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Sweet dare


My Birthday Spanking
To be honest I have never been that much into spankings. My husband has spanked me a few times and it was alright, but was more for his enjoyment than mine. The spankings were always done in fun, no hard core paddles, whips, handcuffs or anything like that. My husband and I look at the Truth or Dare Pics posts from time to time. One of the posts had a link to a story about an erotic birthday p..
Poster: Jan | Full Story»

May "I have this dance
imagine ..feel the dreams I did... Mmmm the pleasure pulses begin .. What started out a boring night
Turned into a night of heated passion
He approach my table and extended his hand ' may 'I have this dance he ask ' I slowly nodded my head yes
As 'I took his hand ' he was breath taking dressed in a black shirt
With cold black hair
I had to remind myself to b..
Poster: ann | Full Story»

How I Found Out I Was Kinky
Hello all, I am C, now 24 large build with a beautiful wife ME. I was just talking with a friend on how I first got into the scene/community, and what got me interested in kink and I thought i would share.

When I was in my senior year of high school, I was kind of an outcast overweight kid who was very lonely and just looking for anyone to show interest in me. I started dating a gir..
Poster: c | Full Story»

Hotel dare
Hi we went to a hotel n I told my girl that she would wear tee without bra so that her tits n cleavages are clearly visible n hot pants which will show her sexy ass. she obliged n all the room service guys got a good view of her tits n ass. in fact one of her top was so transperent that her boobs were also visible
Poster: john | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - Kitten's Version - Part Three
s time went by, we became closer, Sir more dominant and I more subservient. I didn't realize the extent which I had become subservient at the time. It's so clear to me now. I would have done anything for him. I flashed truckers whenever we took a road trip on the interstate. One time, he even pulled over at a truck stop and let one finger me. I had been flashing this trucker, a very ruggedly hands..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - Kitten's Side of the Story - Part Two
Sir and I had become lovers in every sense of the word. Very hot, very conventional, very much in love. I was amazed by his wisdom, his knowledge of the world, and his knowledge of the female anatomy. I thought I knew everything there was to know about sex and my body. Little did I know. He taught me about foreplay, teasing...which turns me on more than I can describe...he showed me my G spot, he ..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

A Divorced Woman
First off, I want to thank Ray for letting me post my story on his computer for I don't have one.
When I was young and still single, I lived next door to a handsome couple in a apartment complex. I used to have coffee with them just about every morning. Everyone thought they were just about the perfect couple, but they surprised us all by announcing they were getting a divorce. The girl wa..
Poster: John | Full Story»

my-ex girlfriend
Hello, I had been with a girl since I was 38, I was now approaching 50 and we have grown apart, she is about 13 year younger than me and hot. well she is hot to me. she is voluptuous but curvy, withthese enormous breasts that still look real good. so, we break up. she is living in the house I paid for. we are still friends and we see each other occasionally. yes we spend time together sexually. I ..
Poster: lance | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - Kitten's Side of the Story
Hi, this is Kitten. I have been The_Waterman's sub since I was 19 years old. I met him because I was living at home and he was a friend of my parents. Sir (because he is my Dominant and I am his sub) came to the house once in a while because my parents enjoyed his company and they would invite him when we had get togethers with friends. The first time I saw him, he took my breath away, and when he..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

barbecue at colleague's house
I recently attended an outdoor barbecue party at a colleague's house. I was the only person from the company there, as most of the people there were friends or relatives of my colleague. The weather was unseasonably warm, and I had made the mistake of wearing jeans, a jeans jacket, and a very dress-up open blouse. Initially I thought the weather was going to be cool so I dressed for cool ..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

A Past Experience Teaches Me
Hi Everyone, I've been thinking over things that have happened in my life which have made me want to be a wife watcher. I don't think it's any one experience that changed me and I may have just been born like this but I think this one event is the thing that had the most affect on me.

I got with my first serious girlfriend when she was 18 and I was 22. We dated for about 6 months be..
Poster: The Natural | Full Story»

First Time
This is a true story of my first time. It is filled with sensual passion, none of the extra kinky stuff, so if this isn't want you're looking for, kindly move onto the next post. (:

The first night was loving, he embraced me fully, not much happened. His bare body pressed againts mine, and every contact felt like a mixture of Ice and fire, it excited my body and coiled my brain wit..
Poster: Molly | Full Story»

Never thought about an older woman before (part 2)
Well here's part 2 of the story, Barbara and I had another trip about 2 months later, but this time, I got a suite type room. It's the one with 2 bedrooms and a common area in between, I figured , what the hell, right? As soon as we got to the room, Barbara said:, This is nice, at least we can sit around and not be bored, by ourselves. Now I'm thinking to myself: you didn't look too bored last tim..
Poster: tonym | Full Story»

Never thought about an older woman before
This is a story about an older woman pleasing herself
I travel frequently with a woman who works with me, she is 69 years old, and for her age, she is a very good looking women. She has been divorced for about 20 years and never remarried. I'm 56 years old, and married for 31 years. On this particular trip we were in adjoining rooms at the hotel. this was good, since Barbara hates heights..
Poster: tonym | Full Story»

used at a party
So, my husband and I are really into BDSM, and we have a safe word, but we just will do things to each other out of the blue (such as tying the other up while they're asleep) so when his two brothers came over, he stripped me down, hogtied me, then spanked me and clamped my nipple's and clit. Then he suspended me from the ceiling in the living room and the three of them fucked me at regular interv..
Poster: jasmine | Full Story»

Wife at Video Store.... Continued
Now with 5-6 guys either standing or seated close to us and my wife relaxed back with her eyes closed, the action picked-up. I had inched her skirt up so that her beautiful fluffy muff was visible to those looking at her from the front. The guy seated directly in front of us was turned around with his arm over the seat back, and he was looking right at her soft pussy as I stroked it gently. He re..
Poster: Lee | Full Story»

Wife at Video Store theatre
I had been to the Video Store Theatre a number of times and had seen how men reacted when a woman came into the theatre. They would always gather around in hopes that the woman would allow them to see her boobs or even allow them to touch or fondle her as they watched the videos. I fantasized that my wife would allow them to see or touch her in that arena. The power women hold over men in that c..
Poster: Lee | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - Part Seven
As Kitten entered the poolroom, she was oblivious to her surroundings. She told me she had to pee and headed off to the Ladies room. I was drinking my Coke at the pool table when I looked over to where John was standing, talking to his three friends. I could see by the way he was pushing two fingers back and forth, that he was describing what he had just done. They looked at me and I smiled and li..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - Part Six
Kitten had been with me for about 9 months, had experienced public flashing, Flashing truckers (which she loved!), being fingered by a stranger, fucked by a stranger with a HUGE cock, being ass fucked (which she loved and had requested many repeats), so I was hard pressed to come up with something new. Then, one day I was in the big box store and was looking at the ceiling fans and noticed the cha..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

MILF and Panty Fetish
When I was younger around 18, my mother used to travel with her friends, other ladies that were divorced and had children. Carol was more than 20 years my senior and I always had a secret crush on her. Her daughter was a nice girl named Brenda. My mother Sandra was always zany and so naive, but she was everyone's friend because she was nice to everyone. Carol was unlike my mother, very open, a ris..
Poster: Keith | Full Story»

A Proud Hirsute Woman
I met Karen at a CoDependents Anonymous meeting. We became friendly but nothing special. One cold evening we were waiting outside a church for the meeting room to be unlocked and she asked me if I would hold her. Just hold her. Seemed like a win-win situation so I did. We just held each other silently for what seemed a very long time. When the key arrived and the meeting room opened up she g..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

A Business trip gone crazy
I was on a business trip with a guy who I work for. Danny and I are both married, we both have kids, and the four of us are truly good friends, even out of work. On this particular trip we shared a suite type room, it had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. When we are on these trips, we work hard all day, and just like to chill at night, sometimes we hang at a bar, and some..
Poster: janet | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - Part Five
In the last part, I had told Kitten the young man I had invited to dinner, and with whom she was so enamored, was going to fuck her ass after dinner. She was terrified, remembering how she had hurt after I had fucked her ass, even though she loved the feeling once I was in and she had had huge orgasms. She had told me that the feeling was incredible, and stimulated her differently and a lot strong..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - Part Four
Kitten and I had been letting our relationship develop naturally. She had become my collared sub, she loved being submissive. There were certain requirements attached to her submission. She was to have a daily, over my knees, bare assed, bare handed spanking. She received five whacks, and was required to say, Thank you Sir, four more please, Thank you Sir, three more please", with every swat. If I..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

How Did I Get So Lucky?
I met Carol through the personals ads in the singles paper. I lived in the state capital and she was a government worker who lived 3 hours away but traveled to the capital regularly as part of her job. She was on the state expense account so she always stayed in a very nice hotel and she always bought our meals at nice restaurants on her expense account. I looked at it as getting a bit of a bonu..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

I was waiting for my new/old friend to show up and I still couldn't believe what a body she has been hiding under those plain dresses all these years. Was she actually trying to hide it or was it something to do with religion? I have known her for over 40 years and except the one time I saw her in jeans, all she ever wore was those drab dresses. Last week had been an eye opener. All the time we we..
Poster: Greywolf | Full Story»

I am a married woman and this is an account of something that happened to me and set me on a road of sexual pleasure.. Soon after my birthday I started having sex with my husband to be, birth control sorted, away we went in our own inexperienced way...I am five feet tall, had fairly long brown hair blue eyes and a sixteen year olds body...my best assets were my eyes and my nipples...I knew that I ..
Poster: Louise | Full Story»

This is a follow-up to my foursome "POOL ACTION" story:

Dinner never happened due to the other couple being spent. The husband had fallen asleep on the couch when they got back to their condo. But we were invited for brunch at their place the next day. I stayed at my new friend's but we didn't fuck, since her pussy had taken all iy could handle for 1 day.

The next ..
Poster: Newbie | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - part Three
n part two, I was describing how Kitten reacted to my unattractive friend. After he pulled his cock out of her and she sucked him to completion, I thought it was all over. I thought she had had enough of him and was ready to go home and fuck for the rest of the afternoon. I was wrong. Kitten was a very special woman.

In my past vanilla relationships with women, things were fantastic..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - Part Two
In part one, I neglected to describe Kitten's appearance. She was about 5'6" tall, very slim build, weighed maybe 110lb wet. She looked very slim in her clothes, which hid her very full 34C breasts which were topped off with pink areola and beautiful eraser sized nipples, also pink. Her skin was pale, which I have come to love. She had the most delectable round ass I have ever had the pleasure to ..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

The Four Dom Party - Part One
This story is true. A few years ago, I had a 19 year old Sub. I always said I would never date anyone younger than my children, who are in their 40's. Then I met Kitten. She was a friend's daughter who lived with her parents, and had a reputation for being sexually precocious. I had spoken to her several times when we were alone, or her parents were out of the room.

I had attended s..
Poster: The_Waterman | Full Story»

Woken up
A friend of mine recommended a massage therapist nearby who works out of her condo and provides extra services. So I made an appointment to see her for my aching groin.

When I arrived at her door, we both nearly dropped since we knew each other! She was a former co-worker of my wife's and had been to my house on a few occasions. She had left the banking industry due to stress a..
Poster: Dirty Dan | Full Story»

Most of my posts here have to do with experiences in my younger years but this is a recent encounter that up to now had been a fantasy.
About three years ago, a long time friend passed away with cancer. I had known him and his wife about forty years. She was and still is one of those women that are conservative dressers and not into all kinds of make up and glamor. I run into her several..
Poster: Greywolf | Full Story»

16 Years Without a Cock, Ended
I met Pat on line. She lived three hours away. She worked as a therapist for her local school district. As we emailed and chatted she told me she hadn't made love in 16 years and was looking for a safe man to do the job, but she wanted to take it slow. Her photos showed a tall attractive woman and they proved to be the real her.

We came to a point where we wanted to meet face-to..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

A fantasy come true PART 2
This is a little long, but there's a lot to tell.
As I said in part one, my husband did go to south America that week, and I made sure that Lisa and Steve knew about it. it was February and I live in Ohio, so it was cold with some snow on the ground, just a gloomy time of year. I really needed something to boost my morale, and boy did I get it! As I had hoped, Lisa called and told me to..
Poster: nancy z | Full Story»

a true fantasy come true
already posted, but better grammar and punctuation!!

I have always wanted to watch another couple have sex, but I'm the type of woman who is very private and modest, so going to one of those sex places is out of the question. One day about 3 months ago while my husband was away on business in Europe, I stayed at friends of ours house. They are a about the same age as us (50ish). M..
Poster: nancyz | Full Story»

Cheated with a Girl
I’ve changed some details about this because I could get in a lot of trouble if it came out. For that reason I might not answer too many questions. Well I won’t be too specific with my answers at least.

My name's Helen I’m a very normal person really. I’m outgoing and like normal stuff, and I have an outgoing boyfriend who likes normal stuff too. We both exercise a lot toget..
Poster: Helen | Full Story»

She Used Me
I met Mary Ann on line. She was a lady construction worker who didn't fraternize with coworkers and hadn't had sex in years. She lived five hours away so we agreed to meet in a town halfway and have dinner together. The sexual innuendo had been flying in our conversations so I chose a nice restaurant in a motel.

She was true to her pictures when we met - hard, lean, small breaste..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Watching Her with Another Woman
Hey guys! Let me start of by saying me and my fiance are new to this. This has been a huge fantasy of mine to watch my fiance make love in front of me with another woman, I can't tell anyone so I made this post to get it off my chest. This is my first time writing a story like this, and I haven't written anything like this since college so please go gentle.

We met up with a couple l..
Poster: Trill Cpl | Full Story»

My Wife and Maybe Another Guy
I really like the idea of wife sharing and in fact in my first marriage, we even did it a couple of times. Now, in my second marriage, I have suggested to my wife that I would like to watch her perform with another man, preferably a well hung one. She basically says maybe after we talk about it enough, but it can't be someone we know so we'll have to look online. As a consolation, I do get her to ..
Poster: J Dillon | Full Story»

Porn store chick
I used to frequently stop at the local porn shop to see if I might be lucky enough to see a couple in action or better yet join in the action. As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed a female all alone. She had a hell of a body but her face wasn't beauty pagent material. I said hello and asked if she was going in. She said yes and asked if I wanted to join her. I couldn't believe it. We w..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»