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Sweet dare


(dare) Riding a bicycle around town
I love being naked and naked outdoors. Well I was living in the North Carolina around the Charlotte area. I work for a mowing company and there where times we had to used the restroom outdoors. There was times that i would jackoff why I was using the restroom, and being outdoors jacking was very exciting. So the crew and I was at this green house I was mowing out front when I had to piss. why I wa..
Poster: jeffrey jones | Full Story»

Dare to dare
I just started reading ur truth or dare site and love it.my fiancee and i r both in our lower 40s and i have always tried to get her to do somthing like ur dares without sucx.but i tried recently to gv her a dare and ended up not doing so because i was afraid she take it wronge.then out of the blue we are in my truck in the middle of the day and in a parade pulling king and queen float when she ye..
Poster: Bayouboy42 | Full Story»

sexy nude dares
I Jamie was drunk and i was dared to run nude to the mail box, stand next to trafi nude and ride my bike nude. I did all of these dares which i got from ur play section i got the photos to prove it
Poster: jamie seal | Full Story»

What he didnt know?part one.
My wife and i had wanted to do a threesom with a another man and since we both agreed that we would want this person to cum in her we hadnt had anyluck finding someone we trusted who wasnt a friend until we came up with the perfect plan.we would have her blindfolded and i would tell who we chose that she thought he was paid escort and would never know who he really was.he was to be there on cue an..
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

cum at work
Hello. I am 32 years old and I am absolutely in love with the male orgasm and cum.

One time several months ago I had an "encounter" at work. My boyfriend stopped by one day to bring me lunch and we got to talking about what we wanted to do to one another right there at my desk...with everyone around of course!

I was so hot and bothered and I gave him a small styrofoa..
Poster: Tracy | Full Story»

Window of opportunity!
This is a story I was dared to send in by my young friend Dave when we were playing truth or dare this morning... It's the story of something I did last weekend.

As a little background, he is 20, and I am 40 but we met and made a very strong emotional and sexual connection, so the age gap hasnt been an issue for us! Our biggest problem has been distance, as we live at different ends..
Poster: Ru | Full Story»

Outdoor Dare
Here are four outdoor experiences that my ex-wife and I tried.

First time I painted a shirt on her and off we went to the local park to play. She played on the swing, sliding board and monkey bars. We were there for about a half hour. We saw about a dozen people but no one really came close. She was very wet after that experience.

The second time I painted a shirt and..
Poster: artist | Full Story»

Our First Threesome
My wife & I had our first threesome last Sunday night, we have been seeing a lot of a female friend of ours who we used to go away with her & her husband & a group of other married couples {not swingers}

Our friend separated from her husband & is living as a single mum with 3 kids & our 4 kids love to have them over & we go to her place as well, during a visit to her place one night..
Poster: NudeWombat | Full Story»

Frustrating Friends
So I love playing Truth or Dare and other erotic games. So much fun, but every time I have a group of people together, no one plays seriously or cops out at the end. We play strip pool at my place and if the team loses they have to take off an article of clothing. Usually the team cops out before they're naked. But this one time, one of the girls took it all off and let me tell you, so worth pl..
Poster: B | Full Story»

Marions Greek cumfest gangbang (marions telling of the story)
My name is Marion and I am 47 I come from Scotland I am married to Andy and slowly over the last 20 years I have lost my interest in sex. I think this is because Andy has never really satisfied me he has never made me cum he always left me wanting more. Last year we went on holiday to Greece we rented a very isolated small villa. On our second day Andy left me alone when he..
Poster: andy | Full Story»

Newspaper Dare
Here is a dare idea for anyone interested in trying it.

Walk topless (beginner), nude (advanced) to a local newspaper vending machine and buy a paper. If you are driving to get there you must park no closer then 20 feet and get out and walk the rest of the way. Bonus points if you pause for a minute to read the headlines before walking back. Extra bonus points if the newspaper vendi..
Poster: Krankee | Full Story»

Our anniversary
My wife and I decided to go to the movies for our anniversary last year. There wasnt much of a selection to choose from and we ended up watching "Fantastic 4" part 2, luckily we were the only 2 that were there that night. My wife wore a sexy short black skirt, and a nice dark plunge top blouse, it wasnt until a little bit after the movie started that I found out she wasnt wearing any panties and s..
Poster: ilast2long | Full Story»

Marions Greek cumfest gangbang
Hi my name is Andy & my wife's name is Marion we are a couple both late 40s we are from Scotland my wife is a right prude who for the last 20 years only gave me vanilla sex about 4 times a year .That all changed last year on holiday in Greece we stayed at a sll quiet isolated villa .On our 2nd day I went a walk to the shops about a mile away to buy some vodka .When I returned i found Marion sit..
Poster: andy | Full Story»

For "Elevator Flash" Sara
Thanks for having the courage to post your picture. It's fun and adorable, and you have my vote for future dares of any kind, as long as they involve taking off your clothes! :)

Thanks for letting us peek.

Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

To "Strip Dare" Anise
Oh yeah.
Holy Fuck yes!

I'm sitting here eating black licorice thinking that I love the way anise tastes, but it can't compare to how you look. And your strip sequence is fantastic. Yum, yum, yum. I'd love to see more from you! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

Barefoot and more
I was on my way back to home and it was dark already... so I thought of having some fun.

I pulled over to a not-so-crowded road and thought of something to do. I noticed an ATM machine in the distance, some 200m away. I'd never gone barefoot on city streets before, so I felt that now was the time for that. I dared myself to go to the ATM for some transaction and come back from the o..
Poster: mik | Full Story»

tite ass
Hellow viewers here is a story about when I went on vacation to spain. And my boy friend dared me to go on a naturist beach for the day so he could take picture of me naked.Because my boy friend is always watching this web site and now has caught on to me.I gladly acepted the dare but when we got to the beach I was having second thoughts but then I thought no I wouldnt back out.Finaly we got to th..
Poster: jack law | Full Story»

Hot mom
ok...heres an interesting and hot story i think all of you will enjoy. My gf and i, actually shes not my gf anymore, have been having some problems and we havent talked in a while. Her mom has always liked me and wishes that me and her will get back together sometime in the future. Shes kept in contact with me and knows everything that is going on, we talk and text each other once in a while. I..
Poster: Danny1087 | Full Story»

School Teacher
I met Mary out walking in a neighborhood park, she was a nice looking, tallish woman about 61 or 62. We talked as we walked around the park, Mary had just retired from teaching grade school. By the time we made one lap around the park we were enjoying each others company, talkin, joking, flirting, etc.

Mary's house that backed up to the park next to the entrance where I first saw ..
Poster: Jay Johnson | Full Story»

Her Mother was Beautiful
I had been dating Lisa for about 4 months at the time she was living with her dad and little brother. He mother was away on an extended holiday in europe. Lisa was about 5'6" tall, slender and very friendly. I'll never forget the night I met her Mother, it was her first knight home, I was invited over for the meet mom experience. Lisa had two older sisters whom I had not yet met so when the do..
Poster: Jay | Full Story»

Daring to get more adventurous
Warning: this contains bisexual male content.

I hope you don't mind a long post without pics, but pictures just aren't
available--well, I suppose you could see me, but who wants to see a guy?

My marriage had fallen apart, and one of the contributing factors was my
desire to be more sexually adventurous, while my wife was quite
Poster: Greg | Full Story»