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Finally gave in to my Husband's Kink
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Friend Walks In on mY Roomate and I
Bahamas Joy third encounter
The Awakening of Desire
Fingerin in a Car
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Surprise July 4th Party
Normal wife to BBC slut

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Sweet dare


Pleasurable Mistake
Hello everyone,

Lars here, again, I wrote one of my stories here about a year ago in regards to my conservative girlfriend. Well, now she is my wife and a few of you know the conservative label can no longer apply from the conversations/interactions we had from the previous story.
I'm writing today about what occurred at our home over the past Memorial Day weekend...
Poster: Lars | Full Story»

Some years ago my sister in law came over with little Heather her niece for no reason other than she thought her sister, my wife was home.

She put Heather in front of the TV in her pumpkin seat. Well I sure fell something was going to happen and it did.

She came on to me and after a kiss she asked if I would do her because her husband will not. I did her, made her c..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

1st wife's 1st Exposure (just an impulse)
Lately, I have been jotting down memories, now that I am 78 years old and having had a long and busy life of being what some would call a pervert, writing is about all I can really do.

My 1st wife was a tiny little thing, barely 4'8" tall and 93 pounds. Her best asset was up top, her "B" size cups looked very large on her tiny frame, and her body could only be described as awesome...
Poster: conrad | Full Story»

Christine the Minx, Update
On 22/06/20 I told you 'How I turned my wife Christine into a minx' followed by 'Christine' on the same date. Now, an update.
Christine was taken by Steve and Nat from work in the first story, and Nat has been in touch as he works close by to Chris's area. He also arranged to meet up with her so he and a customer could fuck her, on two occasions, different men each time.

Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Wife Fucks in Amsterdam
We had a long weekend in Amsterdam visiting clubs at night. We went into a club and paid our entry going first to a viewing gallery of the various rooms.

Having sat down I noticed a guy sat next to Sue ad he was saying something to her.

She was smiling and moaning a bit when I noticed his hand was clearly working her clit and her hand was on his cock she leaned over ..
Poster: Stewart | Full Story»

Bouncing in the Waves 🌊
We were on holiday and the weather was great the sea waves were fantastic and great for our little inflatable boat.

We had been daring each other to go nude in the water because it was very quiet, and then a big wave hit our boat and we were both thrown into the water and the little boat had ended up on the beach.

Well there we were both naked in the sea so I said I w..
Poster: Man eating wife | Full Story»

Wife loves sex
My 2nd wife 18 years my junior has always loved sex, So much so all my mates fancied her so I let them all have sex with her, even all togeather while I watched as many as 15 in one section. Fanny and mouth stripped naked all watching.
Poster: john smith | Full Story»

A new Start
My BF Joe and I always had great exciting sex, we like to fantasize and role play and it would often include me being with 2 guys him and a friend of his or mine and always ended with great sex.

Joe had asked me on more then one occasion if I would like to try a MMF and I told him the idea turned me on but I was not sure if I could follow thru with it, and asked about him, he said ..
Poster: Jill | Full Story»

Shoe Shop
Went shopping with the wife, she was wearing a short dress and always has to wear white lacy or sheer panties.

I am always on the look out for a flashing opportunity, the wife knows what I like however does shy off when I try to get someone else involved.

As we were walking around I noticed a small women's shoe shop with a young guy at the counter….WOW the story was..
Poster: JH | Full Story»

Christine Minx Update
On 22/06/20 I told you 'How I turned my wife Christine into a minx' followed by 'Christine' on the same date. Now, an update.

Christine's activities were of course curtailed somewhat by lockdowns, we managed a few visits to the toilets mentioned in the second story, but not much else.

Christine was taken by Steve and Nat from work in the first story, and Nat has been ..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Even I don't believe this One.
But it actually happened.

My doctor scheduled me for a colonoscopy. So, I did the prep with the lime flavored battery acid they use, and arrived at the hospital right on time.

Upon being ushered into the little room, here sat a tiny little woman in a nurse's uniform, she was young and very pretty.

She told me to remove all of my lower clothing, since i..
Poster: conrad | Full Story»

Neighbors Sharing Me
So it was an interesting evening at the neighbors.

Basically three people I didn’t know including one guy that was married and to single guys all had the opportunity to see me naked and screw me.

After the three guys were done I put on the panties and a T-shirt. The neighbors wife figured I shouldn’t bother with the bra or the shorts. I hadn’t had sex in q..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

Getting together with my Neighbors
Last night I got together with my neighbors. I am 54 years old. I am divorced. There was myself and the neighbors wife and my neighbor and two of his male colleagues from work.

The neighbors have been trying to fix me up with different guys.

Both of the guys were very nice and I was socializing with them

There was also another couple that was supposed ..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

A DARE with a Difference
My wife and I were looking after a friend's pet because they were on holiday, they had a great hot tub and we had been told we could use it so after feeding the cats we decided to try it out.

We thought going nude would be fun So in we got, it was great, we were not over looked by other people so before long we were playing DARES running around the garden in the nude.

Poster: The Dolphin 🐬 | Full Story»

I was always turned by the old mature porn movies
I had the opportunity to VULONTEER in a old rest home for elderly people.

I was charge yo assist Mrs Carolina, 72 yrs old everyday, bringing her food into her room, reading her books
The first day was great, ad we quickly found both attracted and comfortable ad we both share lot of question and accepted each other at t..
Poster: stephland | Full Story»

Milk for Days
I married a guy old enough to be my grandfather. Our first two years together was pretty great until he got sick and suffered from erectile dysfunction.

Taking the little blue pill was not an option because of his heart. He suggested we get a divorce since I was young and wanted kids but I stayed.

I convinced him to do Ivf so I could conceive and we were successful..
Poster: Renae | Full Story»

Wifey likes to show her Beaver
I have been married three times, the first one I divorced, the second one passed in an accident, and the one I am with now has lasted 30 years. ALL of them, at one time or another, I have managed to talk into showing off.

The first one took things too far and she was cheating, the second one was mellow in public but hot in the sack, this last gal has been a dream.

I m..
Poster: conrad | Full Story»

I like to Expose my Wife
The first time was an accident. My wife Laura would always come into our living room after a shower, we had a wall gas furnace, and she would stand in front of it with just a towel over her hair to dry off.

I always enjoyed that, one day a couple of friends of mine were over, I had an old boat I had bought and they were helping me to fix it up.

We went inside to grab..
Poster: conrad | Full Story»

You want me to do What?
This crazy thing happened over the weekend. My wife M and her Mom were on the phone (they are more like sisters) and I could tell something was wrong.

Her Mom and her man were in an argument and I heard M tell her “just come over here” They were talking about what was going on and I went to bed.

When I got up M was on one couch (she always sleeps topless is abo..
Poster: D & M | Full Story»

Happened one Summer at the Country Side
Happened at the age of 18. In the summer in the countryside, the daughter of a farmhouse asked me to come to spend a day on nearby small island with her.

This was done, the next day we went to a nearby island. Then, quite surprisingly, she began: Listen, I have a feeling this heifer needs to be mated today - it's time to get this heifer to leave her childhood. I got confused and wa..
Poster: Jonna Tiitti | Full Story»

Wife Flashing in a Sex Shop
The wife and I decided to go out for lunch in the city, as always when I go out with the wife she has to wear a short dress or skirt.

We had a themed party coming up and took the chance to have a look at some costumes in the sex shops.

When we entered the shop I saw the shop guy around our age checking out my wife, he definitely have no filters I think he was bored an..
Poster: JH | Full Story»

I like to Expose my Wife
It all started right after we married, I wanted to go to a local beach that was clothing optional.

My wife resisted at first, so I told her she could just wear her bikini. She was fine with that, so the first hot weekend, off we went.

Just about everyone was nude, there were lots of people there, all sizes and shapes, my wife, being only 19 at the time, 4'8" tall and..
Poster: conrad | Full Story»

Christine and Jenna get Even Part 2
Well Friday morning actually started out at the mall and Deb as usual had me get naked and had me take the deposit to the bank.

When I came back, she asked what I had been doing that my cock was so red and looked black and blue in spots. I explained everything to her and she thought the whole thing was hilarious and told me to go out to the dining area and show her what they had me..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Girl's Weekend
My wife and her friends went up north on a girls' weekend after one of the women won a condo at a northern MN resort. I should have been suspicious when she packed a pair of black leather pants.

They finally returned about 2PM on Sunday afternoon, and I intercepted her at the door with smooches and a request to tell me about her weekend. We sat on the couch, and it started out as th..
Poster: TJ Millberg | Full Story»

Sharing my Wife
The first time I caught my wife with a friend of mine which is what I wanted but it was a total exciting surprise.

The 3 of us had been to a wedding and when we got back to our place they were outside talking so I walked in to get out of dress clothes. Which took me about 15 minutes.

I walked back into the kitchen an to my surprise she was still in her dress skirt ..
Poster: DREWBRANDON | Full Story»

College Test
I was taking an anthropology class trying to earn a degree in something I enjoyed. There were about 30 or so students in the class.

We all had our separate desks and all lined up in rows of 6 deep. It was about mid term and across the Isle from me was this fantastic look young blond girl.

I had been noticing her from the start. She was real pretty with a very nice b..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

My 2nd time sharing my Wife
My 2nd wife and I had discussed our fantasies about 3 month's after we met and as it ended up we had the same turn on's.

She couldn't tell her 1st husband because as a lot of people would think that was degrading even though he ran around on her a lot.

My 1st wife was pretty much the same. So anyway we had went to this bookstore close to where we lived and the ge..
Poster: DREWBRANDON | Full Story»

Party wife May 22
On the weekend of April 23rd, Karen, my six foot Viking slut, now 33, was shopping and on her way to the bus stop when someone nearby called out. It was a young man in dirty jeans and t-shirt, like a builder, not homeless.

He asked if Karen remembered him but straight away also said she likely would not.

“Do you remember about three years ago you had a really good..
Poster: Ivan | Full Story»

Almost Got Caught
Follow up on a story about an older neighbour I started banging awhile back. We live in a condo, across the hall from each other, she's mid 60's, I'm mid 40's!

It was Mother's Day this past weekend and she had her son and daughter over with the grand kids. I had already met the son when they moved in, he's roughly my age, we even had a beer together. Mary wanted me at to meet the da..
Poster: Naughty Neighbour | Full Story»

Going for a great Ride
We were sitting on a bench at Stratford ,as people were getting onto a boat for a trip up along the river, a group of young men had got on and from where they were sitting two of them could see straight up my wife’s dress with them down in the boat the level was just right to see across, both of them were smiling at my wife and my wife was grinning back, I said to her have you got nickers on , n..
Poster: A BOAT TRIP FOR THE MEN | Full Story»

A Good Fit
I am 43 years old and have been married for the past three years, before my marriage, my husband was a client of mine for at least 7 years,so he new that I was a working whore, and he still enjoyed me.

One day while we were f--king he told me that he has been in love with me and wanted to be the one man who did not pay me for my services, I said you know, you're really a nice guy, b..
Poster: Margret | Full Story»

Need a Ride?
As usual, it was Saturday night and I was in the club fishing for a lapdance with a hot girl.

I was not lucky that night, so I decided to walk home disappointed. On the way to my car, I saw a stunning gorgeous girl walking!

I threw the word, do you need a ride! She said "no, thanks!", then "actually,yes"!! She asked "where is your car at?"

I said fiv..
Poster: AlexHorny | Full Story»

Listened to Friends
My name is Brian and my wife's name is Tegan. We have been friends with Jenny and Doug for a couple of years. We have been to their house and they have been to ours for Saturday nite dinner usually every 2nd or third Saturday.

Some times they would stay if they had too much to drink. This Saturday nite Tegan had to go out with her girlfriends as it was a Hen nite. She also told me ..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

Motorcycles Ride Hard
Us men have always loved short dresses, that thought of it blowing up in the wind, and that’s just what my wife’s did , showing her nude bits underneath.

We were at a motocross race and it was very crowded, we went for coffee and just before we sat down up went her dress and having two coffees in her hands she could not stop it , l was just coming from the toilet and seen some ..
Poster: Bikers Babe | Full Story»

Stories and replies
I have posted many stories here of a true nature. People write me about stories but the don't tell me which one they like. I have been pretty much sexual in my life. My mother was really open about sex and it led us boys (4) to bring that way. So if you want me to answer, let me know the story.
Many are being exhibition is type or Actually getting caught. I'll be writing more like the tim..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Wild Taxi Ride
My girlfriend and I were in a nightclub in the city, she was wearing heels a tight white top only just covering her breasts and a black mini skirt that was so short her ass cheeks could be seen from behind.

She looked very sexy,every guy there was trying to hit on her the whole time we were there.

We had been drinking all night and she was getting really drunk and h..
Poster: Derek | Full Story»

Would She?
I watched some porn with my wife and some was 3somes. I talked her into doing something maybe.

I arranged for a woman to be that we both knew to come over and wear a dress with no undies on.

We got naked and I was fucking my wife from behind and I had told our friend in advance to slowly move herself close to edge of couch with her spread legs and pull her dress up...
Poster: david | Full Story»

Gourmet Glatt on a Tuesday afternoon
I went straight from Shachris to my meeting, so I didn't have a chance to eat breakfast, so when I finished at 12pm I was hungry.

I was in the area of Gourmet Glatt, so I made a stop there. I grabbed a wagon, figuring that I would stock up on some items for the office. As I'm walking down the aisle trying to finish quickly so I can get back to the office. I stopped to look at a new ..
Poster: samkatz026 | Full Story»