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Finally gave in to my Husband's Kink
While my Wife's Friend was Asleep
Friend Walks In on mY Roomate and I
Bahamas Joy third encounter
The Awakening of Desire
Fingerin in a Car
Cover Band
Bahamas Joy next encounter
Surprise July 4th Party
Normal wife to BBC slut

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Sweet dare


Good times
My wife is a very jealous person, to the point I've stopped hanging out with some friends that she didn't like. Yes, I'm pussy-whipped!
Of course, what she doesn't know is that you can develop an affair anytime, anywhere.

I have a neighbor who is not typically my type, but she has a pussy, and thus becomes my type. My wife can prevent me from hanging out with some old frien..
Poster: Jay | Full Story»

I saw a video the girl it could have been my wife 15 years ago
When this story took place my wife was 40 and 10 years younger than I. She was a virgin when we had gotten married 16 years earlier. We had a rough honeymoon as I'm pretty thick (~6" circumference)and over 7 inches long. One of the things we talked about before we got married was the fact that I had not only been married, but had "been" with 5 other girls and she was still a virgin. Basically, she..
Poster: RJ | Full Story»

The landlords photo studio
We live close to Austin in a rural area.

The couple that owns the house we rent lives a few houses down. We knew they were photographers and sometimes when I would go over to pay the rent they would be busy with people in the studio which is actually a garage way in back of their house. Judging from the privacy it was obvious it was nude or erotic photography.

Poster: Gina | Full Story»

Our crazy vacations
To start this story the right way I should start by saying that I've been with my girlfriend for 6 years, we call each other boyfriend/girlfriend but it's basically a marriage. We moved together two years ago since we've always been great together and we understand each other perfectly. We met when she was 18 and I was 19. I was her first boyfriend ever, her first kiss and the guy she lost her vir..
Poster: Austin | Full Story»

I found a mushroom!
I had been in a dry spell for a while: my life partner has no interest in sex and I was looking to find a supplimental FWB to help the longevity of our marriage with not much luck. then there he was: cute, maybe 25, with magickal runes all over and on top of it all I had never seen him before. (in a village like mine that is rare) he picks me up hitchhiking and we chat, next thing I know we have s..
Poster: Meliora | Full Story»

As I said in my previous story "Hot Seniors" I told you that during twenty years of swinging that I had the pleasure of watch my wife fuck over a hundred strange pricks And being told in great detail, about another twenty five that she fucked when I was out of town. I don't know which I enjoyed the most, however there was no greater thrill for me than ..
Poster: Limber | Full Story»

Hot Seniors
Pages: 1

My wife and I fantasized about her fucking another guy for years. We even exchanged pictures and letters with other people but we never acted on it. Since I had a very high profile job we had to be discrete therefore we never would do anything with friends or people that we would ever come across. We did not want it known that we strayed from the beaten p..
Poster: Limber | Full Story»

Following up on my "Skimpy Dressed" story, I've spent all the nights with my new friend Stella, since our initial encounter, and I'm having a sexual awakening like never before.

Stella is not only the owner of a bald pussy, but she has NO hair anywhere other than her head. Having done laser treatments top to bottom, she has the smoothest, sexiest skin I've ever had the privilege of..
Poster: Dirty Dan | Full Story»

Special Delivery
I got up late this morning and had a big "woody". I didn't bother to put my robe on and started down the stairs to put the coffee on. Half way down the stairs, I saw the mail lady standing at the door watching me come down the stairs through the windows on the upper part of the door. She got a full on view. Nothing I could do except continue down and open the door. She is an older woman (about my..
Poster: Greywolf | Full Story»

Never Will Happen Again
I was dating a woman who I had met at a chamber meeting, she was hot looking and always fun to be with. At the night clubs she always liked to show off, a lot of times just grabbing my cock on the dance floor while everybody was watching. One night at her apartment we got it on next to the kitchen, we had gone from 69 to doggy position and different other ones. when she went down on my cock and I ..
Poster: Marco | Full Story»

Skimpy Dressed
Yesterday, I'm at the supermarket with my gf, and there is this middle-aged, late 40's, early 50's Eastern European woman dressed completely inappropriately. She's a good looking, full-figured woman, with huge boobs, nearly popping out of her super very short, tight dress. She has tons of make-up on and big hair, mid-level heels, to show off her impressively toned and tanned legs. I hate to gen..
Poster: Dirty Dan | Full Story»

Freaky Sex
I work at a lot of comic/anime cons, so most of my really crazy experiences happen at these. Anyone who has been to enough cons can tell you that if freaky sex shit is going to happen to you, this is where it's most likely to happen.

The first year I was working one of my cons, I was completely alone in my hotel room. The room came free with the work, and I didn't think to parse out..
Poster: SunBids | Full Story»

The Masseur Almost made Me Cum
Last month my husband arranged for me to get a massage. When I arrived the therapist asked several questions, one being what type of massage I wanted.

I requested just a nice relaxing massage. He then said to get undressed and lay on the table under the towel. As I undressed he stayed in the room and continued to get things ready, I stripped and laid on the table under the towel (w..
Poster: Becci | Full Story»

What was that mom?
Here's a quick story about how I once fingered Beth in close proximity to her mother. Hope you like it.

Well, here's how I remember it. Beth was sitting in a recliner facing the door and away from the kitchen. It was a small apartment and the living room and the dining room and kitchen were all open in one area. So the chair was against the wall and Beth's mom was just around the co..
Poster: Beth & Ben | Full Story»

Crazy Night III
Lori says before we do this, can we agree never to tell anyone else about this? Everyone nods yes. Lori smiles, says good, and gives me one of the sexiest kisses I’ve ever had. She sucked my tongue into her mouth like it was my cock. I look over at Kris just as she pushes him on his back and mounts his cock and says fuck me hard.

At this point, I realize if I sink my cock into Lo..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Driving for fun
So here's a story from Beth and me. One time we were in Colorado and wanted to get away for a good time. We went for a drive looking for a nice quite place to pull off the side of the road. I was driving and on the way Beth took my dick out and played with it while we were still in town. When we got out of town on country roads that's when she l..
Poster: Beth & Ben | Full Story»

Morning fun with toys
I made a clone a Willy in purple for Beth about a month ago. She used it for the first time Saturday morning. I woke up horny and told her I would take the dog out if she would use her new vibrator while I was gone. I tossed her the clone of my dick and headed out without getting any response. I didn't know if she would do anything while I was o..
Poster: Beth & Ben | Full Story»

After Rebba lost her job, I lost Rebba!! I had called every phone number I knew where I might find her with no luck..I went back to the apartment and her roommates said she had move away without leaving a forwarding address..
I stopped by her parents home to inquire where she might be, all they said was she had moved to the mid-west to attend school as a flight attendant.
Poster: Tony Rome | Full Story»

Just an afternoon drive
So here's a story from Beth and me. One time we were in Colorado and wanted to get away for a good time. We went for a drive looking for a nice quite place to pull off the side of the road. I was driving and on the way Beth took my dick out and played with it while we were still in town. When we got out of town on country roads that's when she laid over and sucked it for a while. I wouldn't let he..
Poster: Ben/Beth | Full Story»

Wife's First BBC Part 2
His name was JD, nice guy and he was the one my wife would choose to be her first big black cock. The day would come that we were to meet and JD had got a room in a place a few hours from us. He had emailed exact instructions about where we would meet and what he wanted me too do. I was only too film according to JD, nothing else. We were all going to meet in the lobby of the hotel once we arrive..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

Making love to 2 sisters
This is the way it was Rebba 19 years old 34D 22 33 and only 112 pounds of hot sexy lust love!!
Her 18 year old sister Peggy Sue 33DD 24 36 and 115 pounds of sexual nymph !!

I met Rebba when she was 18 but never had our first date till she was 19 I was away at college and she would write me weekly, professing her undying love for me..
Our first dates were mostly di..
Poster: Tony Rome | Full Story»

My first big O part 2
So I ended the first story after cumming for my first time, with my boyfriend sucking my hard nipple and his hand at the waistband of my skirt.
He lifted his hand and when I felt it again it was on my knee. He gently pulled on it and opened my legs. Then started running his hand up my inner thigh until he got to the edge of my short pants. I always wore baggy shorts under my skirt. I did..
Poster: Sexy Lexi | Full Story»

My Husband Joined in for an Unexpected Threesome
I saw a post in this section that reminded me of a fun encounter I had with my best friend and husband.

The summer of 2012 my best friend returned home to Texas after spending two years ain't Japan. I was eager to see her. I told my husband that I wanted to visit her. Two weeks later we were on an airplane from Arizona to meet her in Texas. We will call her Mary for the sake of anon..
Poster: Cat | Full Story»

My first big O
My name is Alexis, but everyone who knows me calls me Lexi. I grew up a prude in a highly religious house. My parents were really strict with my sister and I. Now I am a highly open and sexual woman but growing up, my sexual desires were stifled by my mom. She always said it was wrong for me to touch myself and even worse for me to let someone else touch me. Because of that, the first time a guy t..
Poster: Sexy Lexi | Full Story»

Met a Couple with My Ex and We had a Threesome
This is a story from when I was married. It's funny I actually had sex with more people when I was married because my ex was into swinging. I'm single now but that was a fun night.

My husband and I found a sexy married couple from an online ad who we would hook up with. We will call them John and Cristy. They were both good looking, we used to tease them because they were both short..
Poster: Denise | Full Story»

Crazy Night II
When we arrived at the car Tom said Kris sit in front with me. Lori, and I sat in the back. The whole ride home Tom kept rubbing Kris's thigh. Kris didn't seem to mind, and I couldn't tell if Lori was upset or not. I was turned on, but wasn't sure if it was watching my wife allowing another man to almost put his hand up her skirt or the possibly of hooking up with Lori. We got back to Tom's house,..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Wife's First BBC Part 1
My wife had not ever been attracted to black men. It didn't matter if they had a big cock or not. She didn't like a porn movie with them in it either. She isn't racist, they just didn't excite her. All that changed one night while watching a video of a guy doing this white wife while the husband filmed it. I actually found the video myself. It was a real video. No fake actors, just a motel room, a..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»