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Finally gave in to my Husband's Kink
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Friend Walks In on mY Roomate and I
Bahamas Joy third encounter
The Awakening of Desire
Fingerin in a Car
Cover Band
Bahamas Joy next encounter
Surprise July 4th Party
Normal wife to BBC slut

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Sweet dare


Yvonne - Girl in Green
You are VERY BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE your breasts & nipples!!!! TERRIFIC tushy too!!!!! You say you do not have a boyfriend. I am available!!!!

email: bushluvr1960 @ yahoo.com
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

Yvonne - Girl in Green
Yvonne, you certainly could have a roomful of boyfriends just from the ones seeing your pix here. I think your problem would be deciding how to say no to most of them. You are lovely and sexy and, I bet you are a lot of fun to be with. Go out and pick out a good guy and grab him. I personally especially adore your tush. Playboy would love to have you as a model.
Poster: Peter | Full Story»

Georgeous in Green
God all mighty..what a bod...no bf, they don't know what there missing!!! Green is all natural and your nothing but a natural beauty....
Poster: american made | Full Story»

Texas Couple
Hi Texas Couple. Great story, fantastic turn on. If you would like to exchange or cam please e-mail.
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

Homework in the Nude

Hey Owl! You look MARVELOUS!! Wish I could be at your place when you are doing your papers!! I'd be MORE than happy to watch! I could even offer some help for your classes. --Brian

My EMail address: bushluvr1960 @ Yahoo.com
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

DREW - Hot Blonde
Drew, You look MARVELOUS!!!! That is a mighty nice present your BF got you for your birthday. Personally, I like the nude pics better!!!

If you ever need a NEW boyfriend, let me know. ~WINK~

my email: bushluvr1960 @ yahoo.com
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

(0)(0) !!!!! STACEY
Whoa!! Hold your horses! Stop the press! Did everybody see Stacey in the "car flash"? Folks, here is another "hottie" that needs a lot of wolf whistles and a standing ovation! Would you behold that gorgeous smile..... makes me wish I could be hiding in the back seat! Way to go! Ya'll cum again, ya hear!
Poster: John W. | Full Story»

Mariko, have you recently been in the US? Near the Midwest area by chance? I sure hope your the same Mariko I knew.
Poster: Nate | Full Story»

Idea for Club
Where are all the "hot" guys on here? and why don't they applaud the ladies more? There are the most beautiful women on here with the most gorgeous bodies! I think that Kelly, Leslie, Paris and A (from the dynamic couple D&A) would make for an out of this world "foursome"!!!! Way to go Girls! You gals make me dizzy! (long loud wolf whistle!!)
Poster: John W | Full Story»

WOW - What a gorgeous body you have!! Would like to see a lot more if possible. Enjoy the concert!!
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

My Lady
My lady, Jeanne, is the most gorgeous woman I have ever known! I never DREAMED I would ever have a lady this beautiful! She is an attractive brunette, 5’6”, with big 36DD tits that I worship, a wonderful figure, a cute neatly trimmed pussy, and a smile that makes men melt! We have been together for over a year. None of her previous lovers, including her late husband, ever “talked” in bed, ..
Poster: informalguy | Full Story»


Dayanne you have an amazing body, I wish you would show more. You coworker definately got the better of the deal of seeing you on this site than what you gave him. I would love to see more. I have been reading this site forever, and no one has ever inspired me to post.

Poster: dport1982 | Full Story»

RE: Mariko
Mariko, Just want to say that it doesn't matter that your english is poor. In any language, you look beautiful. Would love to see more pics of you. Keep up the posting and your english will improve
Poster: Rhys | Full Story»

Dare ideas
Send me some dare ideas. I have never done anything so not that daring but I need some ideas. send them to my email.



Poster: Joe Brown | Full Story»

I guess I might at least a little gay
okay, I travel a lot for my work. I've been doing it for years. Projects all across the US and sometimes with large teams, sometimes just by myself. Its a lifestyle with its ups and downs. I've been on this project in San Diego for about 9 months now and the team is about 25 people. I've known some of these people for years working off and on with many of them. Last night was a night that tu..
Poster: Steve Roberts | Full Story»

Just wanted to thank you, Mariko from Japan, for sending in your photos. You are one beautiful young woman...thanks...
Poster: american made | Full Story»

Leslie's Hot Body
Hi Leslie and pic poster. This is D & A here. We were discussing how hot your post was with Kelly last night. We didn't have an e-mail to respond to, so we're having to post it here. Great post! And stellar body!!!!!!
Poster: D & A | Full Story»

To Mel
To the lovely Mel my thanks for submitting your amazing pics of your ass! Beautiful! I like the little "dimples" (for lack of a better word) where your ass meets your thighs and how they frame your pussy. Really erotic and I do hope you'll share more pics very soon!
Poster: Reformed Goodboy | Full Story»

pls give me some dares for me and my bf
Poster: mandy | Full Story»

Leslie you are sooooo pretty and what a great body, just love your tits!!!!! Please e-mail.
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

Leslie, you are so hot! You are beautiful and have a great sexy body. I would love to see more pics of you!!! Please submit more pics. And my dare for you is to remove your panties and let us see your pussy :-)
Poster: Tom | Full Story»

just wanted to say love all the hot stories, and wanted to see if anyone else would like to tell the story of the first time they had sex. here is mine, true story. i was still in high school and had been dating this girl for awhile had done the usual touchie feelie stuff. well we had been to a football game and was on the way home when she said to pull off the side of the road. i did when i c..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

just to say thanks
I just wanted to say thanks to all the hot, beautiful ladies that keep sending pics in. WOW it really makes it nice for us guys who dont have a wild wife, please do not stop. I check my mail every morning hoping to find some wild stories or pics to make my day. Would love to find more thanks.
Poster: jim | Full Story»

The picture of you in the shower is seriously one of the sexiest pictures I have even seen. Please post more.
Poster: TrickieTree | Full Story»

The Beautiful Kelly!
Hey all you sexy folks out there! Did you see the one and only beautiful, sensational, sexy KELLY? She takes my breath away! Her bod is soooo heavenly, her curves are beyond words! I have been following her pics and can't get enough of her! and big "thank you" to her husband for sharing such a hot wife! Way to go KELLY! (wish I could be their friend...)
John W.
Poster: John W. | Full Story»

Our Strip Club Outing
Eunice, I loved your story. Best thing on here in a long time. Keep us posted on any new developments.
Poster: john | Full Story»

Kathy dared
I tell you what, for an old bird kathys tits looked lovely. well done for doing the dare.
Poster: Rhys | Full Story»

PLEASE post more of yourself! You are so hot and sexy, especially in what you were wearing and what you described yourself as wearing.
Poster: M | Full Story»

Katie - Nude Mirror Pics
Katie, LOVE your pics! You are VERY VERY PRETTY! Wish I could be your friend!! I would LOVE to have you as my "friend with benefits"!! ~wink~
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

Stop shaving
I wish women would stop shaving thier pussies. They should celewbrate their maturity and stop trying to look like 12 year olds.
Poster: Todd | Full Story»

love the pictures!!! Ypu are really sexy. Your "friend" is lucky. I would love to we some more from you.

Poster: drew | Full Story»

To 'Florida girl "N" '
Hey N, thanks for posting, you are gorgeous! Please please please post some pics during your pregnancy!
Poster: Paul | Full Story»

Watching my wife with aqnother guy part 2
By nowe my wifes shirt had been removed and Paul was close to removing my wifes dress. It was not long before he had exposing her g string and that did not take long to removed as he fingured her pussy/ Soon they were both naked with my wife stroking Pauls magnificent cock and he finuring her pussy. She then looked at me with a smile as hse mounted his cock. What sight as his cock entered her...
Poster: Daniwl | Full Story»

Watching my wife with aqnother guy part 1
On evening my wife and i had dijner with a male friend of mine. We had a few drinks and after a while I noticed there was a certain spark between my friend Paul and my wife. We had discussed mfm before and bothe agreed we would like to try it but untilopportunity had presented itself. It was apparent from thw wink from my wife that tnight was going to be the night. I realised what she was on a..
Poster: Daniel | Full Story»

dare pants underwear off
wife reads
story said i left the best parts out.she said when she asked me to do it i asked her whats in it for me.she said it just realy makes me horny thinking of you getting it in every hole.she said i said
how horny does it get you,so horny she said i would fuck all of you,ther fore after her sticking the cock in my mouth she fucked all of us
Poster: rob | Full Story»

for Flashing in the Restaurant
Wow! That is SO hot!! Thank you for sharing such a great pic! Such a suckable nipple! :)
Poster: Reformed Goodboy | Full Story»

For Hottie
Thanks for sharing your pics....that is a very lovely pussy and it would be nice to see more of it!
Poster: Reformed Goodboy | Full Story»

Please post more. YOu are soooooooooooooo hot!!!!
Poster: M | Full Story»

dare pants underwear off
my wife and i had two friends who are gay
while all drinking we watched sex movies.my wife said she would love to see me have sex with the guys nedless to say drunk as i was i ended up having sex. it turned my wife on so much she talkes about it all the time.as we were having sex my wife stripped and got herself off.
Poster: rob | Full Story»

Please post more of hottie. If she is the girl in the pic in the first post, she is FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!
Poster: M | Full Story»

More Hottie!
Thanks for the new Hottie pix! We have two choices for her dare...either she wear a slightly oversized tanktop/vest out in public (a mall or similar) without a bra...
or the catholic schoolgirl skirt with no knickers :)
What do you say, is she up for it? :)

Poster: S | Full Story»

in school
One day in school i was messing arround and the teacher who is really hot with big boobs kept nipping out. So she asked me to stay after school so i went in to the room and we talked then she bent ove and showed her pussy i got a hard on i think she could see so we started talking and it eventually turned into sex man she was hot we fucked in most of the rooms in the school that where open it was ..
Poster: les | Full Story»

Welcome Back Tiana
Tiana! It's so great to see you back on the site. Your most recent additions are great! This is the fist time you've really shown us how wonderful your boobs really are! Please keep the pics coming!!

Poster: Thomas | Full Story»

Wife in red.
Love the pictures of you. You have a great figure, but there is one way of being red that is not there. Having that beautifully sexy ass of yours gently spanked until it glows a lusty red. Now that would be nice to see.
Poster: Rhys | Full Story»

A Hottie
Hi there :)
This a message for Carl who posted the 'Hottie' pix...we would LOVE to see more of her and have any number of dares and requests depending how tame/daring she feels. She is SO hot...so hot in fact my gf said she'd love to kneel behind and lick until your hotties legs gave way :) now THAT would be a sight to see!
Would love some feedback, if youre planning more photos etc..
Poster: S | Full Story»

mia, you have to be one of the cutest girls every to post here and one of the hottest!!! what a combo! i like to new "slick" look. it IS very sexy.
Poster: steve | Full Story»

working girl
wow!! That is a great body. How you don't have a sex life is beyond me!! I would love to see more pictures of you or exchange some with you. Good luck on your fantasy, I wish I was the guy in that one.

Poster: drew | Full Story»

crystal, i loved your submissive pictures with you handcuffed, etc. smoking hot!!! please post more.
your master is a very lucky guy!
Poster: steve | Full Story»

i just wanted to comment on giselle's fantasy. i don't think you should have any trouble fulfilling your dream with a body like that. i love to be one of the guy's!
Poster: nightfun1234 | Full Story»

A Night of Strip poker
A few years back my husband Peter was stationed by his office in Manila,
the capital of the Philippines. Like the ever loyal wife that I am
(snicker) I accompanied him in his exile. At that time Peter and I were in
our mid twenties and looked more to his assignment as an adventure than
anything else.

While in Manila Peter befriended two Canadian expa..
Poster: Helen Martin | Full Story»

Florida Girl "N"
Please post more pics! Your body is awesome. I want to see more of it. Also, could you post your email address so we can contact you directly? Thanks!
Poster: "T" | Full Story»

@ Airport Flash
Paula, you'v got a great hot body no wonder Mark couldnt keep his eyes off you lol.
Your idea to flash @ an airport is verry daring indeed since you could loose your job.
As a planespotter i know some good places where you could do it without anyone knowing its you, but as i live in Europe i cant help u with these spots lol, however every big airport has several landing/take off stri..
Poster: Addict | Full Story»