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Sweet dare


A Date with a School Boy
I was in my office at work talking to my co worker about mu husband Bob and his business partner having to go to Sydney to meet some clients of theirs.

Mark must have overheard me talking to Emma during lunch as I asked her if she fancied a night out on the Friday, but she had other plans.

My husband Bob and I have a very open marriage and I have had a few threesomes with him and other guys in the past, mainly with Jim and my bosses son Lance, I had also had a threesome with Lance and Mark, after the company Christmas party a few weeks earlier.

[See my story published here in October 2023.] -mark

Mark came into the office later while I was on my own, said he would love to take me out and buy me dinner, I told him I didn't think it was a good idea for us to be alone together on a date as I was old enough to be his Mother, and what had happened after the party was due to me having too much to drink and the cheeky bugger said, “Then can't you pretend to be my Mother?”

He was very persistent, telling me how much he loved what we did together and it would be nice to be alone with me, against my better judgement I told him I would think about it.

Later I was thinking about the nice cock he had and the orgasms he gave me during that night, I finally gave in and accepted his invitation but told him I would do the paying.

We went to a local Asian restaurant that I have been visited with my husband and Jim a few times, I arranged to meet him close to his home.

When we got to the restaurant the owner greeted me then asked who the nice young man was, quickly I told her it was my son and with Bob being away on business we decided to have a night out.

We did enjoy a nice meal together with Mark being very attentive to me and asking me all kinds of questions, not once referring himself, till I asked him about his girlfriends, I knew I certainly wasn't the first to enjoy his cock after my threesome with him.

I was getting the impression he would be breaking a few hearts as he got older, it was turning out to be a date after all.

It was only seven thirty when we left the restaurant so we decided to take in a movie ending up in a very dark corner where Mark tentatively put his arm around me, I let him stroke my breast over my top, it brought back so many memories of my teen years and the groping I got watching movies then.

I was reliving my own youth, enjoying his attention so much I let him take a few liberties with me that I hadn't done in a public cinema for years.

He soon slipped his hand inside my top then lifted my bra, started tweaking my nipples which I love having done to me.
I couldn't believe I was doing this as a mother of two children, his other hand crept up my thigh to my by now very wet crotch.

With one hand cupping my tit and the other caressing my cunt, I forgot all about where we were, I closed my eyes, letting Mark do what he wished, I even opened my legs, he soon had a couple of fingers inside me, stroking my clitoris with his thumb.

I reached out, unzipped him, took out his very hard cock, as I stroked him he was actually shaking as though he was cold then shot a huge load of cum all over the seat in front, its a good job no one was sat in it.

He was now finger fucking me to an orgasm both of us moaning together I am sure the whole audience in the cinema knew what had just happened.

Now feeling embarrassed we covered up and leaving quickly, we left before the lights came back on.

When we got into the car he was kissing me again and I had to fight him off as we were sitting in a shopping centre car park.

I wanted him to fuck me like the last time, took him home with me, as soon as we were inside the door I dragged him to my bedroom and quickly undressed him.

My god!!, he was hard as a rock again, seven inches of cock standing to full attention in front of me, I went down on my knees taking it into my mouth, tasting the left over cum on his prick that was spent in the back row of the cinema.
Marks knees shaking when told me that he wanted to fuck me, just like that, “I want to fuck you.”

As soon as I stood up he started undressing me, kissing his way down my body as he removed my clothes, cupping my breasts then sucking my nipples he worked his way down my body.

Sticking his tongue into my belly button as I stood before him, now with just my panties then he laid me down onto my back on the bed at the same time sliding them down her legs till my dripping wet cunt was exposed to this young man.

As this was happening it dawned on me that he must have been watching me and Lance together, all the time I thought he was asleep in bed, he obviously learnt something because he was soon licking his way around my very swollen labia and clitoris, he was a natural cunt licker, quickly bringing me to my second orgasm of the night.

I pulled him up on top of me and guided his magnificent cock into me.

Once again could not believe the staying power that such a young boy of 18 had as he gave me more and more orgasms until finally he groaned, telling me I was fantastic before shooting his hot cum up inside me.

He lay on top of me while we kissed, our tongues entwined together, till finally his soft cock slipped out of me, I jumped up as he rolled onto his back and grabbed a towel from the bathroom then wiped myself and his dick of our juices.

It was now close to ten pm so I told him to get dressed so I could take him home.

He then said, ”Can I stay the night with you, I won't tell anyone honest?” “God no, your mother is probably already worried as to where you are.”

“Can I phone her and tell her I'm with one of me school mates who asked me if I can stay the night?”

He was almost pleading with me, I mind was saying no, my lust saying “You can enjoy his cock all night, you don't have to go to work tomorrow,” my lust won.

His mother was a bit concerned so asked to speak to his friends mother.

Well I felt very devious telling his mum that he could stay as it would be no trouble to have him here, she then agreed.

By the way, he told his mother his school mates name was Bob.

He was an incredible lover and certainly satisfied my lust for this young man.

Mark was asleep when I woke up and lying there completely naked, his cock limp against his thigh.

I let him sleep as I made coffee and was wearing a see through nightie when he finally joined me in the kitchen, the first thing he did was kiss me on the lips, he was still naked, giving his cock a few squeezes I guided him to the shower, we soaped each other up.

I sucked his cock before he held me against the shower wall and slid his magnificent cock into me, it was there he gave me another orgasm before shooting his cum into me.
We dried each other off and I couldn't believe it, he was hard again, I was to sore to have him fuck me again, I lay him on the bed and sucked him till once again this stud had an orgasm.

I told Bob about my night with Mark, I certainly wanted more of this young man so because we had no where else to go, I invited him home l knew my husband would be all for watching as Mark fucked me. he was a bit shy the first time but was soon enjoying watching me fuck with Bob as well.

He went off to college and I'm sure the girls he fucked while there enjoyed this experienced young man, I did learn that he had fucked a few girls before he and I got together so I wasn't the only one to help him on his way.

We did get to see him marry a lovely girl though we where strangers to those in attendance and as he left the church his eyes fell upon us and he gave a very discrete wink as he passed us.

He now has his own children, is now a Doctor, I wonder if?
No better not, it wouldn't do to have his receptionist walk in as he was fucking me.
Poster: Carol Ward