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Sweet dare


Agreed Sex
Tracy a neighbor married and me married. We talk little. The 1st time we met it was obvious she wanted to take thing to a higher level.

This is what I found out. She is not looking for emotional attachment or something lacking in her relationship. It's simple, she likes to have a steady on the side fuck, not often but a couple a month.

She will contact me and the la..
Poster: davis | Full Story»

Accidentally Flashing the Builders - could it lead to More?
This is a fantasy that stemmed from a real life incident that happened last week. We have a small courtyard behind our house and it has a steel grille gate into a driveway that we share with our neighbors.

Mostly there’s none in the driveway but recently our neighbors have been getting some construction done so there have been builders parking their truck in the driveway.
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

Something I wanted to Share
I don’t know if this is what people like to read here, but I wanted to share this.

So a while ago my husband, then boyfriend and I were at the balcony of his apartment just talking and he was reminding me of everything I had done for him and how happy he was being my boyfriend.

I told him I was more than happy to help him in anything I can because I love him. My b..
Poster: Madelin | Full Story»

Listened to my Friends having Sex
Today I had was at a friends house to study for school. Her boyfriend was also there and after like an hour she texted me on my phone while we were all in the same room if I could leave for 15 minutes...

So I did it and then I waited outside and heard them having sex. It was amazing listening to them and I got really wet and so I masturbated in front of the door just listening to he..
Poster: June | Full Story»

New Stuff
My friend and I both have built pretty girlfriends. So he and myself conspired to see if the girls would eat pussy.

We had some really good weed to smoke and some wine. I brought it up and the girls just blew it off. I had asked my girlfriend about this subject so she had to know it was now or never.

We were all standing up so him and me put the girls between us rev..
Poster: davis | Full Story»

First time with another Man
Last August our daughter told us she saw her friend Cindy and Tammy skinny dipping with their dads.

Frank and I were suprised to hear it. We had been married 15 years, and something like that never crossed our minds.
In Sept the girls went on a weekend field trip with their school.

We invited Cindy's parents. Mary and David, and Tammy's parents Calvin and Zelda..
Poster: Cathy morgan | Full Story»

A Surprise from my Mistress
I wrote a story on here in November called, My New Mistress, it is about an affair I have been having with a childhood friend, Flo, and how she became my Mistress. Part 2 in December. Well we are still meeting up when we can, and this is a short story about the last time I went to see her.

I had been receiving messages all day from Flo, telling me she was expecting to see me tonigh..
Poster: Dean | Full Story»

Fun with my Wife and a Roomate
Frank, our roommate, my wife Brenda and I decided to stay in and have a game night. We’ll usually drink, card games and talk all night. We do these pretty often, but this time, Brenda and I had a little secret. I had just come back from a business trip so we had not had sex in a couple of weeks. This meant we were both extremely horny. So I shared with her the following idea:

She ..
Poster: Brenda & Talos | Full Story»

Wife's Fantasy on a Cruise
This happened 3 weeks ago. I know this isn't the best story, but I had to share our real first time.

My wife and I have spent years talking about our fantasies. I honestly never thought we'd cross over into reality. We had a close call a while back, but the person we wanted for a 3some ghosted at the last minute.

This really put her in the mindset of this is somethin..
Poster: Cruise Couple | Full Story»

Bucket List
So me and like the crazy person I am, made a bucket list of all the naughtiest things I wanted to do this year.

One of them was flashing a random dude in target that has a girlfriend and see what he does. I made a rule with myself that if he was hot I would give him my number.

So I went to try on some sexy clothes at Target recently when I noticed a shy guy in the dr..
Poster: June | Full Story»

I let People Play with my Breasts
I am blessed genetically in the chest department and grew bigger breasts at a very young age, which garnered me abundant attention for having a bigger bust on a smaller and shorter frame.

With time, I developed this kink of letting people play with my breasts, both men and women, as both have asked surprisingly. I have never denied anyone who has asked to play with my breasts, in s..
Poster: Megan | Full Story»

The Business Trip
I’ve only been working for the company a brief time. From the beginning I’ve felt an attraction to my boss Jim and I sensed the same on his part.

We were getting along very well and he seemed to go out of his way to compliment me and say pleasant things to me. He asked me to go on a business trip to Atlanta and I had a feeling he wanted me to come for more than just business re..
Poster: Nancy | Full Story»

Wife Dominated from a Distance
This happened seven years ago. We've been married for twenty years. It all started from a visit from my old buddy.

He and I decided to smoke a little weed he had brought. It was getting dark out and we were getting really high. Cindy decided to go back to the bedroom and talk on the phone, or that’s what I thought.

My buddy is adventurous and wanted to go outside ..
Poster: T&C | Full Story»

I went to take my wife camping. She only wore a loose t-shirt for the whole weekend. No underwear. Hikers passing by saw her erect nipples and got a glimpse between her legs when she bent over.

I left the tent open while she napped and the T-shirt rode up to expose her. If she liked the look of a hiker we invited them into the tent and she did whatever they asked while I watched. ..
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

The Massage Dare
When I was about 21 I had never been to a massage Parlor. It wasn’t even on my radar. I wasn’t wasting money on a massage. And I didn’t know about the extras.

A couple buddies and I went to Toronto for a bachelor party. We had been drinking and were in a strip club. Just being guys, having a great time, each of us with a girl on our arm. We spent a lot of money, way more than..
Poster: Rb | Full Story»

My first "taste" of Power
For the first 3 or 4 years of our life together, Jackie and I had sex multiple times a day. We didn’t do anything too experimental, but just about anything a man and woman could do. And in every place conceivable.

Sometimes we would go to a friend or relative’s house, just to fuck with the danger of getting caught. A couple of times we did get caught “with our pants down”, ..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

Caught by my Roomate's Boyfriend in the Shower
This happened a few weeks ago, when we moved back in for the new semester. I moved in a few days before my roommate.

The morning she arrived, I was out at the gym–and after a workout, I'm the horniest girl on the planet. When I got back to my apartment, she and her bf were moving stuff in.

She mentioned that she forgot a few things at home, and was gonna run to th..
Poster: Ellen | Full Story»

I am an Exhibitionist
Hi! My name is June! Nice to meet you here at TODP! My kinda place!

I’m a 19 year old girl in college and I regularly go out and party and all that!

For the last few months I’ve been wearing shirts that show more cleavage and pants that ride a little low so people can see my mound.

I really enjoy giving people little peaks and seeing their reacti..
Poster: June | Full Story»

My Boyfriend with his best Friend's Girl
My boyfriend and I get along really well with his best friend and his partner. They were friends before us girls were even in the picture.

I’ve always been turned on by the thought of my boyfriend sleeping with other girls and he’s had his fair share of fun.

I’ve always had a fantasy of him fucking a girl who has a boyfriend and last week was the night he did...
Poster: Candy Crush | Full Story»

My Girlfriend ate Pussy for the First Time
I am in an open relationship with my girlfriend. She obviously gets more action than I do. I love it when she goes out, fucks other men, and then comes home and tells me all about while we have sex.

Last night she had a date. I thought they were going out for a drink but she goes right to his place. What I didn't know is the guy also had his girlfriend there waiting for my gf to sho..
Poster: DJ | Full Story»

My Wife tried on Clothes in front of my Friend
A friend of my wife's and mine was coming over one Saturday morning. We were going to hang out while my wife went shopping.

My computer decided to crash that morning and wouldn't start, so we joined my wife. We had fun showing her sexy clothes that we thought would look good on her.

She ended up buying a tight black mesh tank top and purple lace panties and bra that..
Poster: Gary | Full Story»

I Watched my Female Roomate Masturbate
I can't help but get dripping wet whenever I spy on my roomie playing with herself. She knows I look but doesn't care. She wears skimpy clothing all the time and really doesn't care what people think. And when I caught her in the act again today, my body was on fire. I stood there, petting my own pussy and lost in the sight of her fingers plunging in and out of her juicy hole.

Poster: Kiersten | Full Story»

Sex in a Photo Booth
Me and my boyfriend have always wanted to have public sex. Obviously, we didn’t just want to do it out in the open where everyone can see us because that’s kind of illegal.

We decided to find somewhere that was basically packed on the street and it was pretty hard but we finally came across this photo booth at the mall that no one ever uses.

Obviously, I was pre..
Poster: Fisher Chick | Full Story»

Wife Masturbating for Me
When we were young my wife and I went bar hopping with another couple, we got a room for the night not wanting to drive 50 miles or so home.

We hit one last bar close to motel and smoked a joint as we walked back to room. The girls were tired and my wife went into bathroom coming out with her bra and pants in hand just wearing a t-shirt and pink panties, it kinda turned me on how y..
Poster: doesn't matter | Full Story»

I Enjoy Watching my Husband with Younger Women
My husband and I have been married 28 years. We’ve been open and in the swinger/Hotwife lifestyle for nearly all of it. When we were younger, we typically only played/dated older couples/individuals.

However, ever since I turned 45, I have loved sharing and playing with younger couples. One couple we play with specifically has been a blessing for us.

Both are incr..
Poster: Married Happy Wife | Full Story»