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Sweet dare


Josee & Marc… and Mr Tit

The petite brunette giggled all the way up in the elevator. The man next to her laughed along as couples do when they are returning home from a night out on the town. It's not really clear if they are embracing or just holding each other up as they trip clumsily from the elevator stall when it finally reaches his floor. To anyone w..
Poster: Mr Tit | Full Story»

Josse you have fantasic breasts
Josse Your tits are so damn sexy that I would lick Marc's cum off of them if that was the only way I could spent a few minutes sucking on them. I hope you have yoour fingers immersed in yourself and you can tell Marc how happpy you are having posted knowing you have aroused men and from what I read a women as well with those awesome nipples and breasts.
One quick request, if youe want emai..
Poster: Showman | Full Story»

My wife and I having fun with Josee
My wife Julie has now seen her pictures Josee and she was very impressed and turned on. But after we got past our immediate lust (she sucked me until she swallowed my cum, then I ate her pussy until she screamed), she started talking about what fun it would be to have Josee over for some fun. It would go something like this...
The doorbell rings and Julie opens the door to see Josee stand..
Poster: Jim and Julie | Full Story»

stopover guest
My husband and I have been married for twenty years
and had decided our sex life needed a little perking up,we descused several options, sex in strange places, sex in semi public places and every couple of weeks we would go and spend the night in a hotel.
we Were in a pub one night about six miles from our house one night after returning from one of our "romantic" weekends,My husband..
Poster: nicola smith | Full Story»

Josee is the perfect woman
Josee it is so nice to see that thanks to this site you have broken free of your negative body image. You are a beautiful young woman with an incredible body. As soon as I saw your first picture exposing your PERFECT breasts my nine inch cock was throbbing. And then when I saw the second picture teasing me with that delicious pussy my cock became totally rock hard. And then the third picture w..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Josee's sexy pics
Josee your tits were awsome as well as the rest of you your guy must be very proud to have such a beautiful woman. More hard core pics would be great.
Poster: Jeff | Full Story»

Josee, Josee, Josee
Dear Josee,

What great additions to your pic here. You are a very sexy woman. I'm so glad you shared more. However, now I would love to see even more pics. What other daring stuff have you tried? I used to log onto a chatroom and I always enjoying playing truth or dare online. I just loved getting women to do daring things that they had never. Do you know of any place like t..
Poster: Louie | Full Story»

My girlfriend and I came on here to tell you how beautiful you are. Your boobs are perfect. And your plump lips around your boyfriends cock got us really hott and horny. Please don't let this be the last off your photos. Maybe we can exchange couple photos to help all of us get off.
Poster: Ryan | Full Story»

next Josee pictures
The pictures so far are so awesome. The first one, it's nice to see the two of you together and it looks so natural and real. Your breasts are perfect and small ones are so sexy, especially with those perfect nipples. The next two are also great, the one with you sucking Marc is great because it's nice to get a visual taste of you in action. The other one, the nude shot, is just perfect, your hair..
Poster: pezbait | Full Story»

Josee's pussy!
I like your tits and pussy. ho about some ass pics?
Poster: Herman | Full Story»

Josee and Marc and new friends

Josee left work all excited and concerned, the eighteen year old girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes was excited that she was going to an earth day event downtown and she was concerned for the fate of the planet. While having dinner with her boyfriend, Josee exclaimed, "Marc why don't you come with me to the global warming and..
Poster: MrTit | Full Story»

Josee's Pics
Hi Josee,
I'm a woman and I too love your tits and your entire body. Girl, don't worry about your breasts they look great. Very suckable. I would like to see pics with you and some of your girlfriends. :-)Nice pussy by the way.
Poster: Woman Lusting | Full Story»

Josee's Boob's
Josee your boobs are aamazing! I love your large nipples. I also love the trim job on your pussy. Please keep the pics coming so I can keep masturbating to you. :)
Poster: Southern Boy | Full Story»


Great pics, small boobs are sexy, how about pics with cream on them, then one in the shower washing it off!
Poster: g | Full Story»

Josee's body

Josee, post some more pics. You are real hot and your BF is a LUCKY man!
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

Josee's new pics
Awesome picts today, Josee! thanks for sharing. Look just like Scarlett Johansson in that 1st new pic, beautiful.
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Cum on Josse's Boobs
Josse, I love your boobs, they are amazing...I just got done masturbating to you and i came all over the place. I would love to cum on them and on your face too...Think we can see a cumshot?
Poster: DW | Full Story»

Josee's Beautiful Boobs
I just read everyone else's comments, and I really don't have much to add. Josee, you really do have beautiful, firm, symmetrical boobs with absolutely lovely areolas and nipples. I too would love to kiss and lick and caress your breasts, and I also would love to see more of you naked. Your boyfriend Marc is one of the luckiest guys in the world!
Poster: Gordon | Full Story»

Wanking on Josee's Supreme Tits

I was just going to stop at the pub for a quick one, when Josee walked in. She looked stunning that night, a partially see-through black dress, just covering where her knickers should have been, but instead, bare flesh. The dress complemented her breasts beautifully, so it was obvious whether she was turned on or not, as her nipple..
Poster: MrTit | Full Story»

Cumming on Josie's Breasts
Firm. Tight. Small. Each breast a delightful mouthful. Just the way I like them. The pink puffy nipples. So inviting. Demanding my tongue. Calling out to be licked with just the tip of my tongue. To be taken into my mouth and sucked, feeling them grow hard in my mouth. Sucking each breast completely into my mouth, carressing the nipple with my tongue.
Stradling you, my hard cock ..
Poster: MrMike1952 | Full Story»

Josee's sexy tits
Are you feeling better now, Josee, about your tits and how sexy they are? Guys everywhere yesterday were whacking off looking at your sexy tits and nipples and wishing the could see what's under thos pajama bottoms, too. I, myself, printed off a copy of your picture and came all over your tits twice.

I hope you have gotten turned on by this whole experience and maybe you and Marc..
Poster: Buck | Full Story»

Cum on Jossee's Sexy Titties!
Jossee's perky breasts gave me such a hard on that I would love to rub the tip of my cock all over those sexy nipples and watch the pre-cum glistening as it oozes out of my cock and onto those beautiful boobs!
I would just love to shoot a hot load of cum all over those sexy breasts!
Poster: John | Full Story»

Josee's boobs
Perfect size, perfect shape, in fact just perfect
Poster: Ricky Rastus | Full Story»

Jossee's Boobs
Dear Jossee,

First, your boyfriend isn't lying. They are lovely, just like the rest of you, I'm sure. They look so very nice. I compliment you on them and your wonderful willingness to expose them here.

Secondly, I think the sexiest thing about a woman is her confidence/self-confidence. So let's hear no more about whatever you think may be lacking in your breasts...
Poster: Louie | Full Story»

Josee's boobs
Marc asked us to write what we'd like to do to your boobs, Josee, so here goes. If it goes to far, blame Marc :-)

I'd start by licking and sucking on those perfect nipples, and as they grew more erect, lightly biting them. After some outstanding pussy licking (trust me on this one), I would continue to suck on them as I fucked you.

After as many orgasms as you can t..
Poster: Rob | Full Story»

Josee's boobs
Re: http://www.truthordarepics.com/nudeselfpic/myboobs/

you have great boobs! I have an erection now to prove it!
Poster: undercover | Full Story»

josee's tits

You don't have to have big tits to be hot and sexy and josee proves it.
Poster: buck | Full Story»

Josie's breasts
Please tell Josie her breasts are lovely and that her boy riend is a lucky young man. Many of us would like to see more pictures if you would like ;-)
Poster: startroop | Full Story»


Your breasts are great! Nice and perky small boobs are awesome, and your nipples are beautiful, fuck anybody who says you're inadequate. I'd really love to kiss and suck them while caressing your pussy.
Poster: Jeremy | Full Story»

Jesses boobs
hi jesse,
Your boobs although small look great and u need not worry about them at all!
Your red nipples look great and i would certainly like to bite them hard!!
Poster: Pranz | Full Story»

Josee's Boobs
They could not be any more perfect. I would love to watch my wife suck on one while I was sucking on the other. Squeezing them ever so nicely.
Poster: fixXxed | Full Story»


id love to grab and feel her breasts, they are absolutely gorgeous!
Poster: Leo | Full Story»

josee's boobs

Wow! What are you self-conscious about? You have great boobs! Seriously. They are perfect in size and shape!

I would love to cup them with my hands, and play with them with my tongue. I could suck on them forever. I could enjoy them so much, I'd forget about the rest of your body.

You don't know how jealous I am of your boyfriend's hands ri..
Poster: Josh | Full Story»

josies titties
sweetness,they are just beutiful.how about some more pics,maybe rubbing your titties & showin a bit more flesh
Poster: jemal | Full Story»

Josee's Boobs
Josee those are great boobs. I love your nipples. I would love to suck and feel your boobs.
Poster: dylan | Full Story»

Re: Josee's Boobs
Josee your boobs are wonderful, we would all love more pictures of them. Why are you self concious about them? All the guys and half the girls would love to suck on them.
Poster: jason | Full Story»

Josee's Boobs
Josee, you've got a beautiful pair of boobs! They look very firm, great nipples too! Goes well with your beautiful face and great figure.

What would I do with them, well as a gentleman I wouldn't normally say, but since your bf asked, I'd love to give them a nice firm squeeze, suck on your gorgeous nipples, after running my toungue up the bottom of each one, then rub my hard...hmmm..
Poster: Eclectic John | Full Story»

Josee's Boobs
This about the request on http://www.truthordarepics.com/nudeselfpic/myboobs/

Well, as requested, here goes. Josee, your breasts are absolutely fantastic. I can't think of anything I wouldn't want to do to them. Licking them, sucking or nibbling your nipples. A whipped cream bikini, while perhaps a little corny, is definitely a classic that I'd love to clean up off of you. Ther..
Poster: Jazmuaddib | Full Story»

Re: Josee's boobs
Your boyfriend Marc isn't lying. It would be great to see all of you.
Poster: Wayne | Full Story»

Small Boobs

Josee, I met my wife 39 years ago and she is slender and has boobs much like you, and even at the young age of 56 she still gets comments on how sexy she looks. She has only gained a few pounds in all these years and is still slim, (and most women her age are anything but slim).

She still has guys as young as 25 hit..
Poster: fiftiescouple4u | Full Story»

Josee's Boobs
i dont see one thing to be ashamed about

your tits are hot

love the nipples

if you want my honest opinion - i think you should post yourself completly nude

i could titty fuck you all day

stand up and be proud girl - those are great tits

post more pics is what i say
Poster: George | Full Story»

Keep what you have because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They look great to me.
Poster: M | Full Story»

josee's boobs part 2
i did not say what i would like to do to your boobs i would put an electric currant though your nipple piercings witch you should get.
Poster: womble | Full Story»

Re Josee's Boobs
Thay are a little small but at least they are real and not silicon implants maybe you should have them tattooed or have your nipples pierced just to take peoples mined off the size off them.
Poster: womble | Full Story»

Hi Josee,


I just wanted to tell you that you have a great sexy hot tits ..
and you have my favorite nipples ..
I would like to massage ur tits forever .. and pinch them gently ..
and I bet you are very sexy girl ..
hope u do more dares and post them here ...

if u want we ca..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

damn! josee you have really nice boobahs! your really hot to. my gf and i posted some pics on here also. its on the dec. part of the archives. if i remember its titled fiancees boobs or something like that.
but yea looks like your tits can provide hours of fun!
Poster: danny | Full Story»

Re: Josee's boobs
Hi Josee,


This is just a note to say 'thanks' for the sexy picture and that you have nothing to worry about because I would suck on those for hours if I was there beside you.

Send more!
Poster: Dickey | Full Story»

web cam dares
hi guys
18 collage student- just add me
Poster: tahasin | Full Story»

my dare idea
hi everyone i found this site a couple of months ago and i really enjoyed reading all the blogs, i was going to add to a few dares of my own but ive come up with a better idea, i was wondering if anyone would like to play dares on webcam on msn, i think this is a better idea because it means all the dares are spontaynious and fun, if you want to play with a 18 year old university student, then pl..
Poster: stu bridge | Full Story»

Dare for all HOT MOMS!
I have a dare for all the hot moms out there. Submit a normal "family picture" with the family fully clothed, maybe something from a vacation or Christmas. Along with that submit a picture of just you either flashing in a public place, masturbating, or just being naughty. We want to see your good side...being a mother, and your dirty side...when the kids aren't around!
Poster: little timmy | Full Story»

Public Blow Job
Okay, this one was our ultimate dare...

We're in Jamaica two years ago, not at Hedonism II but at a resort very close by. We go there for one evening nontheless. The hot tub is closed until 10, so we wait. Finally, 10:00 pm comes and we join a small group of about 10 others in the large hot tub at this world-famous nudist resort.

It's not too hard to miss as we sit..
Poster: Marcos Vandering | Full Story»

Nude Beach Hand Job
We were in Jamaica for our anniversary about two years ago. The resort we stayed at had a nude beach section, and that's where we spent our days. If you've ever been to a nude beach you know what it's like--you go there hoping to see nubile young females and a few hot couples, but what you get is 500 overweight white guys looking around. However, that wasn't the case in Jamaica! Because this w..
Poster: Marcos Vandering | Full Story»

First Time Nudist Experience
My wife and I are Christians so we can't go around having threesomes and the like, but that doesn't mean our sex life doesn't need an occasional spicing up like everyone elses. When we lived in San Diego, it took a long time, but I finally got the nerve up to ask my wife to join me in a longtime sexual fantasy--to go to a nudist resort together. As expected, it took some coaxing, but finally she..
Poster: Marcos | Full Story»

A dare i would like you to do for me.
I would like to see sent to this site pictures off naked girls wearing only black studded dog collars.
Poster: womble | Full Story»

Teasing boyfriend
My boyfriend and I go out once or twice a week and I'll wear a mini skirt with no underwear. We'll go to the mall and he stays back enough to were he can see my rear end when I bend over ever so slightly. He loves it when other guys catch a glimps of my ass and goes real nuts when you can see my pussy from behind. We have so much fun doing this. He'll take pictures of other guys trying so hard to ..
Poster: tammy | Full Story»

They Made Me Stroke It
I was in college and my girlfriend and her two room mates asked me to come over to watch movies. After the second one, Becky said she was going to bed. My Girlfriend Cindy said perhaps it was time for bed also and her other room mate Melodie soon followed. NOW FOR THE FUN.. I was in the middle of heavy petting and wanting sex when my girlfriend said, "No, I have my period" I asked for oral sex ..
Poster: John | Full Story»

Intended message for wife turns erotic
I have had a desire to see my wife with another man for many years. When the subject arose she would get mad and that would be the end of the conversation. Over Christmas I posted an ad for a man to massage my wife in our hotel room. I met several people who responded and settled on one early twenties athletic guy. He had taken some massage classes and really seemed excited about seeing the pictur..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

My initiation to strip pool
I guess in retrospect our marriage of 20 years had sexually grown monotonous and somewhat mundane over the years. Our lives together were wonderful and the thought of going outside of our marriage never was considered. We had both joked about joining a group of swingers for some fun, but it was always done jokingly and although the idea got me excited I never thought my husband would ever consider..
Poster: Deb | Full Story»

Wrong Sister
Wrong Sister

by Ashley

Hi, my name is Ashley. I'm about 5'4'', 190 lbs, and light brown hair. I found this website while browsing for funny pictures of truth or dare. When I realized what the site actually was I will admit I was intrested. I've been coming on weekly reading about peoples dares, when just last week something happened to me that I was obligated to ..
Poster: Ashley | Full Story»

Discovering More of My Exhibitionist Side
My first post was on January 15, where I related the experience where (much to my surprise) my husband and I discovered the incredible turn-on of exposing my body to other men. For several months we replayed that memory during sex and fantisized about the next opportunity to test my limits.

Well, it finally happened a couple of weekends ago. Once again we were able to get away fro..
Poster: Kellie | Full Story»

Movie Sex
I did it with my girlfriend in a movie theater one time. We were in the back and it wasn't very crowded. I teased and played with her and halfway through the movie, she turned and faced me on my lap - I took off her top and bra (it turned us both on) and slipped off the shorts she was wearing and we went at it.

I didn't see anyone turn back and look - but then again I wasn't paying ..
Poster: Earl | Full Story»

Something New

My name is Beth. I’m a married woman of 35 with two beautiful daughters, living in a pleasant suburb of Cleveland.

I confess, it feels completely out of character to be sitting down to write this story. I can’t imagine who might read it. I hope my experience might be of help to a woman like myself who has found she is stuck in the same old routines of home, kid..
Poster: Lydia | Full Story»

on road
i am an indian.nudity in india is not accepteble.but i dare.i came out of my house in apartment.4 floors down i came,absolutely naked.none saw me.i came out of apartment behind my watchman without knowing 2 him.he 2 didnt c me.i managed 2 come on 2 road.it was empty none saw me.it was abt 12 in noon.i walked abt a km dont know how many saw me.but suddenly when it became abt 2pm all were out.it was..
Poster: alice | Full Story»