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Sweet dare


Neighbors wanting to have fun
We tag along with one of our neighbors to a party at one of their friends house way out in the country. The only people I knew there was the neighbor who's had plenty of experience with me, my husband and my neighbors wife. My husband and neighbor had me wear my white essentially see-through dress, and sheer panties and sheer bra. I also wore cowboy boots with stocking that are thigh high. ..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

Back at it, after a long break
It’s been a seven or eight months since I posted to the forum, because nothing much has happened. Actually, what happened is my friend Kelly ended up freaking out after she and I gave each other’s husbands blowjobs after a game of strip poker. It goes to show that if you take sex or yourself too seriously you shouldn’t play these kinds of games. Stick to flashing on chatroulette. If you want..
Poster: Jessica | Full Story»

my ex gets lucky at a restaurant...
This story was told to me by an ex girlfriend when she was drinking wine and getting horny. She was a material girl and we were dressed up and eating at an exclusive steakhouse on the water. She liked expensive things and when she drank she wanted to pretend she was a porn star! Please email me with responses or if you would like to share the wildest thing you have done. Thanks!

Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

wife shared during party
a few years back, just after our wedding, my hot 27 year old wife,Laura, and I went to a friends party in Buffalo. These were wilder times for us and alot of people were doing ectasy at the party. We were tripping pretty good and my wife was lying on the carpet in the semi-dark basement and 3 other guys and a girl were down there with us.

Laura is an athletic brunette with long mus..
Poster: mark mgill | Full Story»

lets get it on
my bf and I were going on a trip. it wa a four hour ride and before I knew it I was horny. So I turned and said we need to stop. so we found an opened field and go out of the car and rode eachother right there in the grass. After a good 30 minutes we were back on the road but not long I got horny again. this time were not able to stop because were behind in time. So he unzipped his pants and pulle..
Poster: cindy | Full Story»

alley blowjobs are fun!
A few years ago I met a girl through a mutual friend that was unique in a lot of ways. She was blonde, short, and had a decent body, with medium sized breasts and a little extra ass. She wasn't beautiful, but she was kinda cute in a trailer park kinda way. She was dating a friend of mine for a little while and we went out partying with her and her friends. She started bragging to the table, wh..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

cougars on patrol!
I have enjoyed writing down some of my sexy stories and I hope you have enjoyed reading them. If you have any comments about them feel free to email me. Thanks! I thought I would share a fun experience that happened to me a few years ago. I was visiting some friends in the city and we headed out to a bar for a few drinks. The bar was very crowded and we luckily got a booth. We were drinking ..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

Wife Surprises my Anus!
My wife and I were watching porn the other day in bed and we were both masturbating. She likes to suck on my cock when she is playing with herself. (I happen to like it to). She often fantasizes that she is being fucked by another man while she sucks on my cock. So she was on her back and I was on my knees to her side with my cock in her mouth. Like she sometimes does, she reached behind me a..
Poster: Jon | Full Story»

Birthday party
My friends threw a party for me on my birthday and invited a bunch of my friends. Some of them showed up with their girl friends and others were still single girls andguys. Ever since I've knowned them, the have been wild drinker and party animals. It just took them a couple of hours to get drunk, loud and out of control. I was unaware they were going to celebrate my 21 birthday with a spanking, t..
Poster: Edwin | Full Story»

bikers get blown my my ex
I have another story from my ex with the betty page hairdo. She was short, with big soft C cup tits, a big heart shaped ass and great legs. She was pretty and had that intangible pinup quality that guys love. She loved to suck cock and this story is one she told me when she was drunk and letting loose with the sex stories from years past. I will tell it from her perspective, as she told it to ..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

double stuffed
This story is another told to me by an ex-girlfriend. I find it really erotic to hear stories about my girlfriend's previous promiscuous behavior, I am not sure why, but imagining her getting fucked by other guys, especially when she was less experienced, is better than a fantasy. My ex was 5'5" and 160 pounds, bleach blond with a betty page hairdo. She was pretty, and had big, floppy tits. Sh..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

getting laid at the tavern...
Here is another true story. I had a friend who was probably one of the easiest girls I ever met. She had shoulder length brown hair and a pierced nose, not really pretty but kind of average. She had smaller B-cup breasts, very nicely shaped, and a big ass. She had a flat stomach, and was not fat at all, but her ass was wide and her hips were broad. She could fill out a pair of jeans like few w..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

Gangbanged at a wedding reception
I have a platonic friend who was very straight when i first met her, but she has awoken sexually. She is a big girl, 5' 10" tall and very athletic, with big shoulders and big tits. She has incredible athletic legs, a big solid muscular ass, and very nice curves. She has brown hair, a shaved pussy, and a penchant for wearing come fuck me shoes. She loves to give sexy looks and be flirty, talk d..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

older women are so much better.
So I have been into older women for a long time, ever since I hit puberty. There has always just been something about a women who has matured into a fine thing. I finally got my chance at an older woman last week. She is this lady who lives across the street from me, who I do some things for her just to be a good neighbor. To tell you the truth she is someone who I can't really stand. She is ..
Poster: Edward | Full Story»

Roomate sex
I had an on again off again girl in college that wouldn't make a committment but she wanted me for herself too. She was a blonde, beautiful, athlete and had an incredible tight body and perfect B cup breasts. It was an odd relationship, and it started freshman year when we became really close friends. We would sleep together because i had three roomates and hers was always gone. We hooked up o..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

m needs a lil support...
so shes curious to post but is a lil self conscious. i wanna get ppl to tell her how great she sounds so she can get the confidence to show off!
so if the readers can email us and tell us how she sounds, with or without pics. and/or tell us what ud wanna do with someone like her. i feel itd boost that confidence enough shed wanna post!

shes 20. 5'11. red hair blue eyes. tight..
Poster: n | Full Story»

cheating ex girlfriend sex
This is a true story that happened to me a few years ago. I had a dated a girl for a while and she was pretty nasty in bed, she liked rough sex, as well as more normal, tender bedroom activities. She was short, slightly overweight and had very large breasts. They were incredible, big and shapely with perky nipples. She had a nice waist, beautiful green eyes, curly dark hair, and an absolutely ..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

my ex did two guys at once
Please be patient, as this is my first attempt at writing one of these stories, this story was told to me by my exgirlfriend about one of her experiences in college. She was 5' 9" tall, blonde, very pretty with smooth perfect skin, a little on the heavy side with beautiful 38DD breasts, and an absolutely beautiful face. I thought the story was pretty hot, so I am going to recount it as she told..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

I fucked my wife's cousin over the weekend.
I went with my wife to her moms house and her cousin was there and aunt. we all have a good together, swimming and BBQ. it was time for bed and my wife and I shared the same room. my wife went to sleep very quickly because she was tired from the long day. i could not sleep and had to use the bathroom. i did not realize that her cousin was in there about to shower and she did not lock the door, so ..
Poster: Drew | Full Story»

A surprise gift for a great boss.
I love my job! I work for a great company as a receptionist. My boss is a nice-looking single guy. I can tell by the way he looks at me that he thinks I’m hot – but of course he’d never do anything about it – he’s not that kind of guy. I’d take him for a spin, but I’m happily married.

I did, though, send him a sweet gift that he should be ‘getting’ any day now. I ..
Poster: Brittany | Full Story»

new dare
The other day while Michelle and I were driving, she finally agreed to do a dare on her own. I've been buggin her forever to post some pix that I haven't seen before.
She's always been dismissive when I asked her to post and suprise me, but has never had a problem getting naked and letting me post the pix online. Over the years we've posted hundreds of pix on various websites (I have to ..
Poster: Rich | Full Story»

My dad's new wife
well what can i say, my dad got remarried and she is a hot women. i have seen pics of her before, dressed ones and nude ones. she has a sexy body with 36C tits (i know because i have looked at her bar for the size), a nice round ass and her pussy is so pink and shaved. (i saw pics of her nude) pluse

one day i came home from work and she was home with out my dad. i said hi when i wal..
Poster: Drew | Full Story»

A drunken Dare
Let me introduce myself. I'm living in Wales, 5 ft 7 inches tall, with a full but slim figure (maybe with some more confidence I'll post a pic or two...).

My Husband and I used to live in a small house where the front door opened directly onto the street. It was on the edge of the town centre, and relatively quiet, but there was a pub at th far end of the road. My husband loves to s..
Poster: Emma | Full Story»

True story to share, happened about 3 months ago. I'm a 41 year old married guy. Our friends from out of town came to visit, Dave and Donna. Dave and I have known each other forever and heavy drinking is usually involved when we all get together. This particular night my wife went to bed earlier than the rest of us who stayed up drinking and talking. Without much warning Dave started taking Do..
Poster: Trent | Full Story»

My wife was with another women
One day about three weeks ago I came home early from work and saw my wife's car in the driveway. I was wondering why she was home so early because she usually gets home at 7pm. Then i thought maybe she got out early from work like I did. I went in my house and put my things down and called out to my wife to let her know I was home. i did not hear her answer me, so i went to our bedroom to see if s..
Poster: Drew | Full Story»

dirty dogs story was a lie
Dirty dog ur lastpost didnt make ense u said u and cindy ordered chinese vut the pizza was getting cold. and u took a pic with the pizza. Kinda strange, dont ya think
Poster: hburg3 | Full Story»

It was getting near dinner last night when Cindy says she doesn't feel like cooking. I asked her if she wanted to go out for something or order in. She said she didn't feel like dressing up to go out so let's just order in. I jokingly said, "If you don't feel like dressing up to go out, how 'bout dressing down to order in?". "What have you got in mind?", she says. "How about the pizza dare?" "How ..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»