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Sweet dare


Doing the "keys dare"
Fantasy seeker's post got me recalling a number of times when I have put myself out there, so to speak. The one I'm remembering best right now happened on a Sunday evening (about 9:00, give or take) after a rain had passed through the area. I was dropping some paperwork off at an office building where I work on the weekends and where I have often gone naked on Saturdays in the afternoon when the..
Poster: risktaker1030 | Full Story»

My slow spiral into public viewing of my body! It is just a matter of time before I am caught!
I want to post some of the things I have done in the pure rush I crave to be nude in public. I give you a few short stories of my escpades!

I use to work for a college in the computer department - one weekend (while working) I decided that my desire to be risky and free and naked needed to be fulfilled. I stripped naked and left my clothes in the computer room. I walked the whole ca..
Poster: Fantasy seeker | Full Story»

gettin caught
after work one friday night i came home and decided to check out some dares and after about 3 stories i got horny and wanted to go outside naked so i striped down left my clothes in my room. i decided not to wear any shoes so i couldnt go through the woods much. (i live in a small town where everybody knows me or my family) i went up the road about a km from my house. once i got to the top of a hi..
Poster: colton | Full Story»

daring game
Hi truth or dare pictures,

I’m from Holland and some weeks ago I went with my girlfriend to Crete (Greece) where we met two other girls. We had a lot of fun and we decided to spice up our vacation with a daring game. Each day, a girl had to perform a dare. A dice decided who had to do the dare and how sever this dare would be. Some of the dares performed where:

Poster: Dutch girl | Full Story»

In the raquetball court
Me and my ex-gf went down to the park to play some raquetball one night. we played about 15 mins worth of the game when we decided to take a break. we started making out, french kissing, both of us getting hot and bothered. Rubbing her warm pussy as we kissed, I went down on her right there, pulling her shorts down to eat her out. She returned the favor, sucking my hard cock right there in the raq..
Poster: WilyWily | Full Story»

Fucked on the front seat
A lady I was seeing and I went for an early morning drive to get away from her kids for a while. We pulled into a public park that supposedly was closed and started making out in the front seat of the Lincoln Town Car. Granted there is a fair amount of room but the front seat isnt the most spacious place. Anyway...one thing leads to another and as shes giving me head, Im frantically attempting to ..
Poster: WilyWily | Full Story»

I guess it's official...
Today while driving in Los Angeles traffic I saw an 18 wheeler with writing on its left mud flap. It read "Flash Friday". I guess it is official that the truckers get flashed on Friday... then maybe throughout the weekend...
Poster: JeffB | Full Story»

Wife's Revenge
I tied up and blindfolded my lover and left him there for hours.. I went in the other room, watched some TV and then every once in a while I'd go in and get him all worked up. Then I'd leave again. He was going crazy by the end of the night..
Poster: Celine | Full Story»

Sears Tower
The most dangerous (getting caught wise) was having sex on the observation deck of the Sears Tower. We were somewhat concealed but people knew what was going on. We never missed a stroke and when the moment arrived she became really audible and everyone looked. We quietely left and would like to try it again maybe at the Hancock tower next time.
Poster: Klump | Full Story»

Long Drive
after a long drive my best friend and i pulled up to a near by beach to relax awhile before continuing our roadtrip. it was rainning pretty hard outside and of couse i love the rain so i decided to step out for some air. as she joined me outside i thought i hug here to keep her warm which i did. and began a hardon pushing against her belly as she smiled at me. we started kissing and i stripped her..
Poster: Billy | Full Story»

Concert Flirt
My wife and some of her girlfriends went to a Metallica concert (I think that was the group) at Saratoga, NY.
She worked her way up close to the stage where the mob is jam packed. A young guy in back of her began fondling her snatch from behind. She was so packed into the throng that she couldn't get away.
After a few minutes he took out his cock and began rubbing it against the ba..
Poster: James | Full Story»

To "Baby Oil" Jolene
Yes, yes, oh holy fuck yes! :)

And of course, since it's me, I'm going to suggest that you posting a sequence of shots suitable for strip poker would be unearthly fantastic. Look for my old posts here to see what I mean. You can take it as a dare.

But mainly, thanks for that delicious shot of your slicked-up boobs. I'm sure everyone else who follows this site appr..
Poster: Pro Gnosticat | Full Story»

Department Store
My date and I were looking in the Macy's women's department when she started stroking my crotch and giving me a hard on. We were between two dress racks looking around about 4:30 in the afternoon. She unzipper me and took my cock out and stroked me slow and deliberately. I smiled and asked her to stop. She looked around and dropped to her knees and started to suck me off. I was concentrating on no..
Poster: Joe | Full Story»

Bookstore in Abilene
I went to an adult bookstore in Abilene, TX (if you don't know the town don't worry about it, you aren't missing anything, lol).

The store had a couple of mini-theaters, one gay and one straight. There were around 20 or so chairs and a TV. Until that bookstore I'd only been in the ones that were more or less just a private booth with a cheap sofa.

Poster: MilkBone | Full Story»

Hot Aunt
i've been staying over at my uncle's ex wife's apartment for the last couple of weeks. Technically she was my aunt but we aren't blood related. I've been having fun there and we've been hanging out drinking and smoking a lot together, so the other day we got drunk and went for a swim in the pool, i've never looked at her sexually but seeing her in that sexy swimsuit made my cock rock hard. when we..
Poster: Kev | Full Story»

He Watched
Wifey and I swapped with a couple from San Jose. Because hubby really only wanted to watch me do his wife, I did both wives one after the other. Maybe not so kinky, but the hardest I've ever been, I was fucking wife 1 as wife 2 rode me like a bronco. She pulled my hair out to keep her balance, and ground her pussy into my backside. I wish I had two dicks, I really do.
Poster: Levan | Full Story»

I just got off line from having cyber sex with a girl I met online. I gave her a show on my web cam while she told me what to do. It eventually led to me stripping down for her and letting her watch me masturbate to her words until I came really hard. I then wrote her a story about us having an orgy with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston (which she has always fantasized about doing). She had at leas..
Poster: Johnny | Full Story»

Tulsa Time
No Story,, Anyone in Tulsa, oklahoma playing these games? Drop an email my way, I loved to join mr_40pluss@yahoo.com
Poster: mr_40pluss | Full Story»

Sex in the rain
Jane was getting ready to go out she was meeting her husband in a bar after work. Jane decided to surprise her husband so she put on a sexy black lace bodice on with stockings and suspenders then she put on her raincoat as it was raining which was perfect as it was long enough so know one would see what she was wearing. Jane left the house then went to the bar to wait for her husband when she got ..
Poster: cath | Full Story»

A Very Hot Night With Friends
My husband and I have been swinging for about a year and a half. The couple involved in this story was one of our first couples and ones we play with every few weeks. It is an absolutely true story.

Picture this . . . two women, D & L, naked, their clothes strewn along one wall of the dimly-lighted room. They kneel on the bed, blindfolded and each with wrists handcuffed. They are fa..
Poster: RoseBug | Full Story»

Lost bet
I am a big Chicago Bears fan, and my wife is a big Colts fan. Well, needless to say we had to bet on the super bowl this year. We decided that the loser would have to spend an entire weekend- from 7:00 pm on Friday until 7:00 am on Monday- completely naked, and the winner was allowed make the loser do whatever they wanted. Well, needless to say, I lost. The appointed weekend came and the kids were..
Poster: Pete | Full Story»

Tess & the Shampoo Dildo
I just like to say thanks to tess for posting her pic and story. Your Pics are Spectacular!

Poster: mr_40pluss | Full Story»

Layla's 1st time.
Layla rarely dates so when she does go out, it's an event! She really like this new guy and when he asked her out, she was nervous! The day of the date, she was panicking and called me to help her get ready. She was a nervous wreck and couldn't figure out what to wear or how to fix her hair and make-up. Her date was very handsome, tall, and athletic but with a youthful boyish charm that melted her..
Poster: Layla's Girlfriend | Full Story»

boyfriends birthday fun
it was my boyfriends birthday the other week and i though i would make it a birthday he would never forget by getting some kinky underware and dressing up a bit for him. i got a hot black and red thong and bra on top of that i put on my coat it s sort of knee length so it covered everything,i didnt put anything else on i wanted to be able to suprise him when he opened the door :P so i set off to w..
Poster: poppy | Full Story»

Best Friend
hmmm the kinkiest thing ive ever done….. Well I was 18 and was hanging out at a friends one night.... it was late and my friend had went to bed and i stayed downstairs and watched some tv... her young uncle ended up comming down for a midnight snack and we sat on the couch and talked for a bit..i dont know how it started but we ended up in a tickle fight.... he was ticking my inner thigh (i had ..
Poster: Her | Full Story»

Stair Sex
A guy from class kept bugging me about my tits being for real. Geezus-- like he didn't believe me- they are.
I thought he was very hot, eventhough he had a girlfriend. I told him I'd show him at the top of the stairs, after we ran into eachother at the gym and he asked me that AGAIN.
... I became very aroused, needless to say. Looking lead to touching... and he got aroused. I just ha..
Poster: RealNaughtyGirl | Full Story»

When I was younger, my best friend's dad had the "hots" for me. I did not realize it at first, but when I did, I used to wear tight stuff, short skirts and things like that. I could see his hard on many times though his pants. One time when I was over and waiting for my girlfriend to come home, he hit on me, asking me if I wanted to experience something special. I acted as if I did not know what h..
Poster: Girly | Full Story»

Once upon a midnight dreary...
Before I was married, I dated a kabooki warrior woman. She used to come in the night, make love to me, and be gone before the sun came up. She was the most sensuous passionate lover I had ever had in my life. Once we made out in my car in the driveway and the windows were steamed so bad I needed three towels to dry them off. I was afraid to commit to her for fear that one day I would wake up and s..
Poster: Cassandra | Full Story»

I was dating this super hot chic when I was 25. She lived at home still and I lived 45 miles away. When I would come over we obviously couldn't do it there so we would often get it on in the car in some dark neighborhood. We only got caught once by the sherrif. We had just finished up and got rid of the condom. I started the car and a cop pulls down the dead end road. Apparently the women who owne..
Poster: Hyman | Full Story»

Mom and Daughter
I was working in a local restaurant/bar, and at the end of the night, we usually sat around and had a few beers to wind down before heading home. One of our waitresses had her daughter working in the place as a busser.
Well, a few beers cause loose tounges and the waitress started talking to me about her duaghter and how she was growing up, and into her sexual identity. She let it slip that..
Poster: KingJ | Full Story»

To Lucky Hubby and Sexy Wife
Love the pix!! Love the strip poker story! Dunno if your taking requests, but it would be great to see Sexy Wife strip from fully dressed to fully nude so we can simulate the experience on ourown. I know there's others here that like strip poker shots too. You are a lucky hubby with a wife like that.
Poster: TenMore Pleeze | Full Story»

Walking My Girlfriend
My girlfriend at the time, a 21 Y.O 4'11" Japanese girl with flare for sex in public. I picked her out of the UCLA campus. She looked so hot that summer evening and we decided to take a short stroll around the area. Somehow a narrow curb forced us to walk in tandam. She walked in front of me and looked so good from behind. I just didn't want to let my hug go, and so with my hand on her neck, we go..
Poster: Tony | Full Story»

Masterbate in Church
I was wearing this skirt and i wasn't wearing any panties. I was seated all the way to the right and in the back, while seated in slipped my hand up their and began rubbing my clit. I couldn't help it I was that horny.
Poster: Lynne | Full Story»