowns were open in the back. Of course I knew that so I asked her what her point was. She then dared me to, first time I get in a gown, put it on backwards and then pre..
Poster: Robert | Full Story»