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The Beach and the Boat Part 2. The Lake House
The Late Wife's 1st ever FMF
My Story about Mike & my Cheryl
Flirting gone too Far
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Sweet dare


Liz at a house-party....
Liz and I joined a local club. Nothing fancy, just dues and BYOB, which they labeled and put behind the bar. One bartender named Jan was very friendly. Liz and I both liked her. We also met Ken, Dean, Jack and many others whose names escape my memory. Suffice it to say we had a good time there.

One night months later, while I was on the road, Jan called Liz and said Ken was having a..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Liz and Paul....
Paul and I worked in the same group at the base, just like Andy and I. He was a southerner, with their ways. I was always looking for someone for Liz to have sex with, so I concocted a story to gain his interest. I told him Liz and I were swingers and met once a week with other couples. That was close to the truth. He was paying close attention to what was saying. Then I asked him if he would be i..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Mandy & Jack’s Exotic Erotic Vacation Pt3
The next day, we decided to walk in the opposite direction from our new celebrity friends. In morning we didn’t see anyone but did spot a pod of dolphins swimming past. It was the first time I had seen dolphins in wild and it was fascinating watching them.

We got back to our bungalow in time for lunch. As the waiter delivered our meal, I noticed him glancing at me a lot and when ..
Poster: Mandy (friend of Lee & P J) | Full Story»

Liz and Andy....
Andy worked in my unit at the base. I don't know how old he was but, being in the military, I knew he was of legal age. The only thing I knew was that he was black. He used to drive Liz to the airport when I returned from a TDY assignment. Then I would take him back to the base. However one time. when I returned from Minnesota, I had two bottles of Snow-Shoe Grog and invited him to help us drink t..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Another day at the Office
Last post 8/26, still busy at work, but today was a very welcome mini "road trip" for me, about a 2 hour drive from downtown Detroit to visit a Manufacturing partner near Grand Rapids. I saw that as a chance to have a bit of sexy fun for the day, as I had a mid-morning meeting and lunch scheduled with my Company contact there, an attractive late 30's guy I'd dealt with several times before. Being ..
Poster: Kelly | Full Story»

Debbie's night she'll never forget
To understand this story better you need to know Debbie she was a divorced mother of two who was used to living the posh life of a kept executive’s wife until he found greener pastures with his young secretary. So, she was on her own for the first time living comfortable but not the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to so she was reduced to working for a school where she told me she was ogled a..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

The taking of Debbie K
This is the story of a lover named Debbie I had some time ago; her greatest asset was her body, but she was seriously lacking in sexual imagination and creativity. I honestly think she learned how to give a blowjob by watch some lousy porn. She never thought outside of the box and relied on everything her mother told her about sex both good and bad mostly bad. She wouldn’t swallow or allow me to..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

Liz and I meet Bruce....
We sold our house in town and moved to the lake. It was a sedentary life until we met Bruce. He was rather handsome and soft-spoken, and we both liked him. So I invited him over when he felt like it. One blustery Winter night I hear a knock at the door and I answered it. It was Bruce and he was freezing. I told him to take off his coat and grab a recliner in the living room, which he did. I took t..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Liz with Bud & Dickey....
I really don't know how we met Bud but he showed up at our door one night really "hammered". Liz let him in and he sat down on the living room sofa. Liz and I had consumed our share of booze and she asked Bud if he wanted a beer. Of course he would and she brought him one. We continued drinking and Liz finally had to go to bed. Bud and I continued downing them and got really fucked up. Then Bud sa..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Liz, Bill and my Polaroid....
Trucker Bill stopped by while he was on another overnight rest stop. As always, he unbuttoned Liz's blouse and played with her titties. After a short while he pulled her shorts off, leaving her panties on. Then he told her to suck his cock. She grabbed it like a dog on a bone. I pointed the camera at her and she took his cock deep in her mouth and stared directly at the camera. After I took the pi..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Married to an Asian Prostitute
I know I will catch a lot of hate and ridicule for what I am about to write. I write this account of my marriage to Vee because I want to set the world straight about the stereotypes and misinformation that most people have about women in my wife’s line of work. Also to be honest, I have no where else to tell my story.

I met my wife 18 years ago when I was working in Asia. I had ..
Poster: Charles Wisowaty | Full Story»

Liz with Jeff and Bill....
I'm tired of using "This guy and that guy" so I'm putting names to the story.

Bill, who we'd known for a long time, was a coast-to-coast trucker. He was a regular at our house even though he'd never touched Liz.

Jeff, who I had known since he was a kid, did have sex with Liz one drunken night. He was probably twelve years younger than us.

Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Liz catching a train....
When I first started posting I mentioned Liz was having sex with two factory engineers. This episode occurred about a year after we were married.

I remember it was a wintry Saturday morning and I thought we were going to sleep in. Not so. Liz got up, showered and dressed, and said she was going shopping. However, she didn't go shopping. Instead she went to the apartment complex wher..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Out of town work trip!
My company sent me to a four day training class in Orlando and since my wife had some time off I decided to drive down instead of flying and allowing her to go with me.We left out on Sunday getting there for the Monday morning class start. Had a room in a very nice hotel that had the training on site.

I work in a male dominated field and there was twenty eight in the class and all ..
Poster: Greg K | Full Story»

Liz's first exposure to blacks....
We were bored, nobody called or came around, so we decided to try the NCO club. It was much the same as the O club, but less constrained. We took a table next to four black people, two males and two females who were wife and girlfriend. Soon they asked us to join them, which we did. After we had all consumed enough I invited them to our house for a nightcap. The guys readily accepted so off we wen..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

A fond memory from a dark time.
An eight year old story but still fun.

I was visiting a friend "Jim" and his girlfriend "Zoey" for the weekend. Zoey was hot as fuck. 5'8", hourglass body. A bubble butt. Full and plump c-cups. Pouty lips, brown hair the went past her shoulder blades, doleful amber eyes, the whole damn package. For the sake of completion Jim looks like a member of Nsync in their prime. And I look ..
Poster: Ben Wulf | Full Story»

Helping out a boudoir photographer turns into (sort of) sex...
Hello, I've got a story to share:
lets call me E. My Husband will be B.
I've been married to B for a couple of years now, and I love the shit out of him. I even like having sex with him too! That's what makes this story so bizarre.

It started a few months ago. B's friend Nate was getting more and more into photography. Like he wanted to make it his full time job. He ..
Poster: Emily Tester | Full Story»

Wife turned the tables on me
A little back story is in order for one to fully understand what happened recently. My wife and I have a great relationship and an openly discrete marriage I have as she calls it a hall pass to help satisfy my manly urges as she calls them. On her side she has recently discovered her bi side, something she always had a latent repressed curiosity of. It came out when she was seduced by a co-worker,..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

Wife was taken for a ride
Quite a few years ago when the wife and I were first dating we were mutual friends with a couple Bob and Karen who lived not far from us we used to occasionally go out and party dinner etc. the usual stuff couples do. One weekend we were invited out on their boat a really sharp 65-foot sport fishing boat always being an admirer but never an owner we intermediately accepted jumped at invitation. My..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

My Home Health Aide
When we first got married I was still racing motorcycle professionally and up until the day of my crash I was pretty competitive but that soon ended when a rookie dumped oil on the track after her blew up his piece of crap spewing oil all over the track causing myself and four other riders to go down. At first, I didn’t fair too bed and was just shaken up until one of my best friends hit the oil..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

Liz, the intercom and ass-fucking....
Liz and I went to a house party where we had drinks and laughs. The one guy Liz was very interested in. When we returned home she wouldn't stop talking about him, how sexy and handsome he was. I finally offered to call him and see if he was interested. She said that would be nice. So I called, his wife answered and I asked to speak to him. He got on the phone and I explained that she was taken by ..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Liz rides again....
We went down to see a friend of ours who Liz previously had sex with. I set the whole thing up, asking him to roundup another guy for a threesome. So we went down and, as usual, started drinking beer. Shortly he told her to sit on his lap, which she did without hesitation. He then unbuttoned her blouse and started playing with her tits. She never wore a bra as she didn't have that much to contain...
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Liz and our neighbor....
We both liked the next door neighbor couple and had many nights of beer drinking. Some time later he broke his leg on a surveying job. His wife soon got bored and began going out without him. We observed that and commented on her lack of concern.

A few days later Liz said she was going over to see him. When she returned she said he was very depressed and didn't know..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

My life with a hot wife
Preface: having a hot wife by definition makes a man a chucold. But that is not always the case. Chucold is a derogatory term or demeaning. This was not the case with us. We shared sex with others, singles, couples, and groups. It was never with intent to demean or belittle me or her. We were just out to have a good time. This is a true story even though it is long it only covers the high points ..
Poster: Larry Freeman | Full Story»

My wife couldn't get enough
This all started one night when after visiting some friends we ran into another friend who was visiting across the street from where we were, he invited to come in for a drink, well Jess had already had a few beers and we were all standing in the kitchen when I asked the guys if they would like to see her boobs, she just smiled and they both said yes, so I reached over and undid her shirt and expo..
Poster: Rick and Jess | Full Story»

Choose wisely My examination
Let me preface this by saying I never really thought of this as a Truth or Dare but I guess one could say it is, I'll let you be the judges

Well my wife and her live-in girlfriend and I always like to do something special at least once a week. Typically, during the week, I pretty much sleep alone after a blowjob of a quick fuck because of the hours I keep but from Friday n..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

Mandy’s Surprise Nude Exotic Vacation Part 2
Jack and I were exhausted from the travel and first evening on the beach and we slept sound the whole night. In the morning, we got our breakfast delivered to us. When we arrived, we filled out our menu requests for all of the meals, however, they make sure that each bungalow is stocked with fresh fruit and other snacks along with your choice of beverages including a variety of juices, beer, wine ..
Poster: Mandy (wife of Jack, mother of Lee J's son) | Full Story»

Home From Surgery
P (widow of Lee J) here and home from the hospital. Many of you have been following our exploits and know that I haven’t been able to have vaginal sex for over 15 years because my vagina fused together, or so we thought.

I finally went in for surgery to have it re-opened or re-built. After the surgery, the surgeon had great news for me.

He really didn’t have to ..
Poster: P (Widow of Lee J) | Full Story»

Dick Hunting
I'm a horny MILF love to fuck.I like wearing sheer see thru and no panties when I'm out in the streets. I enjoyed mens being able to see my bare pussy as I walk by. Last week I went house hunting trying to buy a home to relocate.I was wearing a long see thru coat with nothing underneath no bra no panties.The real estate agent was waiting for me not expecting me to show up naked.I got out of the ca..
Poster: Sherellee | Full Story»

The night she wanted whip cream
One night when me and the wife were playing around she was blindfolded and handcuffed in a sex swing and I was just about to get undressed when she said she wished we had some whip cream I could lick off her body and I said no problem and ran 2 doors down to the store. When I got back one of my buddies was there and asked what was up and I strait out told him the wife is hanging blindfolded and ha..
Poster: Dracy tee | Full Story»

Sunbathing Topless
Years ago, when we were dating the girlfriend now wife was working not far from where I was living so she used to come over to my place for her lunch hour sometimes when I was home and even if I wasn't. She used to like to work on her tan, so she would either lay out on a towel or lay on a lounge chair. She would save time by wearing her bikini under her dress. I always teased her and said she sho..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

My Wife and I got Caught
Caught or sort of invited maybe, one afternoon we were both super horny and had fucked several times during the day and it seemed the more we fucked the wetter and hornier she got. So unknown to me her friend had called earlier asking to borrow a pair of boots my wife had and she said of course and if we don't answer the doorbell just come on it. Well while in the middle of full fuck mode her ridi..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

My mother-inlaw moved in with us after I married her daughter. She was told that I was a nudist at home but she said that was ok. The first time she saw me naked is when I walked into her room and she did smile and said it was nice seeing a young man nude around her. After a while went by I walked into her room and she had no tops on and I did say I enjoyed seeing her big breast. One day when ..
Poster: NudistM70 | Full Story»

Deer hunting with Liz and friends....
Some of my previous posts may seem to be bogus. I assure you every post is real although without names. I wish now they were phony as Liz got out of control.

Liz and I, with my brother-in-law and friend went hunting near Warsaw. The man whose ground we leased let us pitch our tent in a fenced in part of his farm market. We hunted all day, without success, and returned to the camp si..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Seeing is Believing!
Here is one of our same room sex stories. When I told my girlfriends in college that I had found the man I wanted to settle down with, they did not believe me. They knew I loved pussy & titty as much as cock and felt there was no way I could ever do without either. When I told them why, they all said they had to see it to believe it – A straight guy who enjoyed cum? A straight guy who enjoy..
Poster: Lilly | Full Story»

The Only Way to Our Depths
My husband and I met in college. I was the wild, fuck all, everywhere type. He was the, he’d do it if the girl got him horny enough but never went for it or experimented much. He did love to eat pussy and I did love to suck cock so after we have dated a bit we had our first 69. It was so delicious that I knew this man was a keeper. He wasn’t at all shy sexually, merely inexperienced. I su..
Poster: Lilly | Full Story»

"Silent sex" mystery finally solved....
In a previous post I told how Liz had "silent sex". Apparently the guy she was with had pulled a gang bang on her earlier. That was really my fault. I had a office down the street were I contracted electrical work. He showed up one morning with a few friends for a beer. While they were there two gals showed up. One older and one young and I can't remember what they were selling. Obviously I latche..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Ride the wave
My best friend Gary and his wife Jennifer along with my wife Tracy and I have been sharing and swapping 30 years but had a he'll of a Sunday night Tracy was late getting free so Gary and I started enjoying Jennifer early they had an old waterbed in their first room so we stripped the sheets off and then stripped our clothes off we grabbed everything oily we could find and started pouring Gary and ..
Poster: Kevin | Full Story»

Gang bangs without me....
We moved to a major city and located in a suburban town. A military base was two miles from us. Liz was an office nurse for a local doctor. Perhaps that was where she made contact with a soldier from the base. The remainder of the story is what she, much later, disclosed to me.

I assume she had sex with him after which he convinced her to have multiple guys for a party. The "party" ..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

Going up in the Elevator
I was visiting my friend who lives in a condo on the 28th floor this weekend. Of the 3 elevators, 1 was on service another was out-of-order, so it got busy waiting for the only one working. Finally got on and it was quite full when 2 women got in on the pool floor, in bikinis, wrapped in towels.

They spoke in Brazilian Portuguese and I understood as they commented on some people. T..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

After the game! Follow-up
After her talking Roosevelt into coming over to the house and playing after the Thursday night game with the Falcons she finally convinced him by agreeing to a stipulation that she would let another friend of Roosevelts see her naked Saturday night.

Lorenzo is a good guy that I also knew from Roosevelt and he is also a couple years older than me and Roosevelt which would put him in..
Poster: Greg K | Full Story»

My wife's best friend comes out to my wife
Let me give those not familiar a little background to this story A while back my wife had her first lesbian experience with a co-worker before this she had never been with another woman but confessed to me she had desires that she couldn't explain she was literally taken both emotionally as well as physically by surprise by a co-worker who had lusted after her since her first day on the job so thi..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

After the game!
After the playing with Roosevelt we had not been able to get back together again for a couple of weeks. She wanted to for sure but we could not work out the details. So this past Thursday we were joining our group and going to the wing place to watch the Falcons game.

I got home and got changed and was getting ready to head out when she caught me at the door to kiss me and to tell ..
Poster: Greg K | Full Story»

Wild Spot, part 2
Jenna and Barry would play around together periodically. They were friends with benefits. Ever since Jenna and her strap-on dildo had discovered a wild spot up Barry’s ass that made him squeal like a chipmunk, she had wanted to ride his ass again. Has Barry sat biting his lower lip nervously, Jenna put on the strap-on and commanded Barry to his knees. She slide the big black dildo into Barr..
Poster: James | Full Story»

My Wife taken by her co worker part 2 of ?
Previous I posted about my wife's lesbian encounter where she was taken by a co-worker named Kelly. She confessed the whole story to me and was afraid I'd be upset I confessed that I may have inadvertently had apart in the whole thing. She looked at me and said what the fuck are you talking about did you set the whole thing up? I said no of course not I told her that one day I was talking to Kelly..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

Mile high club
Mile High Club

Moulded into the back of her seat as the plane shot off on its final taxi before lifting to the sky. Just getting to the airport in time to after a nightmare of a morning. If something could go wrong it did. Not one for cursing found herself 'F-ing and B-ing.'

In her mid-thirties, with two young kids (terrible twos) and a high-powered job in London, ..
Poster: Ellie | Full Story»

Mandy's Surprise Nude Exotic Vacation
Before I get into the vacation that Jack surprised me with, let me give everyone an update on P. J., (Lee J’s widow). She wanted everyone to know. Her surgery went well. In fact the surgeon said it went better than he expected, however, she will be in the hospital for a few more days. She is sore but excited to have a vagina again.

Mandy here. First, I want to say how hard it was..
Poster: Mandy (friend of Lee and P J) | Full Story»

Helping people makes me a bad person
Last Saturday my friend asked me for help cleaning out a house that had been foreclosed. Because it's was Labor Day weekend he lost some people due to the holiday.

I accepted but was thinking I just lost a freaking day of my life. It was a total mess mostly trash was left behind and damage from someone breaking in taking the appliances.

Now you have to know what I'm a..
Poster: saurongorthaur | Full Story»

Inspired by crossing the line, update 4
So I continued to gain control as I showed him more of the sexy pics. But the first one I showed him when I was totally nude and the"Stud" with his shirt off and one hand cupping my breast and the other was almost on my pussy made him cum just looking at the picture! I acted like I was pissed, but I was really glad he did because I used it to gain even more control. I made him eat not only my puss..
Poster: Wife of Riley | Full Story»

One episode of forbidden sex....
Liz and I met when she graduated university and started work at a factory where I was employed. We shortly moved in together and, after 28 day, were married. I was clueless about her sexual background, but soon learned she was incapable of keeping her panties on. She didn't tell me until much later that she was fucking two engineers who worked at the same factory, along with a supervisor and two m..
Poster: Boobie | Full Story»

My Wife taken by her co worker (her first time)
My wife is the office manager of a small services company and she has 4 or 5 women under her they all get along typical women BS joking around among each other all in good fun. Well she has a co-worker who is a lesbian We'll call her Kelly she's the butch in the relationship and my wife says she's a really good worker and doesn't have a problem with her unlike some of the girls. So one day the mai..
Poster: Bob Long | Full Story»

Wild Spot
Jenna and Barry had always been good friends and had seen each other go through a handful of lovers. The two friends were out shopping and just having fun when they ran across an adult bookstore. They went just for fun. Although both Jenna and Barry were a little embarrassed. Jenna saw a strap-on with a large dildo and teased Barry that she could use it on him. Barry laughed and dared her ..
Poster: James | Full Story»