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Sweet dare


Last Tuesday, we got a call from Cindy's mom wanting to know what we were doing Saturday night. I told her we had no plans except maybe a dip in the hot tub and did she want to join us? She said,"No...but I want you two to come with me as guests at EL EXOTICA,(a local sex club that had a reputation for some pretty wild action)for the grand opening of their new PARTY PIT." I hesitated, wondering wh..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

When disaster strikes!
I have only recently started visiting this site and love it! Last year my wife and I together with the rest of my immediate family had to evacuate the city due to IKE so we headed west toward San Antonio. Even though we stayed in San Marcos we would travel to san antonio every other day cause my wife grew up there and still has friends she doesn't get to c that often. One while waiting for some of..
Poster: M&M | Full Story»

Good Morning Surprise
S sometimes works odd shifts. He can work the night shift sometimes and the day shift too. We have to 'plan' our time together wisely. The other day I was at work and S was home sleeping. I decided that since he was going to be at work when I got home that night, I was going to go home and surprise him at lunch. I hopped in the car to drive home and started stripping off my clothes. By the time I ..
Poster: caligirl | Full Story»

Naturally *this* story still involves skinny dipping, but no hot tubs.
This is some more build up to the grand finale. These two stories don't involve the other guy, S, they just involve me, my gf N, S's gf A, and another mutual girl friend of the four of us, M.

Since I've described N and A pretty well in my last post, I'll let you go over there and read about them, cause then you'll get the rest of the story there too. Meanwhile, I'll describe M. Basi..
Poster: C | Full Story»

I liked the idea of Dirty Dog's Mother/Daughter picture contest...would be interesting to see how many come in.
Poster: Saintly | Full Story»

my girlfriends hot fantacy brought to life
i became so turned on after she told me her fantacy,i decided to make it happen for her,she had no idea what i was planning to do,
her fantacy was to expose her beautiful body to a few guys in different ways,so that they couldnt keep their eyes off of her.
so one night i told 2 good mates to come over for drinks and a few games of pool,after we had been drinking for a couple of hrs a..
Poster: Derek | Full Story»

Naturally this story involves about hot tubs.
It's hard to decide how to start this story. I mean I don't want to give away the big finale yet, especially not without all the build up that really puts it into context and makes it worth it.

I'm a 21 year old guy, my girlfriend is 21, and the two friends, the other couple, are also now 21.

I'm a pretty average guy, not fat, not skinny, about 6 foot, not bad looking..
Poster: C | Full Story»

I was surfing through some of my favorite web sites one day and one of them had an extra headline on its cover page that read "ENTER OUR MOTHER/DAUGHTER PHOTO CONTEST." Being the curious type, I logged on to check it out. They wanted a series of photos showing a mother and daughter in various poses. The winners to get a free trip to Las Vegas for 4. I wondered if Cindy and her mom would be interes..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

hi, I´ve been a little bit of exhibitionist for a while but for that time nothing really risky had hapened until now lol. My usual exhibitionist routine was to walk completeley naked over my roof and at the other end of it (100 feet aproximately) jack off. At first it sounded like a huge deal and the excitement was great but after a year or so it began to get boring, so one night out of the blue ..
Poster: Driver | Full Story»

Linda a changed Women 2
As promised I’m back to recount the tryst between Linda and Robert the Jamaican, Linda had a long soak in the bath of scented water, took great care with her and make up then off to the Hotel bar where she had reserved a room. The meeting was very slow to get going so in the end I asked her if she wanted to cancel Linda took one look at Robert smiled took him by the hand and led him to the lift...
Poster: Thomas | Full Story»

wife's fantasy
what we have here is a failure to communicate. So, in an attempt to get more interest in the wife, we have decided to post her fantasy. IF we get enough replies to the story, she has agreed to have her picture taken in,with,without, or where ever the most clever email suggests. Don't do the usual, flash someone, don't wear panties, drive naked dares, something truly creative. She is planning on co..
Poster: sirmeph | Full Story»

Cindy and I were in the mall the other day and as we were walking by one of the furniture stores, we spotted a sign in the window. "SUPER SAVINGS ON ALL BEDROOM SUITES" Cindy steered me toward the door and says,"Perfect timing! I've always wanted one of those big 4 post beds like my grand parents had". We walked around the store looking at all the sale stuff, but really didn't see anything we were..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

Busy at Work
My job is sometimes very demanding and other times it is not. Last week, there was not much to do. I was all caught up and there really wasn't anything for me to do. I was sitting there thinking about S. and started to get horny. Well, since I was alone I slid my hand up my skirt and started touching myself. Soon I had my skirt up around my waist, my fingers in my pussy and my other hand rubbing m..
Poster: caligirl | Full Story»

Last week, Cindy was on her usual kick, trying to find new adventures in sex. We were sitting around with our friends Raechel and Sam, and Jody and Willie, and as usual the conversation turned to sex and adventure. We were reminissing about some of our adventures and the crazy things we had done over the last few years. Jody and Willie have always been as open as Cindy and I, and Raechel and Sam h..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

Getting hot in the hot tub
It was a beautiful Sunday morning and S and I were feeling pretty good. We were talking about what we were going to do for the day and decided to see if we could use a friends hot tub and just relax. S called him up and he said sure come on over. We headed that way in just our suits with a towel. We got to the tub and slid in. Man did it feel good. We sat there for a few minutes just relaxing and ..
Poster: caligirl | Full Story»

Thanks To All My Fans
Hi thankyou for all your helping me to regain my selfesteem, I have now found my true love She has asked me to sign off as we need time to forge our relationship. Yes iat a woman; sorry guys but you might get lucky because she says I can still have cock when she thinks I have earned it. To all my fans thankyou Sam XOXOX.
Poster: Sexy Samantha | Full Story»

wildest weekend for her part2
part 2

Recap: Friday night was intense. My blushing bride of many years tells me straight faced she's horny, and i get an eye ful of her beautiful cleavage while driving around. She chooses a trucker at random (?) and has sex with him in his sleeper cab. What follows is the rest of that night...

Once back in the car we decided that it was time to eat food. We drive th..
Poster: sirmeph | Full Story»

Needed- At Least 3 guys (Friends)one of which needs to have a girlfriend or better yet a wife. The husband has an sexy wife that his friends are obviously attracted to. The husband wants to show off his wife's great body.

The Act-Invite your two best friends over to watch the game. Before they get there have your wife change in to something revealing (not too revealing)best if its ..
Poster: CD | Full Story»

wildest weekend for her
Part 1

It started out like every other friday night. The k*ds were off for the wekeend, and we had just finished having dinner when my wife looks up and me and annouces she's horny. After being married for almost 9 years, those words still have the same effect on me. instnaly my member was awakened by the sudden blood flow that raced downwards to my crotch.
"ok", i said," wha..
Poster: sirmeph | Full Story»

gotta get me some
Those of you whom have checked out my pics know that I love the outside. I love being naked outside. We were cruising down the road one day, taking a day trip to a beautiful nature center nearby. Well there are many stops along the way where you can observe a waterfall or wildlife. We pulled over at many of the stops, got out and fooled around for a little at each one. I would stroke S. cock for a..
Poster: caligirl | Full Story»

In Reply To M & I
My wife and I had the same idea back in the 90's she was 27 and I 34 after the inital meeting where all was agreed she would accompany him to a conferance in Europe for three days, She was gone 3months and came back pregnant. We are still together and she had three more children this way each by three diffrent contacts. Good luck I say to M & I
Poster: Simon | Full Story»

she wants men to fuck her and give her some 'sugar daddy' treatment
W e are an international couple. Our male half is writing this. She is Japanese, in her 40s (she is in good shape and looks to be in her 30s); I am Caucasian, and in my early 50s. We have enjoyed a number of sexual lifestyle adventures, so far usually together, although there have been some very arousing 'independent' encounters from time to time. She has now expressed an interest in having a sli..
Poster: M. and I. | Full Story»

As I walked into the club, I noticed four attractive women sitting together. I watched them for some time noticing that three of them were being asked to dance quite often while the forth was being ignored. It was then that I realized why. She was pregnant. I found that this made her even more attractive to me. I waited for all of them to be at the table and then I approached the table, intro..
Poster: Robin | Full Story»

I have been looking at this website for a long time, and when my girlfriend found out she decided that we should play truth or dare sometime.

The following day, after I got home from work, she tells me that we are playing now.

We go back and forth in between sex stories, embarrassing moments, sexual acts, and exposing parts in public. So, my girlfriend then dares me..
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

store dare
I was at a department store in my city and saw two good looking chicks. I asked them to dare me to do something for 20 dollars. They said to try on womens clothes in the women's dressing room. They picked out the clothes, I met them in the dressing room and began to take off my clothes down to my underwear. Remember these two chicks are hot so I decided to give them a little show. I pulled down m..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

first time fingering
i was online when i found this site on how to finger urself
i clicked it and it told me to pump my middle finger in and out of my pussy, then do 2 until u have ur whole hand when ur whole hand is in wiggle ur fingers and pump till u cum and have the best ORGASM of ur life
screw guys, i am lesbian!!!
Poster: Erika White | Full Story»

Day at the Beach
Hi it’s Samantha, after my husband had me evicted I went into B&B paid for by the Benefits Agency and then into a Council house (A Decommissioned Army Base) apparently everyone on the estate are in receipt of benefits. The neighbours are friendly; I found out that through the summer a coach runs every two hours to the coast, and if you don’t mind a long walk you could find a deserted beach. It..
Poster: Samantha | Full Story»

dream come true
i had gotten my wife to flash. but my dream came tru when we picked up a hitch hiker. wife was naked,i was so hot
we took him to his aptmt. he invited us in. wife was wearing only heels.just that was such aturn on. the other 2 guys loved her.they couldnt wait to play with her.she was hotter than id ever seen.then it happened.i got to watch her give each guy a great blowjobby the time she fi..
Poster: atlast | Full Story»

Our neighbors recently sold their house and some new ones just moved in this week.We never had much to do with the old ones as they were quite religious and conservative. We introduced ourselves and invited them for coffee. They came over yesterday morning and we chit chatted for a while before we gave them a tour of our house. They are in the same age bracket as us and we seemed to hit it off wel..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

When I first met my wife, Annette, I never even considered we’d end up married, what with the 30-year age gap. Yet that is exactly how we ended up. Saying that, though, I suspected from the start that she would one day need to get to men of her own age and, as such, I told her that if she ever felt the urge to screw other men, then I would understand.

Back then she claimed that sh..
Poster: Raymond | Full Story»

I am really excited to saw huge quantity of naked women's pic most beautiful women having extreme beauty. I have never seen before so visited this site several times in day. to share dare pic of me contact nandko@yahoo.co.uk. I am male like to share with women
Poster: nandko | Full Story»

Girl Next Door
The next time I was seen by others while I was naked happened later that year in the summer. (See story The First Time, The Best Time posted July 4th). I could walk around in our back yard naked and only one of our neighbors could possibly see me, which was the lady who lived next door. She lived alone so anytime her car was gone I knew she was out.

Our neighbor on the other side ha..
Poster: David | Full Story»

I have visited this site on and off for a couple of months and lately I have read stories about wives getting pregnant by other men. Yes I knew that I was not alone but I wasn't sure it was the sort of thing you addmitted. After three years of trying for a baby test's showed that a childhood illness left me strile Linda was devastated. We couldn't afford I.V.F so when a girl friend of Linda's sugg..
Poster: Bryan | Full Story»

Nude Photo Shoot
I’ve always wanted someone to take nude photos of me. I’m looking for a woman to be the photographer. I’d be ok if you brought a friend or two (no guys please) if you would feel safer. I’ll supply the camera only so I can control ownership of pictures. I’d be more than willing to share them with you though. Just to let you know I’m 49 years old, 6’2” and 185lbs. We can both post ou..
Poster: Tommy | Full Story»

Jenna Lastname
I would also like to know how to get in touch with Jenna Lastname
Poster: Jonah | Full Story»

She Let Her Hair Down
The other day I thought I would surprise my wife, Jen, who manages a women's clothing store by dropping in and helping her in the store. Jen is 45 years old with huge breasts and a hairy pussy. She is rather sexually conservative, as evidenced by always wearing her hair up and wearing conservative outfits, something I had been trying to change with little success for a few years. When I arrived a..
Poster: Joey | Full Story»

Help Required
Do you know what happened to JENNA LASTNAME and where I can get in touch.
Poster: Friend | Full Story»

Accidental Pregnancy
What!! is it about men? They all want to marry a virgin and when they do their still not satisfied. After we had been married about three years John my husband (after making love) would ask me how do you know I was good and my cock is big enough as you have had nothing to compare it to. You see John was my first and only lover, after months of listening to his comments I finally snapped, “All r..
Poster: Samantha | Full Story»

Eye Contact
Yes my lady in blue it was a very pleasent shock when our eyes met locked and conveyed how much you loved me still. I was very pleased our fleeting moment passed without notice. I on the other hand went home to make love to you via my right hand and imagination and memories to attian an equally explosive orgasm.
Poster: The Bull | Full Story»

Wife unleashed.
Ok I got married pretty young to a woman that had never been with anyone else. This bothered me most of our marriage. The thought of going through life only knowing one lover made me feel sorry for her. The feeling sorry turned to a fantasy and I wanted to watch her with another man. I brought this up from time to time in bed as we had sex and the idea turned her on but she was concerned about..
Poster: John McCloud | Full Story»

bi side redcar area
wanting to live out my fantasy of trying my bi side so if any body wants fun addy me at b.karl73@ymail.com
Poster: karl | Full Story»

lake accident
after i broke up with my girl friend i have been feeling down lately so i have decided to go on these long walks, one day was like any other day, i finished work, had some tea and then i went down to blagdon lake, everything was normal and i decided i will just sit down at a bridge and just think about things, but then i started to get these silly dares into my head and one of them was to hang fro..
Poster: mike | Full Story»

Hi fans, its James with an up-date, as promised Sarah turned up at my front door 20: 30hrs on Friday night. I opened the door and she launched herself at me like a tigress and we fell into the house kissing and trying to remove my pants. I freed my self to shut the door while Sarah was undressing on her way upstairs, when I made it to the bedroom she was already naked and spread-eagled on the bed ..
Poster: James | Full Story»

Cindy and me were sitting in front of the TV watching some stupid movie rerun that we've probably seen ten times when I finally had enough."Turn that fucking shit off. Why do we even bother to have cable when there's nothing to watch?" "Ooh, you're sure wound up tonight!" she said."What else is there to do?" (with a funny grin on her face as she said it). I said, "Let's go for a cruise and see if ..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

The First Time, The Best Time
I have been nude in public at least one hundred times but the first time I tried it was one I will never forget.

When I was 18 I noticed that after my parents left the house to do the weekly grocery shopping that our newspaper would get delivered at about 9 am by one of the best looking senior girls at my high school. I found out later that she was the older sister of the boy who u..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Passing on the Street
We have been together a few times before I married and moved away and with in 9 months of marriage I had a handsome baby boy. Then it happened one day we came back around to the same place you could imagine my surprise we I stared into your eyes as we walked passed each other my body just started to tingle all over. We were heading for the boarding rooms I guess you were going to the pub. As me an..
Poster: Lady in Blue | Full Story»

Linda! a changed Woman.
Hi it’s Thomas I promised to get back to you if I was successful in arranging a w/e Blackman to fuck Linda. As the saying goes “strike while the iron is hot”, after making sure Linda was enthusiastic even after she read “Mary’s account” I went ahead and made contact with Robert a member of our “local” pub’s snooker team a Jamaican lad about 25year old and a personal trainer at to..
Poster: Thomas | Full Story»

Vegas birthday
I am 30 and my size 0 wife is 27 and we recently went to Las Vegas on vacation for my 30th birthday. We had talked about my wife and another girl hooking up (as long as I had no interaction) and that this would be my big present. However things didnt really go to plan as it is not easy to approach the subject of getting another girl to take us up on the offer so I suggested that we get a guy ins..
Poster: Scott R | Full Story»

At Last
Hi to all whom have given me pleasure, I’m a 24-year-old single male having regular sex with my right hand while reading your exploits. However that changed last week, my work colleague’s persuaded me to accompany them to grab-a-granny night at a local nightclub. It was not what I expected instead of “grannies” it was full of young married women all eager to have a good time. This one lady..
Poster: James | Full Story»

Boob Whore (Full Story)
(I posted 3 parts before but I fixed them up a little and combined them plus finished the rest of the story. Anyway, enjoy ;D)

Hey, I'm Carmen and I absolutely love this site. I was recently given a dare given by my boyfriend and here I am writing it. First, I'm pretty sure you want to know: I am 5'2", have long brown hair, 19 years old and my measurements are 34-28-36. I'm pretty s..
Poster: Carmen | Full Story»

The First Time With the Lady In Blue
A lady never forgets her any firsts But once you have been with a profestional Bull. Well as you know nobody can make you feel like you did when I was making love to you. When i read your acount I relived every stroke, every scent of your sex as I thrust into your sexy wet pussy, yes I even expereince the same thrill now as I filled my hand with cum, as I did then when I filled your vunerable puss..
Poster: The Bull | Full Story»

A Changed Woman
It’s only recently that my wife Linda has come out of her shell, at the age of 30 and after nine years of marriage she still thought of sex as dirty. We had planed for two children, which we had had and therefore sex was unnecessary, so after another blazing row over me wanting sex; she stormed off to stay with her sister. Two days later Billie her sister brought her back and sat us down and exp..
Poster: Thomas | Full Story»

When Cindy's mom left our place demanding everyone at our barbecue party be naked when she returned, (naked), we wondered what the H... got into her.
When our friends arrived, we told them that Mom had requested it to be a naked party, but we didn't know why. Willie, as usual, said,"I'm in!"He doesn't need an excuse to go naked any time. Jody wasn't sure she wanted to be naked in front ..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»