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Sweet dare


first flash
I remember the first time my wife flashed her tits This is a true story. Here's some back ground.We were only married a short time, we were having a lot of sex.My wife Karoline is 5' 2 with brown hair she always dyes red. Her tits are huge, really, thats one of the things that attracted me to her. It had just started to get dark. we were driving home and as always we were horny. We were still exp..
Poster: gabe | Full Story»

to see if e-mail is required
this is a test to see if my e-mail is required.

** Nope ... no email required to post here. - Webmaster
Poster: this is a test | Full Story»

Changing Outside
My buddys and I (girl and a guy)we at a local beach. We were in our street clothes and needed to change into our swimsuit. The beach had changing stalls, but they were full with huge lines. So one of my friend urged us on to change infront of everyone. We went off to the side of the changing stalls and hesitated. The girl began to remove her top and we began to take down our pants. We all eventual..
Poster: Jeff | Full Story»

never thought I'd do it
Recently I responded to an ad on a popular listing site. It was asking for a man to join a husband and wife in bed but with no mm sexual contact. This was my first time doing such a thing. After some e-mails and pick trading, we decided to meet up. I was so nervous, my hands were shaking. But I couldn't wait to get my hands on the wife(kim). She was a real beauty with dark brown hair just pa..
Poster: Ace | Full Story»

Great to be BI
My wife and I are both bisexual. There is nothing more erotic and a turn on than when we suck cock together. I love it when we meet at the top and kiss. Swirling our tongues around the head of his cock until he shoots a big load of his hot steamy cum down both of our throats as we kiss wildly with our mouths dripping with tastey cum. Totally Awesome!
Poster: K-n-D | Full Story»

Well i have this freind, a female. She has her own salon, and i was talking to her and she was winding me up because i had long hair, she said come to my salon for a bit so i did. we went upstairs, she said if youre a real man strip naked and let me blindfold you. so i wanted to impress her, so i stripped and allowed her to blindfold me. she led me downstairs into her salon. she sat me in a chair ..
Poster: Matthew Melia | Full Story»

friends latest drive with my wife
Latest from the Dam

Well we have been at it again.  This happened a couple weeks ago but I am just getting around to getting this down. We all have been really busy with the holiday and some other things going on….

Where to start; well let’s start at the end….
We finished I took her back to their vehicle where her husband and 3 kids are waiting on m..
Poster: sirmeph | Full Story»

Salute to our soldiers
ok i have a dare for all you posters......

lets do some dares with military themes.
such as flashing with flags, or like some of the posters have done with camo clothes, on or off.
Or if you have access to them, how about posing with other branches of the military uniforms?

Ours will be tributes as we don't own any of the afore mentioned articles, but LO..
Poster: sirmeph | Full Story»

My shyness shell cont'
I have had some extra time so I thought I would post again. I am almost done with my vacation so only a little left. I wanted to get on to a dare I recently did with Heather and a party Heather and I had. Anyway to continue with the next day in my vacation of breaking my shyness shell.
I was brought out of a nice dream by Heather telling me to get up. She wanted to go for a jog. It was 5 am..
Poster: Gina | Full Story»

Just a Thought
I'm beginning to think that the only people interested in my life were the couple that I first told and in return they addvised me to post it on this site. Well at least it eased me of the guilt I have carried for most of my adult life. So A big thank you to John & Louise.
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

New Chapter pt 2
Part 2
Saturday April 18th 2009 I was just about to make my lunch when someone was knocking on my door, it was a man with Jenny he thrust his hand out and said I’m Steven we need to talk. As I let them in Jenny was nervous long story short Jenny 13 weeks pregnant and I was the dad and he wanted to talk about the best to do. Steven wanted Jenny to have a termination or have it adopted and ..
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

A New Chapter.
A New chapter in my life.
My piercing came about because I made a comment to a couple on ToD site, and the ladies reply was that I should keep my fucking comments to my self until I had a piercing. Then just before Christmas 2008 I over heard a conversation (in the café) between the district nurse (who had looked after my sick wife) and a young woman about piercing. Apparently Jenny (the..
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

My Life
My name Ann and i,m a 35 year old blonde, I have been sexually active for awhile and I have fucked by many men since if you want the full story E-mail me and ask. look foward to hearing from you.Ann.
Poster: Ann a Divorcee | Full Story»

josee, you rock
In about two months I will be marrying the girl of my dreams... but you should know, Josee, that she is built almost the same as your body. She's from Shanghai China and is super exotic to me. But she has the dark hair, the smaller nicely-shaped boobs, the same waistline and that tummy which is a nice balance between softness and flatness. In short, she's perfect, and so are you. I couldn't im..
Poster: greg | Full Story»

Bachelor Party
My brother was getting married right after college graduation since he had knocked up a girl his senior year. I am two years younger than him and had just finished my sophomore year. He told me that I needed to provide a stripper for his bachelor's party. I told him that I didn't know how to find one. He told me that I would figure it out. A couple of weeks went by but I didn't find one not knowin..
Poster: James | Full Story»

It was another "Guy's night out" and we were at our usual hang out waiting for the wet T contest to start when I noticed Cindy's best friend, Jody, walk through the door. She came over and said hi. I asked her what she was doing there. She said it was a going away party for a co-worker and had heard this was the place to party.
The wet T contest was a huge success as usual, with the wi..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

Boob Whore Part 3
James leaned in and prentended to lick the air in front of me. go ahead. i said and everyone looked at me strangely again. Before i knew it James was practically 1 with my nipple and groping my boobs. I felt really wet and resisted cumming so not to cause a scene. a few minutes later he pulled away and said cya boob whore and said he had to go someplace. I tucked my boobs back in quickly and didnt..
Poster: Carmen | Full Story»

Boob Whore Part 2
After me and my boyfriend got the rules down, i changed into his indicated wardrobe and looked at how revealing i was. My areolas were visible through the fabric of my top if you looked hard enough. I bent over and saw my pussy in the mirror, im trimmed short down so it didnt show as much but it was really revealing. I got a small matching handbag and headed out to my friend, Narissa's, birthday p..
Poster: Carmen | Full Story»

"late night dam ride - wifes story"
This is the "Late Night Dam Ride" from the Wife's point of view as promised.

One evening on my birthday my husband decides he wanted to go for a drive.
So we're riding up a county 4 lane when he announces that we're going to see his friend,
and that if i felt up to it he wanted me to flash him my boobs. Not having done anything like
that before I w..
Poster: sirmeph | Full Story»

boob whore part 1 : rules set
Hey, I'm Carmen and i love this site. I was recently given a dare given by my boyfriend and i fulfilled it and here i am writing it. First, i'm pretty sure you want to know : I am 5'2", have long brown hair, 19 years old and my measurements are 34-28-36. I'm pretty sure my boobs have been the same since i was 16 as i still wear my same D cup bras from then. Anyway, my boyfriend and i now live in d..
Poster: Carmen | Full Story»

first time in hotel
She is beautifull : B cups, wonderfull ass, long legs, natural blonde long hair. She has always been a true girl and in the bed not so hot, good and hot only for traditional missionary and sometimes doggy, no anal and few blow job and no role play. I like to lick pussy and she was a bit ashamed to do it. Moreover short dress only at seaside on holiday. Once we were on holiday and in the hotel and ..
Poster: apet | Full Story»

Part 3 Life as a Bull
Part 3
Life as a Bull (Stud).
Now I won’t list all my encounters if I did you would read the same story over and over just names and places changed, I’ll tell you how I started. After “B” refused to play or even fuck me, it was hard sleeping next to her nude body every night and not being able to touch her intimately, I became depressed. I started going out drinking (not drun..
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

Broken Cherry
Well, I thought this was the place to add a new dare to the list....Maybe? Maybe not....

I noticed that some of the dares include covering ones self in some sort of food, paint or foreign material. Whelps, here is my story and here is my dare! Do this or something similar in a more public place than I do. I am 1000 yards off the nearest road so my place is private, but I live cl..
Poster: sleazy_dwarf | Full Story»

My Life part 2
Part 2.
It was the summer of 1974 and after another blazing row with mother over me wanting to go out and her reminding me of the humiliation and shame I brought on her and the family, I lashed out and slapped her face. When I got over the shock of what I had done I ran away, when I got as far as the local chippy there was a big lorry stood with the top half of the back door open I climbed ..
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

My Early Life.
I have decided to write this account in anticipation of your interest and also I have kept this secret too long.
My story starts when I was young and I was having trouble at school and what felt like the next day my mum & dad were called into school, and informed that I was mentally retarded, and would need to attend a special boarding school. Before I realised I was dumped in a strange pla..
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

Sheri’s Birthday Treat
Sheri’s Birthday Treat
By: Her Loving Hubby

It was Sheri’s birthday and I'd been trying to think of something different, original and memorable for the love of my life to enjoy and treasure for the rest of her life... I asked her about her about her favourite fantasy – playing stripper.

Sheri’s always had fantasies about playing the role of a stripper..
Poster: Sheri | Full Story»

Dan here with another true story about Cindy & myself. One Saturday evening a few years ago, we were cruising our old neighborhood where we grew up and passed one of our old watering holes. We decided to go for a couple of beers and see if the place had changed much. It was pretty much the same including the waiter who took our order. He recognized us..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

work related
I work for a large company and a few years ago I was working one day when 9/11 happened I had a TV in my office so alot of people were coming in watching the news. There was this one atractive blonde that had a cube just outside my office that I had never met before but had seen many times. We will call her JT. JT and I became fast friends and would talk alot and got out to lunch with another one ..
Poster: tbone | Full Story»

mid week update
ok, so we've not forgotten you guys. Hard to write stories from work.

Wife has agreed to write her account of that night so make sure to keep an eye out this weekend for "late night dam ride - wife's view" as she has said she'll work on it and try (no promises) to get it this weekend.

Also on tap is the next story of the second night where I get to join them. as well ..
Poster: SirMeph | Full Story»

My shyness shell (cont.)
Hey all I am back with the continuation of my story from vacation. When I left off last time I had just had the most sexual and exciting night of my life. The game was fun and now I continue from the next morning.
I got up off the floor trying to remember how I got there, but could recall nothing. I walked towards the bathroom and out walked Ted drying his head not even looking. I just qui..
Poster: Gina | Full Story»

for LeeJ and SirMeph
LeeJ, I truly enjoyed the story, and would love to hear more!! Sorry to hear about your wife's passing. She sounds like quite a beautiful woman in more ways than one.

SirMeph, we've heard way too much for you to stop sharing now! Keep the story coming!

We want more more more from both of you!!
Poster: travelinSoldier78 | Full Story»

Late Night Dam Ride - Missing Piece
We have now heard the "Late Night Dam Ride" story from the perspective of the husband and the friend. Since we have gone that far, it now begs to be told from the wife's perspective. SirMeph, can you please ask your wife to submit her version of the events?
Poster: JeffB | Full Story»

"late night dam ride" night from another point of view...
Late night dam ride the other point of view.

This is my version of the “Late Night Dam Ride” – We were talking the other night and decided this would be fun for me write my version…

To start the story off we have been friends for a long time and known each other even longer. His wife is sweet, she so loveable person and did I mention “HOT..
Poster: sirmeph | Full Story»

public masturbation
In December, we went to a local holiday resort for the day just to get out a bit. My wife and I are both in our forties and even though she has a full figure, I thing she's hot. She has a great ass and lovely 36DD breasts.
I'm always on her case to show some cleavage and lately she does so on her own. she even got home one day after a meeting and told me she was wet from all the direct atte..
Poster: J&R | Full Story»

   It was a hot summer day just a few weeks after we had installed our hot tub. I had just finished some painting on the deck by the tub and had sat down to relax and have some beer. I heard the kitchen door open and looked up to see Cindy and her mom walking toward me. They had been shopping and Cindy asked if it was ok for her mom to stay for dinner."OK with me" I replied.It was early so we de..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

Late night Dam ride
Let me begin by saying that my wife and I love this site.

Our adventures into the realm of swinging,public nudity, and swinging began one night 4 years ago with my best friend and I discussing how to get our wives to have a "swap" between the 4 of us.
My wife is 36 and a mother of 3 and still has the body of a 20-ish year old.

Onew weekend the kids were stay..
Poster: SirMeph | Full Story»

My Brother Cucked Me
I had been married for nearly 5 years and the thought of my wife having any sort of affair had never crossed my mind. We had recently built a new house and i was working long hours to try and reduce the mortgage sooner. One evening,while working late, I got a phone call from my wife saying she was going to the city to spend the night at her sister's.
When I got home I called her sister's p..
Poster: Kev | Full Story»

   I came home from "Guy's night out" a few years ago and Cindy was still up.Normally she doesn't wait up, but there she was sitting in the recliner,naked, watching Leno.I went over and gave her a kiss and asked her why she was still up. She said she couldn't sleep and was feeling a bit horny, so decided to wait up.I took the cue and quickly got naked, got her out of the chair,laid her on the co..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

The Laundry
It was on a Friday nite, the summer of 2007. I liv'd in a ole farm house that had 6 acres. A young cowork'r of mine Molly askd me wat my plans were that nite. I told her, im gonna party!It was a long hot day @ work & i was truly ineed of a cold beer.So Molly shows up around 8pm Lookin HOTT as HELL! Molly looks like Ashley, but with huge boobs.We got rite with motha nature, & Bud Lite.So after a co..
Poster: Tom Booty | Full Story»

Trampoline Fun
Our old neighbors had a trampoline. We were having a neighbor hood garage sale several years ago. . I was selling our stuff at the neighbors. There were tring to sell the trampoline. My neighbor suggested I demonstrate the trampoline to some prospective buyers. I was wearing nylon shorts, and a tshirt and sandals. The prospective buyers were some couple in their early 20's and there was ..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

ORAL Group Fun
I'll take the bait and write a story about this. When I was in my early 20s I had one boyfriend that really loved me to go down on him. About the only thing that him and I had in common was our love for sex. He didn't mind going down on me providing that he hadn't already penetrated me. He didn't have any problem with having me go down on him and having to taste myself on him as well.
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Taking a walk in the rain
We live in a rural neighborhood. I decided to take a walk even though it was drizzling. I deliberately took a walk to the park not far from our neighborhood. There are several small lakes in the park where the guys fish. Something about rain makes the fishing better is what I'm told. I saw one of my male neighbors fishing with some other guys I didn't know. The drizzle had become a hard..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

A New Idea for the Post Section...
I thought that I would introduce something new, and see how it goes.

The thought is to introduce a new topic each month and request input from other TorDpics readers on that topic. This input can take several forms. For instance, how you have done something differently than the average person might think of when they think of the topic. Tell us what you have done, how it is diffe..
Poster: JeffB | Full Story»