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Sweet dare


School Day
I dropped my daughter at school the other cloudy morning, when the rain started out of nowhere. The kids had to hurry into school and I jumped into my truck and drove off.

I noticed another parent, Julie, walking, drenched in the rain. As a true gentleman, I offer her a lift home. She gets in dripping water all over my sweet leather seats. We got to her house quickly, she thank..
Poster: Dirty Dan | Full Story»

Sex with the Cosmos
We were new lovers, on a romantic weekend at a hippie dip hot springs high in the Colorado mountains, After a day of soaking in the springs and making love back in our room we fell asleep early. We woke up in the wee hours of the morning, put our robes over our naked skin and went out to the hot springs. It was deserted. The night sky above was moonless and the stars were thick, the Milky Way c..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Close encounter
I was outside the front entrance to my condo having a smoke when out came a small petite woman walking her dog. It looked like she had just rolled out of bed, considering she was wearing the tiniest, clingiest nylon shorts ever. Lets put it this way, you could see the fold of her bum sticking out....not appropriate.

Of course, I could help but stare. She said hi, and I took my ey..
Poster: The Perv | Full Story»

Puerto Rican Beauty who Loved Testicles
I met Sara on line. She lived 130 miles away but after good email and good phone we decided to meet at a city halfway between us. We ate dinner, danced, and had a great time...she made it obvious she liked me but wasn't going to get a room tonight.. I was smitten. She had a great smile, huge breasts, with a nice figure. When the evening was over I walked her to her car. She got in and rolled d..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Fucking a "Dead Fish"
I met Beth online. She was a skinny horsewoman and made her living as a traveling photographer based in my city. Phone conversation was good and she loved that my home had a private pool where she could sunbathe nude and skinny dip. Our first date and our first face-to-face meeting she came to my house to sunbathe nude and swim nude. When I opened the door she was wearing only a knee length t-..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

At a Party
So Saturday night I went to a party at my two best friend's house for one of their birthdays. She was turning 21, so it was the typical college house party. Pretty girls wearing little clothes, and many many guys looking for someone to take home, jello shots, funnels etc.

My boyfriend was to meet me there and we live on opposite sides of the city for now anyway so we don't see each ..
Poster: M.H. | Full Story»

give it to me good.
I went to a bar. I picked up two male friends.I took them to a hotel room. And we got nacked and we went at it.The first guy put his long penis inside my wet vagina.And the second guy but his penis up my anus.All at the same time. They pumped it to me that way for an hour. Then they pulled out at the same time. Changed places and continued for another hour. Got my pussy hurt. But it felt so super..
Poster: lisa | Full Story»

Hey, I'm new to this site. I've been reading a lot of stories that are interesting. I will write a story as soon as I get some advice. Me and my wife are sort of an exhibitionist but since having kids things tend to slow down. My wife did say I can post a pic and a story but I felt like she said yes to satisfy me. She is afraid of all the negatives feedback. Any advice to convince her it's ok, or ..
Poster: Island | Full Story»

Joplin Part 2
After a great night of sex using the new Fatboy Extender the next morning my wife was all too anxious for another round. When she woke up first thing she said was, honey that was pretty good last night. She said it felt soft and kind of real feeling with my hard cock inside of it. Shauna asked if we could do it again tonight. Well heck yeah, not turning that offer down.
So anyway I driv..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Pool action
I was visiting my parents at their condo the other day, and I decided to go for a swim in the pool. I almost always have the place to myself, but on this day a woman was doing laps there.

She seemed like a stickler pointing out that I didn't shower before going in. I told her I was clean and she was free to come over a take a whiff. We actually exchanged a few snippy comments befo..
Poster: Newbie | Full Story»

Wife's Pussy Tat
I recently shared about my wife P getting kissing lips tats around her nipples. At the end I mentioned that the tattoo artist told her about giving another woman a butterfly tattoo around her pussy and offered to give her a discount if she went through with it.

We talked about it for weeks. At times P was ready to go through with it and then there were times she had her mind made u..
Poster: Lee J | Full Story»

Young Love/Lust
I met Nyla in college, at a dance. She was as beautiful as any 19-year-old could be with long blond hair, deep blue eyes, generous breasts, and a seductive smile. We met when she came over to me to ask me to dance...she started by rubbing the inside of her right leg against the inside of my right leg as she asked me to dance. Instant hard on. I have no clue why she was attracted to me, but she ..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Water Dancing
I met Cathy at a singes dance. Old Time Rock and Roll started playing and I HAD to dance...She was standing by the dance floor rocking to the beat. She didn't hesitate when I asked her to dance. She was a good looking short thing, I could rest my chin on her head. After the song she didn't turn and walk away. A slow song started and she plastered her body against mine. Wasn't long before her b..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Hot Teacher
I'm auditing a statistics class, and the professor is a very young (max 30), guy whose sexuality seems to be pointing in my direction - I'm 37 myself. I've popped into a few office hours (despite not having to do assignments because I'm auditing), and we've met for coffee outside of class/work hours once.

I have a boyfriend, but he's totally encouraging this because the idea of sedu..
Poster: Jennifer | Full Story»

Patience is rewarded....
Mandy is a dancer I have known for years. Met her at a local club in the country and have gone back on occasion - not regularly - only a few times in a year. But she was always happy to see me. She's smart and reads, and likes to talk about fiction, music, history, films, etc. while we sip away at whatever we're drinking and I watch other girls on the stage.

Mandy is tall, with ..
Poster: Ted | Full Story»

My Wife wants Another
Background here is that my wife (27F) came out as submissive a while back. I tried to be dominant over her but it just didn't work, was really awkward and she just couldn't get off from it. A couple months ago she said she wanted to try it with someone else, and so we agreed that she could look. She got online, made a profile and last month met a guy (49M) that she'd talk to and cam with. Last wee..
Poster: Van Hubby | Full Story»

Yoga Sex
I met Leslie through a friend on a common interest forum on the Internet. She was a high ranking deputy county attorney in a big city who's work was prosecuting mobsters. She made lots of money and was single. She would haunt the internet looking for deals on time shares that people had bought but no longer needed, buy them cheap, then vacation to enjoy them. She liked to take along a sex partne..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Met a Couple
We met on a swingers website and got along well. Met up with them for a coffee, then planned a night out with them as two couples and that was lots of fun but was kind of cut short. My bf was going out to meet a girl and so I asked if I could have this couple over for some play!

I got a bit tipsy before they picked me up, so I was in this perfect chatty horny buzzed state. We went t..
Poster: Misty | Full Story»

Dirty Talk and More
Me and my boyfriend are both seniors in college. This story took place last night and is 100% true. This is also my first time posting a story so let me know what you think about it after.

So for a while now my boyfriend and I have been dirty talking about sharing me with another guy. I've been feeling really slutty and horny the past few weeks and flirting with my boyfriend's frie..
Poster: Her | Full Story»

My wife and I went on a business trip about a week ago. We were staying at a very nice place and would be in a nice suite for a couple of days. When we got into town we headed to her work place and made arrangements for what was going on the next day. After that we decided we'd eat early so we wouldn't be out trying to find a place too eat when things got really busy. During dinner she said what d..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

I awoke slowly to the sensation of my nipples being pinched and sucked. I'd told Ruth that if she wanted to get even more thoroughly shagged at any time during the night, she only had to tease my nipples.

She was obviously sexed-up again,- I could feel her fingers on my cock, and as I awoke fully, she whispered in my ear,

" Tim, I want your cock in my cunt, - fuck me ..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

19 y/o Mistress
Last summer, I worked for a couple a few blocks away from my parent's home. They are probably around the same age as my parents. I found the job through my neighbor who is friends with that family. I had no summer plans, no steady boyfriend, and nothing interesting going on. So, I met with the wife of the house a couple of days later. They needed someone who could keep the house cleaned and their ..
Poster: Chelsea | Full Story»

I Helped a Younger Couple
This week I met up with a couple through a kinky website who were interested in learning how to have rough bdsm style sex. I've been in the lifestyle now for about 6 years and have taken the time to learn all I can about bdsm and all the types of plays you can do.

I met the couple (lets say their names are Lizzy and David) about a couple of weeks ago. At first we talked just to get ..
Poster: S-artist | Full Story»

I told my husband
Back in July of last year I posted my story.
http://www.truthordarepics.com/post/erotic-story/4846-busine ss-trip
Since then I received a number of emails asking me for pictures and other things. I won't be sending my pics. But because of the overwhelming interest in my situation, I will post this follow-up.

My husband and I had increasing marriage difficulties after ..
Poster: Amy | Full Story»

Slow Sensual Loving
Most every year I'm able to attend a training conference in Tucson. Its a week long gig held at a lovely resort in the mountains north of town. A couple years ago I got on line to see if I might find some companionship while I was there.

I got lucky and met Debbi - a school teacher with similar interests. We had most enjoyable email and great phone conversations leading up to the..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

My friends mom
My name is Jared and I have 2 best friends, Brian and Connor. The main house we hang out in is Connor’s for one reason, his milf mom. Her name is Liza and she is in her mid forties. She is dirty blonde, tan, has some pretty big tits and a gigantic fat ass. Brian and I always talked about how much we wanted to fuck her and I would jack off to her almost every day. Just the thought of..
Poster: Anonymous | Full Story»

I want to thank Ray for letting me post on his computer.
I came back from Korea in June 1951 and was assigned to command a company. I reported and took command and that evening after duty I went to the officer's club for a drink. The place was full. All the tables were taken and there was no place at the bar. I noticed this big, redheaded girl sitting alone at a table. Big, but not fat. It ..
Poster: Klaus | Full Story»

More tat stories
I've enjoyed the recent posts about tattoos and decided to share one of my own. Something really sexy about women and tats.

A former gf of mine got the cliche lower back tat, to which the running joke is that it gives you something to shoot at when you pull out of her. That's exactly what I did....

After the artist had completed his work, my gf went to the full mirro..
Poster: Neal | Full Story»

My First Black Cock
I wish to thank Ray for letting me post on his computer(I don't have one). I was 31 at the time.
Three of us nurses went to the officer's club. The other two finished early and left. I was sitting there alone nursing my drink when this black officer came in alone. I was intrigued for he was quite a handsome man with light brown skin. I had always wondered about black men. There were no blac..
Poster: Lee | Full Story»

Getting Fucked in the ass for the first time
I new he wanted to fuck more than just my pussy. As he began to pound my pussy , I knew immediately that he was going to fuck me in my ass. That night .I never been fucked n the ass before I was nervous but at the same time excited. He put one arm tightly around my waist while his other hand was finger fucking me. I was extremely wet. He then got up and proceeded to lay on top of me, holdin..
Poster: moonchip | Full Story»

Best friend and my wife
My wife and me have been together 5 years now, both 25, married for the last 2. I met her through my best friend, who was dating her right before me for about 6 months. We always got along, and when they broke up I asked him if he minded and of course he said not at all, he wasn't serious about her, nor was she about him. I have to admit it was awkward at first, but I really liked her so I put ..
Poster: Jay | Full Story»

Way back in the 70s when we were still young and adventurous, we used to have a lot of fun doing spontaneous things. This is what happened one night in July when it was hot even after midnight. We had been partying with some friends and when we got home, the house was cooking, so we went back out on to the front porch and flopped onto the couch that we kept out there to relax in and watch the worl..
Poster: Greywolf | Full Story»

I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman!
I met Bev at a nudist resort. She had a boyfriend with a horse dick and she was beautiful...the most perfect breasts I'd ever seen. Her boyfriend became a friend too and he loved to brag about their adventures....but Bev always presented as prim and proper. Except when she'd be on her period she'd let her tampon string hang out like it was the most normal thing in the world. Once she wasn't pr..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Wife’s Tit Tats
I recently read a post about a wife getting a tattoo on her butt and it reminded me of years ago when my wife P got her tat.

P asked me how I felt about tattoos. I told her I could take or leave them and then asked why she was asking. She told me that she had seen a photo of a woman getting a tat on her boob and the thought of having some strange man seeing and touching her naked b..
Poster: Lee J | Full Story»

Second encounter with Herman.
I couldent believe the change in my wife now ever since she reluctantly agreed to have sex with a guy I found named Herman she has talked of nothing else.

Just to think that last week she had refused to do it calling me a pervert among other things because I wanted to watch another man fuck her.

She had resisted so strongly that I was afraid that it might cost me..
Poster: Snoopy40 | Full Story»

My unfaithful wife
We were a young couple that had one daughter and my wife Sue was three months pregnant with our second child.
We lived in a cul de Sac and in the neighborhood we have made friends with couples around our age and we sometimes get together at sombodys house and party with wine and beer flowing.
When the women get tipsey they flirt innocently with the other husbands and that is not un..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Tattoo wife
I love exposing my wife ! She loves it,too now! She was reluctant at first but I think I created a monster! Lol She decided to get a tattoo a while back and said she wanted lips on her ass cheek so we started using that to get her horned up when having sex. I would ask to show me what she would do at the tattoo parlor At first she would pull her pants down a little but I would talk into pulling th..
Poster: Djones | Full Story»

Fuck Friends with a Younger Woman
I met Vi at a 12 step meeting. She was 30 years younger but friendly at first. Then she began to criticize things I'd say or question my motives claiming paranoid ideas....a huge turn off. In talking she said she was a 911 operator so maybe that's why the caution. She was recently divorced after 12 years with a nice guy who didn't enjoy sex. We stayed friends at meetings and sometimes shared ..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

My innocent wife gives in.
My wife Lisa is a very well ut together woman.
I get comments from guys all the time about her good looks and her open and friendly manner.
We were married right after she gradduated from High school and My Uncle got me a jog working in the warehouse at UPS and I spent some time as a driver and now I drive a desk.
Well back to my wife she is a small petite woman with a wide..
Poster: Snoopy40 | Full Story»

My Wife was Horny
This is about 2 Saturdays ago so it's Saturday before Easter and my wife and I go downtown for drinks with our friends (8 people total). None of us have kids, all in our late 20's, and family gatherings later in the day on Sunday. We all decide to make it a great night of beers, shots, and bar hopping downtown with all staying at an amazing 5-star hotel in the heart of the city. We all got our own..
Poster: Friends of J and J | Full Story»