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Sweet dare


See Nude of my GF's Sister
I had a gf and our relationship was good. My gf have a younger sister very beautiful but she's married. and I wanted to fuck her only thinking of that make me horny.

Her husband is outside of country and I know that they talk on WhatsApp but have 5 hours time difference. So one day I made fake account and our his husband pic on profile pic and msg her.

She thought i..
Poster: Ambrose | Full Story»

Gambling Chance
Ann and I went a casino/hotel in Connecticut last month.

We are a mature couple. Ann is 56 and I am 59. Been married for 24 years. Ann loves to gamble, especially the roulette table.

Playing alone because I was tired and in our room. Alice sat down besides Ann. They struck up a conversation and realized that they had a lot in common.

Out of nowhere Al..
Poster: Mr55chevy | Full Story»

Christine and Jenna Get Even Part 1
I was going over the stories I have written and left off with doing the daytime walk after being stripped at our mall restaurant.

After that happened, anytime I was at the mall restaurant, my partners wife had me strip naked the whole time I was there it got to the point where the female security guard wanted to know my schedule in being out at the mall and she made sure she was at..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Prove It!!
Since I have been writing my stories, I have had several people email me and wanting to somehow verify that what I am writing actually happened.

Everyone needs to remember I am now 59. I grew up in the 70s. 80’s and 90’s and during that time there were no cell phones, no internet and things were a lot different than they are now.

With everything that happened wi..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Semen Fluid Provider
This happened back in the 90s.
I was newly divorced, working two jobs, one part time, just to pay the upcoming divorce bills. I was living pay check to pay check in a small rv trailer just to get by. My ex got pregnant twice, each time she had twins.

Our divorce was pending any kept getting delayed due to her lawyer, all the while I was paying out the nose! Before we got mar..
Poster: Friend helping | Full Story»

Keeping the Wife Happy 🤪
We had a day out on bicycles that we had hired, and set off along a old railway track ,we had electric bikes to make it easier. My wife had put on a short dress that was button up ,she thought it would look sexy for me, but when we got going the dress kept blowing up and her nickers were on show, and a young man nearly fell off his bike looking at my wife’s underwear.

So I said to..
Poster: Bicycle ride with the dolphin | Full Story»

I was a department manager at a variety store at 22 years old. I ran the camera, stereo dept. At a large mall. I was nice looking and kept myself in shape playing sports and swimming in nearby rivers.

I was looking for a place to rent closer to work. Maybe close enough to walk and go home for lunch. I found one that sounded nice just 3 blocks away. I called on it and talked to a l..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Spring Break
Several years ago, before kids, my wife and I were both off for spring break. This was the year where kids were definitely on the table and there was plenty of trying.

So this spring break was pretty much dedicated to sex. Everyday sometimes two and three times.

The culmination was after a BBQ. We have a few friends over for dinner and a lot of drinks. As we sat..
Poster: Norm | Full Story»

Older Neighbour
I live in a condo and across the hall a new older neighbour moved in a few months ago. She was downsizing, sold her house and spends the winter in a warmer climate down south. She's 64 with 2 adult kids, roughly my age, mid 40's, whom I met when she was moving in. Being of the same ethnic background, they were thrilled I was her neighbour and could check in on her occasionally.

On ..
Poster: Nice Neighbour | Full Story»

Banquet Entertainment
The last time I wrote, I was naked at the manufacturing plant and some of the workers knew me from my restaurant.

A few weeks later, I received a call that the plant was having a company party and I was to do the catering and was to be part of the entertainment.

If you read some of my other stories, you know that my employees were the start of a lot of my adventures..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Sister on Bus Trip
I was talking to an old friend over the past couple weeks and it was Darlene and if any of you have read my earlier stories my exhibitionism started when her and a friend of hers that lived in the apartment building next to us growing up pantsed me.

When she did, she had grabbed the top of the elastic top shorts I had on but also my underwear. With what I was doing, it knocked me o..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Getting Noticed
When I was 30 I got breast implants. Just perfect. So perfect that I got lots of sex offers, more attention.

Already hot, not hotter. I was married but hard to resist.

In one year I had relations with 40 guys. From quickie blow job in a car, truck, van. Fucked over desk. They always wanted to eat my pussy.

One guy his cum was great tasting and I swal..
Poster: shelley belly | Full Story»

Sex out at Sea 🌊 ** final part
We were in the fishing boat and all having fun, there had been some flashing and feeling of the woman’s and my wife’s sexy bits.

But now the captain was beginning to get a bit flustered and said let’s start fishing so the fun stopped, we had been fishing for about 30 minutes with no luck , so the other woman started flirting with the captain and bending over by him flashing he..
Poster: The dolphin 🐬 | Full Story»

First Swap
Terry, Fran and Ray were friends of mine. We all graduated high school together, although Ray and I had never dated Terry and Fran during our time before graduation.

So it was with delighted surprise that Ray and I ran into Fran driving her father's four door sedan around the local drive in. And who was riding with her? Terry. The reason it was such a delight was that Fran and Ray ..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Unexpected Fun
So this hapoened 3yrs ago. We had a party in our yard with friends. My neighbors daughter in her 30's was up from georgia visiting comes thru the yard.

My friend Kim goes omg you are beautiful, I would so go lesbo for you. Deb didn't know what to say n said a thank you.

Later that nite deb came over and said my parents crashed can I have some beers with you. I notic..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Conference Fun
Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post so I am excited to get to share about a conference I went to.

Every year I go to a big conference for professionals in my line of work. My husband has given me a hall pass to use at these (he gets one for his conferences too) but I’d previously only used it with women. I normally share a hotel room with the same woman- Anna- a fr..
Poster: Abbey | Full Story»

How do I make my fantasy happen?
I need some advice please from all you readers to help me live out my fantasy with my girlfriend. I am 36 and my girlfriend is 40, we have only been dating for the last year. Our sex life is average I would say, we had more sex when we first started dating and only have sex once a week roughly nowadays. I have always had many sexual fantasies but it’s very rare that she is in the mood to talk ab..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

We were on a ferry crossing and the weather was very ruff ,we had left the car deck and my wife was going up the stairs and I was a little way behind, and I noticed a man looking up my wife’s dress.

The stairs were very steep and you could quite clearly see my wife had no underwear on then she stumbled forward and wow all her bottom and fanny crack was on show and the man in fron..
Poster: THE DOLPHIN 🐬💦 | Full Story»

H-O-R-S-E the naked version
This story happened back in my HS days. It was summer I had just turned 18 I had neighbor I was also 18 and had grew breast over the winter . Her name was Vickie . I had best friend girl who was friend not girl friend named Shelby was little older already 18. Both the girls were into basketball like myself .Shelby is great girl we talked about anything she just had not filled out yet really neve..
Poster: John Benjamin | Full Story»

Sex out at Sea 🌊 CNSBBD
When we were on holiday my wife had the great idea of going on a boat trip to see some puffins, it was a fantastic hot day so she put on a short dress with some shorts underneath and a lovely low neck line, she looked great.

We got on the boat, and the boat and found it only had a group of men on it and one had his wife with him and she looked very sexy in a short rap-over dress th..
Poster: Rob and the Dolphin 🐬💦 | Full Story»

Breakfast was Linsey
It happened on a very hot July morning very humid. I was out for a run it was 6 AM decided to peal off my shirt while I ran I am mid 20's 6'3" male 215 very fit 215 lbs . About time I get home a sexy young voice says hey sexy voice says, "Hey sexy you look hot!!!"

I was not sure she meant I was hot or she liked what she saw. I knew the voice it was Linsey she was captain of a rec l..
Poster: John Benjamin | Full Story»

Husband and my Work Dare
I had been thinking how could I give my husband the best birthday present I have ever given to him, So I decided I would show up at his office with a norm blouse and a pair of shorts. I showed up about 11:45 am so half of the employees would be on lunch break. I went into his office and he was surprised to see me and said what was I doing there? I said I needed some grocery money and as he was get..
Poster: Stephanie | Full Story»

Sex in the next Room
When I stay in a layover hotel after flight I often can hear someone having sex in hotel's next room and it always turns me.

It was the same yesterday. A couple was having sex and the girl's moans were so passionate and sexy. But I was sharing a room with my crew member and so I was just very gently touching myself under the blanket. Of course, she heard those moans and it's quite ..
Poster: Heather | Full Story»

Let a Stranger Feel my Boobs at the Store Today
This happened today, while I was out doing some quick shopping.

So while making some food for myself and my fiancé in our Oklahoma home, I realized I was short some ingredients that I needed to complete the dish. So I went on a quick run to the store to get what I needed.

As I was getting the ingredients, I noticed that a guy about my age was checking me out, now nor..
Poster: Stacy | Full Story»

Husband's Fantasy
I'm 39 and my 2nd husband is 54, and we have been together for the last 5.5 years. We are happy and support each other in every way possible.

Sexually he is ones or twice a week man, which is OK but not 100% of my needs. Anyway one day we where watching an erotic movie and enjoying some wine and cheese, when I asked my husband if he was truly happy in our marriage, which he answered..
Poster: Britney | Full Story»

I loved it
The door opened and slowly as a head peered around the door, it was J thinking to myself.
Before I said a word, she walked into the room and slowly took her shirt off.
Her beautiful rip nipples hardened as she cupped each breast.

I reached over to pull her shorts off of her beautiful hips; only to get my bare ass slapped full force. Shit that stung!!

Poster: J & J | Full Story»

One of the best sex things ever. Masturbate my pussy with my fingers while sucking cock.

The orgasm lasts 50% longer and is more intense. It also makes a blow job more fun.

My man loves it as I make orgasm sounds while sucking. It's also a lot easier than moving my head back and forth, just suck.

You are cumming so good and even after he cums in my m..
Poster: millie | Full Story»

Happy Birthday
My name is Brian and I am 49 yrs old. I am married and have been for 25 yrs. I have a son and he is now in the army.

My wife Tegan got cancer 3 years ago and with the treatment and drugs she lost her sex drive. She works 5 days a week know - Monday to Friday and I work Tuesday to Saturday. On my day Monday i watch porn and masturbate to relieve my sex drive. I also walk around the ..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»