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Sweet dare


HOT Blonde Doorgirl
She was the Doorgirl at the club. She stood 5'5" tall and had a perfect body. 34C tits and a hard tight ass. Her Blue Eyes were incredible but what really set her apart from other gorgeous girls was her long Blonde Dread Locks. Really they were more white, or platinum. Coleen went by another name but we don't want to kiss and tell. One night I added her apartment key to my collection.
Poster: Pleasure Seeker | Full Story»

Meet us in Tempe
I sure hope someone reads my story 09/19 about Tempe and can meet us in Tempe, Az. Dec 29 or 30th!
Poster: Toni T | Full Story»

Flashing the Bartender
I love when my girlfriend wears short skirts and nothing underneath when we go out. We always sit at the bar and chat up the bartender. I try to get her to wear sheer or revealing tops with a 1/4 cup bra underneath too. So most times when we go out I'm either admiring her boobs in a sheer top, trying to get her boobs to fall out of a low cut top or playing with her pussy under the bar. Well the ot..
Poster: Gary | Full Story»

Under the pool-light
A few years ago when I was 18, I was at a party at a bar, invited by a few friends. At the time I was anti-social (i mean, really anti-social.) Well, while I was there I started talking to this great red-head. Somehow, I stumbled through and got her laughing, which helped.

There was karaoke going on, and the rest of the bar had shut down. We ended up in a back room talking, then mak..
Poster: Eddy Cebastian | Full Story»

Jogging in the park
I arose early Sunday morning and got prepared for my usual run,as I was about to head out after stretching my wife Lori enquired about possibly going with me. I waited until she dressed for the run and again opened the door, she was not really kean on running on the roadside near our home and cited all the dangers promptly. I caved in and suggested we go to the local park and run there.
Poster: adventurous Couple | Full Story»

Vacation Excitement Part II
Hi again! We got some positive feedback from our September post, so I wanted to thank those who commented. We were actually really pleased to read that people liked it. Comments and comparable stories were appreciated and turned us on to read.

So day one of the vacation went pretty well, having met Sean and Courtney at the pool before they were nice enough to show us the utter rel..
Poster: Boating Couple | Full Story»

NY Girl
Jill was from New York City. I met her while releasing a single, on a compilation CD. She worked for the record label. Jill was an exotic beauty with long brown curly hair, and deep brown eyes to seduce you with. But what really seduced you were those tits. Gigantic 38DD's and what a set to behold! Her booty was simply perfect too.
One night it was snowing out and the club had just cl..
Poster: jack | Full Story»

dress your boy up baby
I was rather scared at first, but eventually even I almost believed my own lie. So as not to look suspicious I cornered the first sales woman i saw and requested her help in selecting two sets of panties and bra’s.

Maybe I should start at the beginning, my girlfriend for about four years and I were having a dry spell, we would maybe have sex once every two weeks and the most exci..
Poster: bibwcouple | Full Story»

Rachell is about 5foot 3inches tall with gorgeous red curly hair and bright green eyes. She weighs about 115 lbs and has a Huge Booty and 38DDD Tits that are the best I've ever seen. They are twice as long as they are big around and topped with Huge Dark Pink Nipples. I ran into her at the club one night and she was never shy. She would rub my dick thru my tight pants and tell me how she wante..
Poster: Rock | Full Story»

making love with out penetration
After my wife Betty, and my Buddy Brian, became fuck buddys, one day at Brians, sitting on his couch, me on one side of Betty, and Brian, on the other, I gave Betty, a kiss, and told her to give Brian, one, when kissing Brian, she began rubbing our dicks through our pants, we then took them out and Betty, got on her knees between my legs giving me head, soon I told her to suck Brians, dick, Brian,..
Poster: steve777 | Full Story»

Backstage At The Concert
We were so psyched! Helmet was finally playing by us and they are so killer! I rode to the show with friends because my license got suspended. We had passes so this hot chick Liza and I were backstage as Helmet started rocking. She liked me and started rubbing her ass against my crotch as she danced. She was around 5' 5" tall with Blue hair, and kind of small tits and ass but really sexy skin..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

Car sex
Whenever we ake a trip longer than an hour and a halfwe end up having some sort of car sex.
Last weekend we had a two hour drive to a major city, and it all starts with me holding her hand or resting my hand on her thigh. and massaging it slowly working toward the crease of her pussy. Last week I was holding her hand and it was resting on the console between our seats, I moved our hnds so h..
Poster: Paco | Full Story»

Fun at the range
After a long stressful day at work I decided to unwind by running a few rounds of ammo through my handgun at the local range. I went to the cabinet retrieved my pistol grabbed two boxes of ammo and headed to the door.As I opened it my wife Lori and our mutual friend Lindsay were just stepping onto the porch. I informed Lori of my plans and Lindsay inquisitive as she is wanted to see my handgun.

My younger sis lusty Liz dared me to post the story of my first time for you guys, so here goes. I lost my virginity when I was 20 to the man who is now my hubby. We had been dating for six months and all we had done was kiss and I had let him put one finger in my pussy, but not far or hard enough to break my cherry. He had sexual experience before me but aside from rubbing my ex boyfriend's dick ..
Poster: Maria | Full Story»

I had been driving for the company for a few months now. My buddy had helped me get the job. He was a driver too.

It had been a while since I had worked so I welcomed the new job. Now if I could just get a raise!

Pulling back into the yard I saw Phil. Hey buddy hows it going?

Did you get the raise I asked him? I don't know yet, the boss wants to se..
Poster: Driver | Full Story»

I couldn't hear the bell ringing inside the house, and pressed the button again. It was starting to rain, and I was just about to give up and try again later,when,through the frosted glass of the front door, I saw a light come on in the room at the end of the entrance hall, and a figure approaching.

I was delivering a keyboard to a musician friend of my son.- I wasn't expecting to f..
Poster: tim | Full Story»

Aftre my buddy steve, told me how much his wife Betty, loved to fuck with hairy men with big dick's and steve, knowing I was very hairy, I told him I was only average in length but have a fat cock, Betty, a good looking, 5'4", 110 pound, brunette,brown eyes,a smokin hot ass, and a firm set of titts,with big nipples that will make your mouth water, and the truth is I've wanted to fuck Betty,since..

I felt the Tip pf his Funny looking cock Speading the Lips of my Eagerlly Waiting Pussy! This will be the 1St Time i ever had another cock in me, other then my husbands and this was in Tempe, Az.!
All at once, I felt some one shaking me and here it was my Husband, I was lying around our on top of the Ground Swimming Pool, me in my 1 Piece Bathing suit!
He told me I must ha..
Poster: Toni T | Full Story»

The wife and I like to role play. One of the games we play is Doctor.

My patient will show up for treatments at the clinic.

First she must disrobe and the Doctor has to give her a physical. I inspect her gorgeous body from top to bottom. She is 5'8" tall with long straight dark hair, and big brown eyes. Her boobs are 34 C and her ass is big and round, probably the..

This happened this summer. Ten years ago, I had major reconstructive neck surgery, and I see him every three months for pain management and followups. He hires alot of nurse practitioners, this is about one of them. I'm a 41 year old single man from Boston.
Last year he hired an NP named Jen, an attractive 29 year old woman, about 5'5" black hair, nice body with average size breasts. She..

We got to the Dance Club around 10 o colck.

Julie was already there and I had been having sooooo much fun with her. She was a real hottie and we were having some awesome sex.

We danced and went outside to the car to get high. She pulled out her 36DDD tits and let me suck them as she whipped my cock out to jack me off.

She's about 5'4" tall and very cu..
Poster: Daniel | Full Story»

One Summer we decided to have a German Exchange Student stay at our home for a while. She went by "Sunny" as her German name was very long and difficult to pronounce.

Sunny was about 5'6" tall, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very fit at just over 100 lbs, and had medium sized perfect breasts and a tight litle ass.

She was very polite and Not modest at ..
Poster: Spike | Full Story»

My lover and I have posted photographs many time on this site and recently sent in a fantasy story. next week we are going away again for a week of nudity on the beach and sexy frolicking of the best kind. Has anyone any suggestions for some dares you would like us to do. As long as it doesn't get us arrested then we will try our best.

Thanks, The Lovers

This is my true story which I had to do yesterday! I lost a bet with my friends and I ended up having to do a dare. The dare they came up with had to do with my having to pick pears in the nude from our small orchard in the middle of the day.
I am about 5'5" with strawberry blond hair and 110 lbs ringing wet. I had to strip at the house and walk to the orchard with just my boxes to put th..
Poster: Nat | Full Story»

My husband and I went on a trip to Jamaica during this past spring, looking for some time away from everything and relaxation together. We booked a couples only resort which also featured both a regular beach and a clothing optional one. Neither of us had any plans to go to that beach, but we knew it would be an option should we ‘get crazy’ and try nude sun tanning.

Finally the..

My wife 25 is a very attractive young women with a real model figure and very long legs. One day she had to go to a butcher event. I did not feet comfortable knowing this old pervert likes my wife and as she tells me is watching her very lusty.

But I was sure there is nothing because how could she even get close to him, he is very ugly and very fat about 200 Kilos and way to old for..
Poster: Gil | Full Story»

As I sat at my desk finalizing all plans for my latest project, confirming permits, and contacting the builders for a series of filling stations that my firm had just gotten the bid to build I heard my project manager scolding my co-worker on his apartment complex he was to have scheduled for start up on September 1st. He had obviuosly not directed his crew to the proper channels and his project w..

The band was winding down, it had been a long day after waiting in line at the ferry dock and making the crossing for the party.

We left the bar and headed for the ferry terminal. We paid and got in line to wait for the boat.

I put some music on and asked Ann if she would show me her pussy as we sat in the dark car.

She smiled and hiked up her black ..
Poster: Colt | Full Story»

I,ve been after the wife to do some dares in public for a good while. See thinks that she isn"t sexy enough. I finally convinced her to show some upskirt at the mall. I asked her to wear a skirt with white underwear, and a sweater, she agreed. So off to the mall we went, we picked out a nice place to set, where there were lots of people passing by. She sat down and opened her legs slightly, b..
Poster: rocky | Full Story»

I'd been hanging out with this chick I met at college. We were just friends, really, but we were attracted to each other. She had a boyfriend and I knew that, and I didn't want to get in the way of her relationship. But she was pretty sexy.

The day I met her boyfriend I said, "oh, you must be XXX." And I stuck out my hand to shake his. He just glared at me. I was thoroughly ins..

I was showing my friend Emma (not her real name) you site and my posts, she said she had a great story which we agreed I would post using a false name, here it is...

Hi, I'am Emma and I have always had this fantasy about having sex in a pool of mud and I recently managed to live out this fantasy. I was going for a walk with my dog in some woods near my home and there was th..
Poster: Jessica | Full Story»

Last Call! Last Call for alcohol the bartender sang out.

We had played a great show. All our friends showed up and there was quite a crowd.

What do you wanna do I asked Paul.

Let's go over and see somebody I know he said.

We worked our way through the crowd and out front to the car. The roadies had taken care of all the gear.

It was around midnight. I was at a birthday party on board a Thames riverboat. There were no lights in the dance salon except for the illuminated signs marking the exits. I was dancing with an attractive dark-haired lady dressed in a black skirt and jumper, and we were moving to a slow smoochy number,-I had my hands resting lightly on her lovely bottom, and she had her arms tight around my back. W..
Poster: dom | Full Story»

If you're reading this without reading the first two posts it may not make much sense!

Once we were happily in the hotel room I really thought the events of the day so far would result in some pretty wild sex with my partner - but still nothing - what was going on?

I unpacked and started to get ready to go out, only for my partner to say he had bought some new clothes..
Poster: Emma | Full Story»

After a hard day at the office I pull into the drive to find my wife and our mutual friend Lindsay, kicked back by the pool enjoying a fresh container of margaritas. Now not that I am a chauvanist but sometimes it is nice to have a cold beverage for yourself and a greeting of " Hi honey how was your day." as you enter .Not hey old buddy hop in and lets go swimming from a semi-drunk 20 year old gi..

I have a new e-mail address. People that want to communicate to me can now contact me at lauradalton1967@gmail.com.

As some of you know I work at a hotel in the evenings doing turndown service and delivering snacks. One of the guys that was staying at the hotel last night was really hot. My boss who is female told me to go deliver him his snacks and turn down his bed in his ro..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

This is a true story. I wanted to see my wife with a black man for years. She is 52, 36c, 5'6 and 130 lbs, mother of two older children and very attractive. I am 56 and in good shape. I took a chance and contacted a BBC online, explained that I needed a black guy to pretend to meet us "by chance" and not arranged at a casino in Florida.
We had dinner at a local restaurant and headed for the..
Poster: John | Full Story»