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Sweet dare


Lake Day - The Beach and the Boat
This is a true story.

Me and my girlfriend Ann (for anonymous) was getting ready to take my boat to the lake. It’s a pontoon. There’s a beach we liked going to that had a reputation for wild parties. We’d rented an AirBNB for the weekend with a dock and a boat ramp so it was going to be perfect weekend.

If you’ve read previous stories you know she’s a curvy blond. Thick thighs and DDD tits.

For the lake she wore a tank top style bikini and cheeky bottoms that showed off her ass.

My buddy Andy (for anonymous) had gotten divorced about 2 months earlier. He was taking it pretty rough which can be expected. He’s been basically working and going home to his empty house for weeks. Claiming he wasn’t in the mood to go out. So we decided we’d “kidnap” him.

And haul him with us for the day. If he was willing. Lol.
We stopped by unannounced and told he was coming with us. He tried to make excuses not to go but we refused. Finally I threw him a beer and said let’s go. He finally gave in and got in the truck.

On the way he admitted he needed a day out. And a day on the boat sounded like a good time.

We put the boat in and headed straight to the beach. Andy and Ann got a drink. I’m always the DD. So nothing for me. It’s deep in a slough and a good ride from the house we rented.

After about a 45 min ride we made it. And the party was in full swing. There were about 10 boats beached and tied off. About 40-50 people. Tons of hot women. Andy was smiling big for the first time. Suddenly he was glad he came.

We beached and tied off. Got off and ran into some friends. I introduced Andy. He was pretty shy. He was started to see why we liked this spot though.

After a couple hours everyone had a pretty good buzz going. Me and Andy are on my boat. I noticed Ann and a group of 5-6 very hot women headed our way.

They said they have a surprise for him and to close his eyes and open them on the count of three.

He counts “1, 2, 3” and opens his eyes. Suddenly Ann pulls her top up to flash Andy her tits…but she was the only one. None of the others did.

Turns out it was Ann’s idea and the others decide not to go through with flashing Andy as kind of a prank on Ann.

She sees what going on and immediately turns red. Everyone laughing. She covers her boobs as fast as she could. Laughing and cussing at the others who chickened out. She said “good one. Y’all got me for sure”.

But Ann doesn’t embarrass easily especially after a good bit of tequila. So she says “fuck it”. Takes her top off and put it in her bag. Everyone stops laughing and starts to yell and clap. Even though it could get wild on the beach clothes rarely come off. So this was a shock.

Then she put her thumbs in the side of her bottoms and slides them off and puts them in the bag as well. Giving the whole crowd a look at her shaved pussy and big tits.

She grabs a beer from the cooler and tells the ones who tricked her “no fucking tans lines for me ladies”. And she got off the boat to hang out the crowd completely nude.
One of the girls decide to join her and stripped down naked. Getting the crowd cheering again.

Over the next hour, about a 1/3 of the women got either topless of fully nude. And about 1/2 the guys. Including me. Even shy Andy took off his trunks for a while. He was longer than me but not as girthy.

After a couple hours though everyone figured being completely nude could be a problem if someone saw us. So we put clothes back on. But about 1/2 the girls stayed topless all day. Figuring they could cover themselves if need be.

Well the sun was starting to set. The day was over. Ann decided to put a shirt instead of her swim top and be braless. It was thin so you could see her nipples. Andy couldn’t help but watch her boobs sway in that thin shirt.

As we headed back, Andy quickly fell back to that quiet, newly single, lonely guy. I was driving. Ann was on the back bench. Andy was laying on the front bench in front of me just staring at his phone. Felt bad for the guy.

Then I wondered…Ann and I have some pretty dirty talk when we have sex. Even using a dildo as a “MMF” threesome. She’ll suck it. While I fuck her. She’ll suck my dick while I use it on her. Would she do it for real??

It’s dark by now. No one could see. And she’s seemed interested in being shared. So I went for it. I called her over. She could see how sad Andy was. So I ask her “how about giving Andy a blowjob on our way back?”

She looked at me very shocked and quietly said “WTF?”
I reminded her of our MMF play in the bedroom and it’d be awesome to see it for real. She just sat back and didn’t say a word. But took a few shots of tequila. I thought “oh shit, I’ve pissed her off.”

But after few minutes she leans forward and ask “what would be the plan? How would I start that…if…if I wanted to?”

I thought for a few second and said “take your shirt off and leave it here. Then grab his dick and whisper in his ear ‘I’m about to suck you dick’”. That’s what I’d like to hear.

She sits back in her seat and doesn’t say anything for about 5 mins. Just takes a few more sips of tequila. Suddenly she tosses her shirt at me. I look to see her topless and she’s walking his way.

Before he can react, she put her hand down his trunks and said “I’m about to suck that big dick”.

He, shocked of course, sits up and looks at me. I just said “have fun buddy.” And gave him a thumbs up.
By this point, Ann already had his shorts down and started jerking him off to get him hard.

He had his hands on his head still try to figure out what was happening. It was actually pretty funny to see his reaction. He was def caught off guard.

Ann got him hard enough and looked at me to be sure I was ok with this. I nodded my approval and she took him into her mouth.

As I said in a previous story, she has absolutely ZERO gag reflex. She slowly sucked him taking him further and further she had his full length into her mouth and throat. And did her special talent of licking balls while deep throating . It was so damn hot. Watching her suck another dick.

Andy couldn’t believe it. No woman had ever gotten him in that far. He basically yelled “what the fuck!!”
He rubbed her ass. And played with her tits. Ended up being the biggest tits he’d ever touched.

She blew him for a good 20 minutes when I saw we were close to the airbnb we had rented. I didn’t want to spoil the party he was having so I just kept going passed to give him all the time he needed.

Finally he was about to cum. He ask where she wanted it. She said “In my mouth. That’s the only way to end a BJ”. Ann moved position a little facing more towards the back of the boat for some reason.

He started tensing up. And then I realized why Ann had moved. She looked me in the eye the whole time he was cumming in her mouth. When he finished she opened up to show me another man’s cum in mouth. Then closed her mouth and swallowed it. Hottest thing I’d ever seen. Andy decided not to put his shorts back on. Ann came back to her bottle of tequila for a few more shots.

Then she looked at me and said “your turn asshole”. So I took off my trunks and got my blowjob while Andy drove the boat.

Ann couldn’t resist jerking Andy off a little while sucking my dick.

After what I’d seen it didn’t take long before I came in her mouth. Which of course she swallowed. She now has swallowed two loads of cum from two different guys.

When we got back to the house it was pretty secluded and dark. We figured what the hell and walked from the dock to the house nude. No need to be shy at this point.

Def on of the hottest times we had. It was her first time sucking two dicks back to back like that. It ended up being a night full of first.

We continued the party at the lake house. But I’ll save that part for another day.
Poster: Anonymous