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Sweet dare


Only a jacket
Hi all,
First let me start by pointing out that I'm a straight male who like nude dares for the fun and thrill of it. I have no "partners", and no one knows (yet) about this side in me.

Let me admit that I have a foot fetish and likes to wear women sandals whenever I can (am I still considered straight, in spite of this?)

Last night, I was on my way back to ho..
Poster: mik | Full Story»

I dreamed in high school of satisfying women in bed that never had an orgasm during sexual intercourse. My dad was a professor and divorced and I chose to live with him. My dad dropped me at the college library in the evening when he had dates and I did homework. Hence I got mostly all A's but I usually finished before he picked me up. That is when I did research at the college library on the nymp..
Poster: Tutor | Full Story»


I've looked at this site ever since I stumbled upon it a couple of years ago, and all I can say is WOW. Whatever side you photograph must be your better half!


P.S.- Keep on submitting, all of you brave souls. You have no idea how much you help, even if it's for one guy who has hit a slow patch.
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

18 male, needs a dare partner
Hey everyone, Im an 18 year old male looking for a girl to exchange dares and pics with. Maybe we could even come up with something to post on the website. If anyone is interested email me at party_boy_12many@yahoo.com
Poster: C. | Full Story»

poker night part 3
Well the game was over and everybody got to put their clothes back on but me and Sandra. After awhile Tim speaks up and asks what was in store for us next. Sandra, you and Jim go in the kitchen and fix everybody some drinks while we talk about this. So me and Sandra do as were told. When we come back out with the drinks Tom is on the phone talking to someone and laughing. I get a very bad feeling ..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

poker night part 2
So the game began with five cards dealt. After everyone looked at their cards Julie says what have you got. I had nothing and Sandra had nothing. Sam had won the first hand. Sam says what are you going to shave off first. Sandra tells everyone to take off one piece of clothing first. So all the losers do. Then she says whats first? Under my arms I said. Julie tells Sandra she has to do the shaving..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

poker night- part one
Every Friday night for the past six years four of us couples get together for a game of poker. Men and women play and sometimes a lot of money changes hands. This one Friday night it was getting late in the night and I hadn't won too many hands needless to say when a good hand started to come my way.

Since there were eight of us playing we always used two decks and played jokers wi..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

The Big Woods Waitress part two
Please read part one first
I'm a writer and I wrote story for a 'holiday competition' at another site using the delightful pix Gina1981 sent in with her dare called "Cybersex With Them All." I will change the names to protect the guilty but her pix were a great inspiration...

PS I am willing to write specific fantasy stories for any woman willing to swap pix for them..
Poster: maxdname | Full Story»

The Big Woods Waitress part one
I'm a writer and I wrote story for a 'holiday competition' at another site using the delightful pix Gina1981 sent in with her dare called "Cybersex With Them All." I will change the names to protect the guilty but her pix were a great inspiration...

PS I am willing to write specific fantasy stories for any woman willing to swap pix for them.

The beautiful young blond..
Poster: maxdname | Full Story»

My She Wife Melissa
My wife Melissa is a tall very pretty blonde 28 years old. We have been togther 10 years, and most of that time she has been very reserved and shy. In bed, it's a quite different story. Melissa loves to be fucked, and loves to suck dick. And...she really gets off to being cummed on. It can be on her feet, stomach, butt, nipples, or face. When she feels the cum on her, it makes her cum instantly.
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

School Project
During school on time I had this project that I titled "Project X." The teacher knew I had to conduct some experiements so she would give me off campus..well what I was really doing was meeting her husband in a hotel room and fucking his brains out then going back to school. lol it was a good project :)~
Poster: Anna | Full Story»

The Photo Shoot
My Husband Mark who I have been married to for 5 years asked me to have some very sexy photo’s taken for him. I looked at him asking what sort of pictures he wanted ? He replied anything that make you look very horny.

Over the next few days I looked up photographers and called a couple to get prices. I called Mark saying I had found a photographer but he would only take photo’s ..
Poster: Sally | Full Story»

Vacation Comments
Cool story, thanks for sharing it. Another great story featuring strip poker. Someday somebody will post some photos! Has your hair grown back?

Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

a gay blowjob
it all started off one day when henry was home from work. He was working on his papers for the next day when i went in to ask him a breif question reguarding blow jobs. He answered back and then we looked at eachother and i asked him if he would like a hand job. He replied with, "if you want to." I then took him by the hand to his bedroom where we talked for a little bit before i got down on my kn..
Poster: genuwineboy | Full Story»

My wife and I were on vacation at an east coast resort two years ago. We had been out one night drinking and dancing, more drinking than dancing, just having a good time. When we got back to the room I emptied my pocket of the change I had gotten back from places we had been that day like I always do. That's when the fun began. My wife suggested we play poker with the left over money. Sounded good..
Poster: slim Jim | Full Story»

More of Nude Wife 'secretgurly', Please
Oh yeah!

Make sure your wife knows how beautiful she is, and that we'd love to see more pictures of her.

Thanks for sharing!

Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

To Olga
Olga, you naughty thing,

Most of what gets posted here are dares, but you posted some truth. I applaud you for that.

I would admonish you about your confessed bad behavior -- sloth, gluttony, et cetera -- except that I've benefitted directly from your naughtiness! As I write this I'm ripping holes in all my jeans. Maybe some moderate naughtiness is a good thing.
Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

Your post really makes me wish I needed to rent a car. The story was sexy and delightful, and your picture was charming. Sometimes the understated and subtle can be more exciting than the blatant. Very fun. I'd love to see more photos.

Oh yeah: Strip Poker dare. See my other posts for details. :-)

Sincere thanks,

Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

My wife Melissa, a very pretty 28 year old blonde. and I were at a store in the Battlefield Mall in Springfield, and she was trying on tops and bottomsin a dressing room that was at the back of the store, but, had a door that you could see her feet to her knees. The manager was a clean-cut young guy, and i asked melissa if she thought he was cute. She said "yes", and dared her to let him see her n..

I have talked and talekd and talked to my wife Melissa about having another guy in bed with us. Everytime I begin telling her my fantasy of seeing her fuck another guy, she cums immediately, but, says that although admittedly the idea turns her on...she could never do it.

Earlier tonight my fantasy came true.

Melissa is a very pretty 28 year old blonde with great legs..

Hey, Willing Member,

Thanks for your willingness and the dare request. Now here's your dare:

I was going to let it rest for a while, but since you asked for requests...
If you've been reading the stories and comments I've posted in this section of this fine web site you may have noticed a recurring theme. I have frequently put forth the dare -- the challenge ..
Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

It's always great to see new explorers takng the dare and doing the first dare. I hope you will continue to enjythe rush. Very, very attractive..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

Hi ,
M name hakan and my wife özlem . We from Turkey in Ýstanbul . We married 9 years a go. We like hard sex and show my wife nude body every where . We like read hard commment .Can you like my wife and write me comment we hope .


***Basically write him and he'll send you pics of his wife.

Poster: Hakan | Full Story»

Hey Truth or Dare, love the site, me and my girlfriend are considering posting some pics on your site, so if anyone has a particular dare they want to see, email me and ill send it to truth or dare


I have already posted my dare pictures here:
http://www.truthordarepics.com/daretobare/sexualexpression/< br />
(this is dedicated to all those out there who never fess up to wanting someone)

It happens always when I think about you... Yes, It happens always when I think about you even though we've never met, we've never touched. Physically,..
Poster: Bliss | Full Story»

Hi Everyone,

I love the site and have something hot to tell.

I met this girl online in a chat room on Friday of this last particular weekend. We chatted for a couple of hours and I learned she only lived a couple of miles away. We exchanged pics, she was a really cute brunette 'girl next door' type.

We chatted a little more then she said she was..
Poster: A weekend I'll never forget | Full Story»


I think I have a fever and an elevated heart rate, not to mention this awkward frontal tumescence. Can you come to my room and check my vitals?

Thanks for the enticing story and pic.

Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»


A man of any age who would not kiss your breasts for hours or explore your pussy in wonderment would be of little worth. Whether you try it out with an older man for real, or it remains a fantasy, know that you have made many men happy by posting your photo and your fantasy.

Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

I nearly unloaded in my jeans when I read the title of your post, Byron, and saw the deliciously sexy picture of your wife on the main blog page. In addition to strip poker (or similar games) I have a thing for glasses. Without a doubt I don't have to tell you how utterly sexy your wife is in those photos.

The story was great, and the pictures fantastic. The only disappointment i..
Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

I want everyone to pick one of these dares they're comfortable with and do it!!!! post the pics on this site please please!

DRIVING – how daring are you?
1) Wear a long or short dress. Lift the hem to expose the panties or genitals while driving.

2) Wear a short skirt. Pull the skirt up above your pelvis so the whole pelvis is displayed.

3) ..

Well written words and sexy pictures of a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing with us.

Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

I'm 48 and my man tells me that he loves that I know what I want and am not afraid to tell him. At my age and maturity, there are no guessing games. I'm not afraid to explore my sexuality and I am finding out new things about myself all the time! I'm willing to try new things, too; that keeps our love life exciting. I exude sexiness and confidence in all aspects of my life. I really am the best I'..
Poster: OlderFem | Full Story»

I was staying in a hotel on a business trip and had been dared to walk along the corridor stark naked and get into the lift. I had to allow the doors to close fully before I opened them to get out. I would only be in their a few seconds and it was two o’clock in the morning so what could be safer.

So, as required by the dare I stripped stark naked and looking carefully about me ..
Poster: thami | Full Story»