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Finally gave in to my Husband's Kink
While my Wife's Friend was Asleep
Friend Walks In on mY Roomate and I
Bahamas Joy third encounter
The Awakening of Desire
Fingerin in a Car
Cover Band
Bahamas Joy next encounter
Surprise July 4th Party
Normal wife to BBC slut

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Sweet dare


Hot wife 4
Chapter 4
Double Teamed at Hardware Store

Well the wife and I had a great sex life for the next few months just living off the experiences we had in a matter of a few weeks. It came up a few times a month how exciting it had been for her and for me to hear about after. Her sexual drive was off the charts. We’d no sooner get in the house sometimes and we’d be on the..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

Hot Wife 3
Chapter 3
The Hardware Store

Well we have told you about the Mailman and the great time we had with him. Now we want to tell you about the local shop owner here in our town. It was the first summer here and it was hot. The wife had her jeans on with a halter top no bra. I was working in the garage building something for the man cave and needed a drill bit. The wife had..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

The Hot Wife 2
Chapter 2
The Mailman Returns

Well after a long and wild sex session with the wife on the living room floor and couch we showered and got ourselves relaxed and talked the rest of the night along with more incredible sex the rest of the evening. The wife and I discussed what had happened with the mailman. She said he was looking at her pussy and that’s when he put his hand o..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

My mom and dad divorced when I was 15. Two years later my dad married Jessica. She was a stunning, young 36 year old, with an 18 year old daughter, Kate. For my 18th birthday dad rented a villa in Italy and all four of us went there for a month. On about the third day, Kate and I were at the pool. Kate took a swim and when she came out, everything was visible through her wet swimsuit. She asked me..
Poster: Kev | Full Story»

The Hot Wife
The Hot Wife
Chapter 1, The Mailman

A few years ago we moved to a small Illinois town just outside of Scott Air Force Base. Everyone in town was friendly and the wife seemed to enjoy it. My wife and I were in our late 40’s at the time. She had met the mail man a few times as he put the mail in the box outside our front door. She told me he was a good looking younger guy and..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

My 21st
I told my friends that I wanted to have the bestbirthday ever so everything was brilliant and then I ran into an ex who I hadn't seen for years and I was now dating someone else. We started talking and I hit very drunk by the time I realised I was in bed with him I couldn't believe I had cheated on my bf but I couldn't resise . I started to cup his balls in one hand and use my other to suck. I had..
Poster: D | Full Story»

Sex at work
It was late at night, and I was reading a book that got me so horny. I use one of those fake dick playtoys and went into my crush (manager) office. He's married. I wad sure that no one was there, but me .I went on his desk and fuck myself. I was moaning and yelling "why can't you love me instead of your wife!". Out of nowhere my co-worker, Travis sits on he chair and says "continue, I like it and ..
Poster: Jennifer | Full Story»

Felt so good I couldn't care who saw...
My boyfriend and I were driving just for the sake of being together and had been on the road for a while. I was wearing a little halter top and button up shorts and we were in his mustang convertable with the top down as it was sunny and warm... he kept teasing me about taking my top down too but I kept telling him no way anyone could see me... we were just leaving San Diego and headed for Ventur..
Poster: Red | Full Story»

I cheated on my girlfriend -Sliding doors
I must apologise for the layout of this. I've been working on it all week but time has gotten the best of me so it's going to be posted more like a brain dump. Since I needed to get this off my chest I've posted it in 1 go with no edditing or proof reading (and so I'm sure it's littered with spelling mistakes) and references to things that don't make full sense. Thank you for taking the time to re..
Poster: GettingItOffMyChest | Full Story»

Her first orgasm
We had been dating for about six months when the petting got really heavy. It went from feeling each other's hot bodies through clothing, to hands on body parts under clothing. I remember the first time exposing her breast for me to suckle, the first time she pulled my cock out to suck on. Several months passed with her jacking me off, giving me head, eating every drop of cum she could clean off..
Poster: Ranger4U | Full Story»

My wife and the neighbor
During the summer my neighbor Randy and I were cooling off in my pool with some beer. My wife Dianne brought us 2 more and I asked her to join us. She said her suit was in the washer so I suggested her bra and panties would work fine. With a couple of margaritas already down the short and shirt hit the ground before I even saw it. Beautiful black panties and a very thin tan bra the minute she hit ..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

My husband is a cuckhold
One of my favorite positions for making love is the so called sixty-nine. My husband lying on his back over bed and I laying over him on the reverse. While he lick my clit I suck his cock. Yesterday I had a big surprise as we did it. Suddenly I felt a thick strange cock penetrated my pussy while at the same time my husband's cock hardened. My husband had invited our neighbor, who he knew I longed ..
Poster: Sylvia | Full Story»

First Time
One day my girlfriend and I were sitting in my room down it the basement watching tv. Nobody was home so we started up some foreplay. We both were kissing each other passionately and she got on top of me and grinded on my raising dick. As we continued kissing each other we got more and more horny until I couldn't take it anymore and riped her pants off. I didn't bother with her shirt because I kne..
Poster: Blake | Full Story»

3 way game
this is a true story but im righting it to lotte as she was quite drunk and cant remember a lot of what happened so please bear with it thankyou guys ......................... LOTTE's DIRTY GAME

We went out about 8pm Lotte was wearing a new dress it was grey /silver with a flower paten on it, he..
Poster: darrenpornwolf yates | Full Story»

wife did not kmow
We got to his place he told us to have a seat and he got us some drinks I told my wife he was a old friend from work but I posted a ad online we sit and talked then he said let's watch movie I said ok as he put it on it was a xxx movie he was wearing tight jeans as my wife watched a girl sucking a long cock as he set next to my wife you could see his hard on. In his jeans I saw my wife look at it ..
Poster: dan | Full Story»

water park in my underwear
I went to water park with some friends. This is fairly tame in comparison to most of my stories. Of course I'm much older than most of the people at the water park. I hadn't intended to go to the water park, but I was visiting a friend and all of them decide to go and I tagged along. My one friend offered to loan me a swimsuit. The difficulty was it was a two-piece and she is two sizes lar..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Me and the wife decided it was time for a vacation. Not wanting to spend a fortune we made plans to visit family in another state. They have pools and live close to the beach. We asked my wife's sister if she wanted to come. She said yes. We get to the house and there is one extra bedroom and a blow up mattress. My wife convinces her sister to put blowup mattress on the floor in the bedroom. The f..
Poster: T | Full Story»

The Maid Part 5
My cousin, Corbin and his wis wife, Jordan came to visit us. It was the first time they met Holly. I helped Holly get drinks for everyone. They came because they heard my wife was pregnant. I told them it was true, but she was spending the night at her sick mom's house. Corbin and Jordan were going to spend the night for 2 days. I noticed that Corbin and Holly got along real well. I fantasized abo..
Poster: Evan | Full Story»

Home Invasion
I had this fun idea with me and my friends, I invited them over to my house, 5 guys. Then I told them we are going to do a sex roleplay! Here how it went, they invade my house and try to rape me for fun! They tore my shirt off and begun squeezing my breasts hard. Then the other 2 behind me tore my pants and panties. This guy sticked his cock into my pussy! It felt sooo good, they had me tied up an..
Poster: Peyton Haris | Full Story»

Pool Party Fun
Sorry I know it has been awhile since we have posted anything but we had to buy a new computer our old one went bad so I wanted to share with you some fun we had together in someones pool not long ago. We went to a little get together at some foriends house and they had a pool so being a warm summer day we all ended up in the pool. I was wearing a white string bikini with little gold stones that..
Poster: Fiance J | Full Story»

Last year my partner Sarah, and me joined a new walking club. We soon made friends with Jim and Mary a mature couple like ourselves.Jim was a retired bank manager and Mary had been a teacher. After a couple of weeks, Mary rang me up and invited us both over to her house for tea. There had been instant sexual chemistry between us and she surprised me when she said "she wanted us to have sex". I sa..
Poster: compo55 | Full Story»

The Maid Part 4
Since my wife was pregnant I thought a relaxing trip might be nice so we backed our bags and headed to Florida. We decided to bring the maid,Holly, with us. We got to Florida at 6:00 A.m. We checked into a hotel and immediately decided to go to the beach next to the hotel. I wanted to rest but I went with the girls. The beach we were on wasn't very popular. Nobody except us were there. We changed ..
Poster: Evan | Full Story»

Welcome back
So I had been on vacation at the beach for two weeks and hadn't seen my boyfriend since I left. Saturday morning I woke up left the beach and just went straight to his house as soon as I walked in the kitchen he grabbed me and began to kiss me then playfully smacked my ass then we just discussed the trip and how we'd been and he told me he wanted to take me out to dinner. He went to take a shower..
Poster: Kelly Franklin | Full Story»

Late Night Advantage
Last night something took over me. All i did was slightly move my hand towards his boxers. He was asleep, and had been for hours. I stayed up talking to friends online. When i felt him, i touched my favorite part; the head. It turned me on so quickly, i shut off the laptop and sat it on the dresser beside me. The red light flickered on and off as usual, so i could see what i was doing very well.

Should I consider myself as being Cuckold?
I had just asked Judy to marry me. She said she wanted to, but not sure it was fair. You see I had been with more than a few other girls and had even been married before. J was a dozen years younger than I and was still a virgin. In the past most girls from her country were virgins when they got married, but traditions had started to change. She knew about many of the others and explained that ..
Poster: Roberto | Full Story»

My first MFM (Second part)
You will recall that I had to stop my story because I was so aroused that I needed to be released. Since I got what I yearned for now I will continue

(Second part)

I was just getting my breath back still straddled on the piece of meat which caused my delicious orgasm when I felt a finger making its way in my exposed asshole, after a while the finger was replaced by t..
Poster: Sylvia | Full Story»

Vacation Excitement III
We are back at long last after a busy time traveling for work and away from the site. We have received emails asking for more of the vacation excitement stories from last September, so here we are again. My husband Ryan and I had spent the morning with a sexy couple at the resort’s nude beach. After playing bocce and finishing a lighthearted dare the boys lost, the four of us decided to grab l..
Poster: Boating Couple | Full Story»

The Watcher
So it was on a Saturday afternoon back in the fall, when my buddy Steve and I were watching the game, when halftime arrived and we went outside and kicked the ball around for a bit in the yard.

Well, Steve lauched a kick, that sent the ball over the fence, hitting my neighbour's window. So off i went to get the ball in his yard....

My neighbour Mr. Johnson is a bache..
Poster: Charlie | Full Story»

Fun with Izzy
I am in grade 12, and I am a pretty hot girl. I've got big boobs and long brown hair.I'm a nerd but under the glasses and books I'm really sexy. I like to fuck boys but I'm secretly interested in girls. I really like this one girl, Isabel. She's smoking hot and really nice to. I wouldn't have dreamed of her even kissing me but it went so much farther than that. We were in the same history class wh..
Poster: Mary Gillan | Full Story»

My first MFM
On our first anniversary, my husband invited me to have supper in a luxurious restaurant. He said he would pick me up at eight o clock in front of our apartment, but a call from one important client made him to delay more than 20 minutes. While I was waiting in the street specially dressed for the occasion, at least seven cars stopped to invite me to go up. I told them I was waiting for my husband..
Poster: Sylvia | Full Story»