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Sweet dare


Playing Pictionary with the neighbors
We got together with the new neighbors a couple weeks ago. There were five couples plus my husband and I. The new neighbors had invited us, and all of the other couples were friends of theirs from their old neighborhood. The new neighbors knew nothing about my reputation. Which made it more interesting in many ways. After drinking for a while and everyone socializing, someone decided w..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Behind the club..
So we were, at the stripclub, me and my 25yr busty blond wife, on a saturday night, she was wearing black boots, and a really short black dress that seemed more like a blouse, we were sitting at the main stage and we were teasing each other while watching hot naked girls dance, I was rubbing her legs and reaching under her skirt, and she was grabbing my cock.
Around 3am she came back from t..
Poster: John | Full Story»

reality/fantasy (reply to iseephotos)
I got a reply to a previous post asking if Shameless and I have ever "performed" in front of someone. They said they've had people have sex with them watching. Which, btw, sounds like a huge turn on and I think "they" should share a story or 2 themselves..... Anyway, I figured it'd be better to reply on here....

While we have "soft swapped" a couple of times. And ..
Poster: bubba | Full Story»

Hiking sexual adventure
Earlier this summer my wife and I visited my parents and siblings in another state. My wife and I took advantage of having my parents close and had them babysit our kids several times. One time in particular my wife and I wanted to go for a hike up in the mountains. My wife did a little research online and found a great hike up the canyon at a ski resort.

The mountains were beautif..
Poster: Bien Dia | Full Story»

A surprise dinner.
My husband and I have been married for 6 years and in that time we have had our fair share of wild times. I was pretty reserved when I met him, but he seems to bring out a very raw sexuality in me. I am never so turned on as I am when he is in charge and I submit to his desires. When merely think about being submissive to him my pussy becomes so wet and moist. I love it when he uses my body to sat..
Poster: NakedNatalie | Full Story»

The zucchini bin
I never wear underwear. You just never know when an opportunity will appear.

I was standing in front of the zucchini bin selecting several nice fat zucchini, when out of the peripheral, I saw this gentleman standing about 3 feet from me to my left, I guess waiting for me to finish. I figured, why not, so as I reached out with my right hand, I moved my shoulder just the ..
Poster: Martha Baker | Full Story»

Threesome from a girl's point of view.
Well this is how my first threesome happened hope you enjoy it.
Like many of you I've wanted to try it but never really got the nerve up or known quite how to go about it but one evening a friend of ours was over for a barbecue as his wife was interstate - it was a hot night, a lot of wine was drunk and by late evening no one was really sober so it was not surprising when a glass of red win..
Poster: Horny Girl | Full Story»

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for all the replies and positive comments!
sorry if I haven't replied to your emails, my internet's been down and we've been crazy busy running coast to coast. But we do read and enjoy all the emails and pics you've been sending!

I got a couple requests for the story about the girl in Jonesboro... There are a few pics of her and Shameless o..
Poster: Bubba | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 8
Between the hot sun and the morning’s activities, we were all fairly exhausted and we slept for almost 3 hours. When I roused, I looked over at Ginger. She was still sound asleep with a big smile on her face. I wondered if she was dreaming about what happened earlier in the day or what might happen tonight.
Then I started to wonder to myself what our plans were for tonight. All I kn..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Wife Swap between friends
So our friends Kelly and Dean came over to have a nice dinner, a few drinks and watch a movie,
after the food we sat down to watch the film continuing to drink, the film gets
slightly raunchy and Dean and Kelly start feeling each other up & we start too,
half way through the film we're all so horny and decide to play twister ending up in
all sorts of sexual positions wh..
Poster: Dan and Stacey | Full Story»

First FMF=loved it!
So hubby and I decided to give a threesome a try we decided on FMF. We got on line and started talking to a girl and we decided to meet face to face at a mall before we meet for pleasure to see if there was any connection between the 3 of us. So we decide to meet at a hotel in a small town out of town of course. Hubby and I got there first and we brought some toys and cameras to record the fun if ..
Poster: Countrycouple | Full Story»

Big Cock for My Wife
I've had the pleasure of watching my wife with another man a few times and joining in at times. It was with a guy named Dan that we met on an adult dating site. It had been a fantasy of mine and it took a bit to talk my wife into doing it, but when it happened it was great. It was mostly because she picked the right guy I guess, not pushy and had no interest in anything more than just sex. Dan had..
Poster: rick | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 7
Wednesday morning, Ginger woke early snuck out of bed without waking me. She showered, rolled her hair and trimmed her pubic hair. When I woke up, she was just finishing her pubic trim and she was standing only a few feet away from me in the tiny trailer. She looked so beautiful.
I asked her how long she had been awake and she said about an hour. She was so excited about today that she..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

1St. Cruise cont.
Day 3 of the Cruise, the hubby had to go to more meetings, thought after yesterday January 27th, he'd stay with me!
So I decided to go to the Store on the Boat & buy my !st. Bikini!
Since I'm pretty hairy down there I Figured I'd buy the Bikini, come back to the Room, put oit on and then shave what comes out the Sides!
The lady at the store said why don't you put i..
Poster: Tammy P | Full Story»

Jill my parents neighbour
I would stay with my folks from time to time when between work trips. This time was mid summer I was 25 years old and really fit with a bigger than average dick.

My folks had both left for work and I was out in the garden when i heard a voice say hello how long have you been back. It was the next door neighbour who was a blonde 27 year old wife and who I remembered was married to a ..
Poster: Stewart | Full Story»

senior center
Just so you will know the devious slut I really am.

I go to the senior center, not to talk to men, or even women. I like to listen to the women.
It is amazing the information they will give you without even realizing it.

For instance, I learned that there is a grocery store specializing in serving seniors. They will deliver groceries to your house. Ok, so, o..
Poster: martha baker | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Pt 6
Desert Heat – Pt 6
Sunday morning’s alarm went off and I found Ginger still draped on top of me. I began to kiss her and play with her butt until she woke. Lifting herself off me, she smiled and told me it was shame her dream had to end. I asked what she was dreaming and she told me she was dreaming about being home in our pool and Bill and Olga were there with us and we were all swi..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Pt 5
Desert Heat – Pt 5
Saturday, was cold inside and hot outside as usual. Ginger got dressed quickly like she did every morning, only this time she put on a halter top on under her regular top. She was very quiet again and I knew she was still struggling with what had been said last night about if one of the ladies went topless because of the heat, would the other. Ginger knew that Olga w..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

cop in the pic...
So we have to layover at the Vince Lombardi service plaza on I-95 in New Jersey til morning... ugh. Well we found a liquor store, thank god, before we got here... yay.
Well after grilling up a couple pork chops n some veggies. And a couple drinks in... We broke out the camera :) Shameless was getting a little loose n started taking her clothes off outside while I snapped away. We got a fe..
Poster: Bubba | Full Story»

Husband's colleagues
My husband hosted a meeting at his office near our house. Four of his male colleagues, husband and I had dinner at a local restaurant. My husband told me that I wear a dress that was very open in front, and without a bra. Only one of the male colleagues I knew, and the other three guys I did not know. We were sitting in a fairly big booth with three people on each side of the table. My ..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

after work
One day after I had gotten off work my wife had called and asked me to pick up a few things from the store. I did and as I left town it was getting hotter outside.

The whole drive home i thought about jumping in to a nice cool shower to freshen up. My clothes just felt like they were sticking to me. I can stand it when my clothes stick to me.

When I got home my wife..
Poster: boog | Full Story»

Surprise foursome
Me and my wife were at our best friends house about 3 months ago enjoying some alcohol and good talk with them as usual. We have been close friends for years and we always flirt around and pinch asses, etc. we had all seen each other naked at times and all comfortable with it. we all got to talking about sex and were getting more drunk than usual. It was getting late and the girls came out from th..
Poster: Lynn Miller | Full Story»

Desert Heat Pt 4
Desert Heat – Pt 4
Thursday morning was like every other morning in the small trailer. The temp was freezing and you couldn’t get dressed fast enough. Ginger was unusually quiet and I was wondering if she was having second thoughts or perhaps feelings of guilt about what happened last night at the lake with Bill and Olga. I wasn’t sure how or when to broach the subject, but knew we..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»