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Sweet dare


Jess has fun 2
Hello this is the next part of our adventures

So after our original meet up we kept in touch. A few messages here an there and a couple of weekend visits. Then I was lucky enough to get put on a project at work to build a new school extension in the town Jess was in.

I was supposed to travel up with my workmates on a Monday and head home on a Friday. I often packed..
Poster: Jess and Brian | Full Story»

1st Time Sharing
Please no emails

Many years ago

The first time happened innocently enough when we were with friends having drinks and we ended up in their hot tub naked. We spent the night there talking and losing all shyness about our bare skin. In the early morning, we lay side by side in their family room having sex on the floor.
Over the coming weekends we would go to th..
Poster: Rick Terry | Full Story»

Holiday Gift
I’m PJ, wife of Denny, former wife of the later Lee J who shared many of our sexploits with the readers of TODP.

A number of our followers wrote and asked if Denny and I did anything naughty and fun over the holidays and the answer is yes.

Our followers should recall that Lee was a licensed masseuse among other things and over the years, he taught me many skills. ..
Poster: PJ | Full Story»

Wife and Boss
My nympho wife works at a TV repair company and talks about what happens when they repair DVD players sometimes finding porn DVD stuck in machine.

The boss is well known for the size of his cock and my wife talks about sex with him and his twelve inch cock. I agreed to her fucking him when she wanted and she had arranged for him to repair our TV one lunch time.

That e..
Poster: Stewart | Full Story»

I can teĺl about it now 10 years later
So, we both agreed we wouldn't tell anybody about this, for at least 10 years. And then only after we told the other one we were going to tell someone else, prior to telling. It's been 12 years, and my wife was at a convention last summer a called on the phone to notify me she was telling a group of people she was hanging out with about it.

So, I met my future wife while I was stat..
Poster: R married 10+ | Full Story»

Wife taken by 18yo & I watched
I will share this occasion with you.
Last year Sam turned 51 & we decided to go to our local club for dinner, drinks & listen to the live band. We have a little Chihuahua & Cockatiel that she dotes on so we got our neighbours 18yo son to pop over & check on them as he has done for the last 6yrs when we have gone out or holidayed.
Now our town, has a population of only 2500 people, so..
Poster: Lyle Jones | Full Story»

Mountain Weekend
Please no emails.
The story is from years ago, and a different wife. Thank you.
We had a 2 story 2 bedroom house for a 3 day weekend. We and our friends were very comfortable with each other and had traveled and shared rooms many times. We guys had spoken about sharing, and I was pretty sure the ladies had too, but nothing had been talked about except when flirting.
We were..
Poster: Rick Terry | Full Story»

Called My Bluff
Married for 15yrs at the time I was looking for a little extra adventure for my sex life but wasn't brave enough to ask my wife or willing to risk everything by having an affair. We had a friend of ours called Tina and her 2 years old staying with us because Tina had to do a quick getaway from a nasty relationship. One day, on the way home from work, I called my wife and as a joke, I asked: "Which..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

Wedding Planner Watched Us
Wife J here to post this time. So this actually wasn't our own idea - we had heard it elsewhere. Maybe here? I just don't remember. But when the opportunity presented itself, we (especially my husband) jumped on it hehe.

This is back when we were tying the knot. Our wedding planner was that kind of hometown girl sexy. Light brown hair, blue eyes you could drown in, just a few freck..
Poster: Wife J | Full Story»

Wife's First Time Sharing
It was the night of new years eve . Me and the wife and a good friend of ours. Had been drinking to celebrate the being of a new year . My wife is a very sexy woman she stands about 5ft2 she has 38dds and keeps her pussy clean and shaved.

She is 49 and is normally very prudish about sex another words she don't believe in sharing her self with anyone but me. As the night went on the..
Poster: Corey | Full Story»

Her adventures with WW2 vet.
Some of my favorite of my wife's sexual memories are of when she lived with an older couple as a young mother years ago. I love how she was introduced to new sexual experiences and how descriptive she is while telling me her memories about this time in her life.
It started rather innocently one day while she was relaxing out on the patio sunbathing. Looking at the sliding glass door window ..
Poster: skiny67 | Full Story»

Jess has fun
Hello all, we have been reading these stories for a few months now and we thought it was time we contributed some of our experiences. We are both 33 and from Australia. We have been together since we were 19 and have always been open to new experiences. We hope you guys and girls enjoy our stories and feel free to email us with your thoughts or what you would like to do to Jess or myself.
Poster: Jess n Brian | Full Story»

Continued from my 1/20/2019 post
After driving around for a little watching as Kelly's gorgeous legs expertly danced around the pedals as she shifted the Porsche, she told me she'd made an appointment for a French Manicure and a Pedicure at the Red Door Spa at the Millenia Mall, and that she would be having a male technician, so that sounded really sexy, dressed as she was, minus both bra and panties, in a very short miniskirt an..
Poster: Kelly (from boyfriend Dave) | Full Story»

The Adventures of Showing Off My Wife, Part One (of 7)
For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved showing off my wife. When we were younger she was must less reluctant than she is now, as weird as that may sound. Today, she’s 40 years old and as vibrant sexually as she’s ever been.

On a trip about seven years ago was when she first let me take a few photos of her in various forms of undress. It was a huge turn-on for me. It c..
Poster: BrandonAshley | Full Story»

Fraternity Party
I went with my girlfriend to take back her son to college. He is a freshman at University about four hours from us. He's been pledging a fraternity, and he recently got into the fraternity. He invited us to go to their fraternity house apparently there were going to be other parents there as well for one of these parent student parties. I should tell you I'm 52 years old, and I couldn't i..
Poster: MandyDalton | Full Story»

Flea Market Booth
I’ve had some interesting experiences working at a flea market. I was wearing a long T-shirt and jeans working the booth and one of the other women I was working with was teasing me and dared me to take off my jeans and just use the T-shirt as my cover-up. The T-shirt was long enough that went down to below my panties keeping my panties completely covered but not by much. I decided to take her u..
Poster: MandyDalton | Full Story»

She Was Perfect For It
Things were working out beautifully. I had met her earlier in the Residence Inn meal room. We started with friendly chatting and hit it off. Reluctant to part, we came here to my room. A few beers later and some heavy making out, here we were in the bath tub together. We were washing each other, enjoying the lingering, soapy touches in the genital area. When I got a good look at her rear and anus,..
Poster: etienne | Full Story»

Next steps
After I broke the ice by going down on our friend. The next step didn't take long. Of course he was soon back for seconds and we surprised him with a threesome so that while I sucked his cock my husband fucked me. Within the month he was fucking me too and we had many enjoyable threesomes and I was hungry for more cocks. He asked me if I would give one of his friends a blow job and i said if I met..
Poster: Fonda Cox | Full Story»

Hot tub surprise
Well on vacation we went to an adult store and the wife fell in love with a white thong bikini so I told her as long as you wear it get it.

That night she put it on and said let's go swimming so we went down to the pool area and went for a swim. When she got out of the pool she may as well been nude.

We went to the hot tub and she said I think I should go change. I ..
Poster: Dracy | Full Story»

Continued from my 1/19/2020 post
After my Kelly got back to our Hotel and I watched her get out of the Porsche at the Valet and walk into the lobby, I was completely aroused and took her hand and headed for the elevator and up to our suite. Barely inside the door and I had unbuttoned her blouse and was tasting her nipples and massaging those beautiful 36D's, then we both stripped naked and got into our bed. We had a non-stop of n..
Poster: Kelly (by boyfriend Dave) | Full Story»

Trevor's First
Mandy here – wife of Jack, friend of the late Lee J, his widow P J who is now married to Denny.

When Jack was in first grade, he made friends with a boy named Trevor. They went all the way through school together and even went to college together to study computer programming. Trevor is a very good looking man, but is extremely shy and socially awkward. I’ve know Trevor as long ..
Poster: Mandy | Full Story»

New Adventures
Last post 10/6/19. Had a recent Medical Conference in Miami in early December, and girlfriend Kelly had a seminar in Ft. Lauderdale the day after mine, so we made plans to spend a few days together in sunny South Florida after our business responsibilities concluded. My Conference lasted 2 days, Kelly's seminar also 2 days, so I used a Limo to get from the Airport to my Hotel downtown, and Kelly h..
Poster: Kelly (by boyfriend Dave) | Full Story»

Please no emails. Thank you my stories are based on true events from many years ago.

We were with our friends at a campground sharing a MH. We had been friends for years and loved to flirt around but hadn’t crossed the line. The first night we agreed that since we were in close quarters that we would not be uptight about changing clothes or being seen in our underwear. We were al..
Poster: Rick Terry | Full Story»

Caught my Wife Orgasming at the Gym
We work out at a big box gym around lunch time so there are always at least a few people in there and a number of sexy women and men. My wife typically wears a tight tank with a sports bra. She has a number of different bras, but every so often makes the mistake of wearing a lower cut, less supportive one on days when she has deadlifts or movements where she's bending over, which exposes the sligh..
Poster: J | Full Story»

My wife fucks strangers
My wife (Sam 51yr old) & I were away camping again at our favourite spot on the river.it was getting late when a Ute with 2 jet skis pulls up beside us & 2 young guys get out & set up their camp.
It was now dark & Sam was already drunk from her G & T's & was lazing back in her chair in front of our camp fire with music from her mp3 playing. She had her bikini top on & sarong wrapped around..
Poster: Lyle Jones | Full Story»

I always thought my teacher liked to look at my ass as i walked around the classroom I admit I made sure she got a good look she thought i didn't know but I did one day my fantasy of having sex with her came true I hadn't brought my homework that day so during lunch she told me to meet her in the class I skipped down, skirt bounceing '' you wanted to see me mis-'' i stopped short there was my teac..
Poster: º~º | Full Story»

My Sexual Desires Awaken
My Sexual Desires Awaken in Vegas

I thought I would tell how my sexual needs have now become my life. Before this event, I was such an innocent naïve religious girl with few sexual encounters. I loved reading romance novels, fantasizing it was me with the hunk. I was in sexual limbo. But first, let me give you a little background about myself.

I always thoug..
Poster: Kathryn Lust | Full Story»

Night to Remember
I've been separated for over a year, and had a couple of short term girlfriends and a one-night stand. We all tend to get nostalgic over the holidays and lonely, so out of the blue, I got a text wishing me Happy Holidays,from my one-night stand while watching football at a buddy's house.

He got a good laugh out of it and immediately knew she was looking to get slammed. With my inex..
Poster: Charlie | Full Story»

Wife confesses
My wife recently confessed to me about her multiple sexcapades she has had during our marriage. Now I had known of a few of her times with mates of mine but I had come home recently to find her fucking a guy I didn't know. She got a case of the guilts & spilled it all out.
This is one of those confessions. Many more to follow. .

She had been fucking this guy for quite a whil..
Poster: Lyle Jones | Full Story»

Flora Bana
Well it did happen. Carl and i have debated which one if us should tell the story, i won out.
After spending much of the day at the condo, the weather was fairly nice for December, 31st. I had been lounging out on the second floor balcony in just my panties and a thin t-shirt. Not really sure if anyone noticed me but i was there and visible if anyone wanted to look.
Carl and i had ..
Poster: Rhonda | Full Story»

Part three of Marsha's Vacation story
In Part Two of the story ended with the three couples lying in the sun with three erect penis’s standing at attention. Part 3 starts at the beach with the couples really getting friendly with each other. They have decided that they would all become swingers with each other since they were becoming ‘naked and touching friendly’ already, what could it hurt to do a little fucking and just remai..
Poster: Jdoubleue | Full Story»

Naked trip home
My sensuous wife, Annie, is very playful, but she has boundaries unless and until I play one card – “I dare you to (fill in the blank)… .” My favorite example: One night in Dallas we had been at a bohemian-type bar having a great time, playing darts, drinking pitchers of beer, dancing around to a live indie band’s music, flirting with each other.

Annie had gotten tipsy and..
Poster: 5wings | Full Story»

Hello again
Got a really good feedback from you guys so thanks so much xx

I hope you have cum as many times as I have over it haha..

I told the guys in the stories about it and sent them the link they loved reading it from my point of view and they have all been texting and calling non stop haha especially his black boss he has told his wife he's gotta go away for the wee..
Poster: Charlotte Kelly | Full Story»

Hiya boys newly single girl here nineteen
Hello there I have been reading these stores for quite a while now and have always wanted to share my stories with you but my ex boyfriend wouldn't let me but he had no problem in getting me to strip naked for him and his friends... He was a friend of my dad's and he was alLXDGJDways at our house when I was growing up my sister and mum were naked every bloody weekend as my dad was having drinks wi..
Poster: Brook | Full Story»

Thanks again boys your emails are getting my pussy so wet
Hiya guys thanks again for the emails you have sent me I have been smashing my clit as I read them hahaha dave likes to read them out as I lay down naked and play with my pussy haha his best friend has just gone home after opening my legs as wide as possible haha he absolutely loves me now and I love that feeling lol he has completely fell in love with me now we all know it but we keep going on we..
Poster: Charlotte Kelly | Full Story»

Grand Surprise
A few yearr ago my wife and I made a road trip to Flagstaff, AZ to drop our son off at college. We did a lot of backpacking in our younger years and had always talked about backpacking into the Grand Canyon but never did. Even though we had not backpacked in years we decided to take this opportunity to take a few days and do just that.

Weeks before we left I had scouted out a trail ..
Poster: Scott | Full Story»

Working with Sex
I had a call out to sort a fault on office alarms and it was about mid evening when I arrived this very sexy woman let me in and showed me the problem.

It took me about one hour before all was working and tested the woman named Sue sat in her office I guessed on computer. I knocked her door and she came around to check it through with me. As we entered car park I said was she drivin..
Poster: stewart | Full Story»

An evening to remember
We were at our friends house having drinks and relaxing. No kids around and they suggested we go in their hot tub. We had no suits of course, but after a few drinks he and I were able to convince our wives it was ok, there were bubbles and no lights. The ladies went to get towels and have more to drink, we went out to the spa and stripped down. After the water was hot, the wives came out and told ..
Poster: Rick Terry | Full Story»

First Time
Some years ago, my future wife was separated and spent the weekends when the kids were with their father over at her friend’s house swimming at night with her and her husband. Her friend would get out and go to bed leaving her husband and Ina in the pool. Wearing a bikini Ina liked to tease the husband and flirted with him. After a few nights like this they became more familiar. The husband bega..
Poster: Rick Terry | Full Story»

My drunk wife's rough night
One night my wife of 10 years, Dee and I went out for drinks. She is a 30 year old mexican women with a great big latina ass. She is 5'9 and about 190lbs with most of it in her fat ass. She has olive skin and average size breasts, about a C but with huge brown areolas and big nipples. But by far her best asset is her huge butt. She has long thick legs and a nice fat wide ass.

She is..
Poster: Johnnydee13 | Full Story»

Shoe Dare
What a rush that was. Had a quick takeaway lunch and then told Hubby i need shoes. Hes not interested in shopping so went to a bar for a drink and left me to it.
Its amazing how few shops have male assistants. Finally found one. A young guy straight out of school by the look of him. I asked him to help me select some heels. He was surprisingly helpful. Very chatty. His mouth was running aw..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Seen by a friend
We were in a MH with our friends and in the early morning my wife woke up tp pee. I watched as she climbed down from the upper bed in her nightie. There was just enough light to see. My friend was lying in the back bed and had a straight view as she slid down and her nightie came up exposing her pussy. She didn’t know he was awake and went to the bathroom right next to their bed. I was peeking a..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Surprise exposure
My wife and I were staying in the same hotel room with her sister and her husband. They were dressing for a nice evening out and her sister was in panties and bra. My wife always shy surprised me by coming over to us guys in only her bra and skirt then lifting up the skirt to show us a bruise on the inside of he thigh way up high. She was wearing sheer panty hose and we both got a good look at her..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

En Flagrante Continues
Deborah and I lay naked on the bed, joking about being caught by the "maid" just as I was about to finish. Deborah laughed at being seen naked and teased me about cumming so fast, once the lady was watching. I admitted that it did have an effect on me.

After a few hours and another round of fucking in different positions, Deborah reluctantly said she had to go for a while. She had t..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Nmypho wife
I new my wife would be man mad as she was honest when we first met. We had an open minds and agreed to share sex experience.

However her friend who I had shagged a few times said had she told me about her boss and how he fucked her most weeks and she had not mentioned him. The following week she said he was calling in to work at our place on the accounts for the business as they wou..
Poster: Stewart | Full Story»

Bec 3
See bec 1 and bec 2 for to get up to speed.

At this stage we had 2 unplanned adventures which were great, but bec said she was thinking we might try a swingers party. We are reasonably worried that someone we know might see us so we decided to go to Sydney for a long weekend to try it out. We went online and read reviews and chose a place/event. We had about a month to wait. We deci..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Bec 2
see story bec 1 for the precursor to the below. It had been a few months since our first experience with Bec being with other men. At this stage she was still feeling a bit off about the whole thing so i didn't pressure her at all. We actually got into a huge fight because we were supposed to go to a concert which required an overnight stay and she was thought the whole premise was just to manufac..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Bec 1
I love wh%ring out my wife. I used to do it with my girlfriends when I was younger and the last few years ive managed to get my wife into it. Basics stats - wife Bec and i been married for close to 10 years both in mid 30s, 2 children. Bec is short, long blond hair, slim with a great ass and always gets hit on when we go out. We live in Brisbane, Australia.

It took a bit of gradual..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Evening stroll
One evening Nate and I were at the pub, I was very tippsy!
Before walking home I went to the bathroom and took my knickers off. I was wearing a dress with buttons all the way down the front, so I undone the bottom buttons so that you could just about see my pussy when I was walking. I think Nate was enjoying it, as he insisted we walk the long way.
We came to a secluded path that wen..
Poster: Nate's girlfriend | Full Story»

Howdy neighbors SEE ME 2nd part
This is the next part of a story I submitted earlier. I received some interesting responses so I decided to share some more of my crazy experiences with you. I hope you find them entertaining.
I had told you about my new fun neighbors I have. I certainly have had fun with them. My neighbor to the west actually put a camera in his window. It's discized as a owl. But it has a little red light..
Poster: JBrown | Full Story»

Caught in the VAs lot
I was out with my girlfriend and driving around when she reached over and put her hand on my cock. It didn't need much coaching and got hard right away. We were miles away from my place and she lived with her parents. We were in the west hills above Portland Oregon, so I decided to find a parking spot fast. It was mostly woods then and hardly any cars around midnight.I was Driving near The Veteran..
Poster: Boochay | Full Story»

Another balcony story
When we had a similar exp. We didnt have sex as yet since we just met. We were sitting on her couch drinking wine and just having fun when she said she was going to shower. After her shower she came out with a robe on. It was July ad warm out. I asked if she wanted to go out on her balcony and look at the stars. She said sure, so we went out. She was on the second floor with another floor above an..
Poster: Boochay | Full Story»

I Finally Did It and Loved It
So it's been years since I've fantasized about masturbating in front of a woman. I would wonder sometimes if I could go through with it or be too nervous. Finally I concluded that if I could find a stranger who enjoyed watching that it would be good. So I placed an ad in a local personals site. I got lucky and one woman replied. She was a woman of color and said she enjoyed watching. She gave me h..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

En Flagrante
Deborah and I had not seen each other for almost six months. We were married and having an affair. She lived in a distant city, so we got together whenever I could visit on some pretext. Deborah was in her forties, five seven, about 145 lbs. She had a nice body. She used to kid about her wide "child bearing" hips, and indeed she had two children. We were pretty much monogamous partners, since our ..
Poster: etienne | Full Story»

Play date two
So my wife and our friend was talking trash on the phone while I was at work and when she was running on the squad together. She had continued to tease him about coming over while I was at work. One day I was on break about 09:30 In The morning so I slipped into the office and called my wife. She was telling me that our friend was telling her that today was the day he was coming over. She told me ..
Poster: Eugene | Full Story»