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Sweet dare


Late Starter Groupie
I was in my fifties but still pert with a neat petite figure and men had told me I was beautifully proportioned including the man I am about to tell you about.

I had followed a well known Irish singer and gone to several of his concerts. I noticed during intervals some of his supporting band would remain on stage and talk to fans.

One event I did the same. Now most of the band were quite bland, but one man, I will call him Johnnie was quite a character and got up to funny antics during the concert and did some solos and he was very popular with most fans.

As I looked up at the stag John who was a bit older than me came across to me and asked for my name. After a chat and there was quite a few people around he asked for my mobile number. I supplied him with it not thinking he would contact me.

He did in fact ring me and luckily my husband was out. He told me he would be going to Cardiff soon and I said I already had tickets for that event so he told me his hotel so that I could stay at the same one.

Eventually the day came and when I got to the hotel I texted him to let him know I was there. He quickly replied with his room number and to come on up. Now I am not stupid and I knew I was going into the lions den but I was flattered he was after me so I half expected a snog and maybe a grope.

On reaching his door I gently tapped it and he immediately opened it and pulled me in, across to and onto his bed and started feeling my tit.

I fought him off but all he said was this is what all you women want. I told him to wait while I freshen up to bide some time. I went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet seat top and thought whether to leave or see if I could get some rapport between us. I decided I would go down to my undies and let him have a fondle and hopefully we would then have a chat.

I removed my trousers and walked back into the bedroom. Johnnie was sat up with his back against the headboard grinning. I walked to the bottom of the bed and began to undo my blouse and as I did this he began to la la the stripper tune.

I laughed and played along and I was soon just in my bra and thong. I remember my thong had a Union Jack on it. Johnie kept la la ing the stripper and obviously wanted more so I stepped up onto the bottom of the bed and reached behind and unfastened my bra and I let the straps slip down my arms while holding the cups before flinging it off and exposing my tits.

Bearing in mind I had never done a striptease before it seemed he was enjoying it.

Even now he was still doing la la la de la la la and clearly wanted a full show. I thought what the heck I have gone this far so I pulled my thong strap down over my bottom and as I did I laughed to myself as an English girl surrenders the Union flag to the Irish.

I let the thong drop and kicked it away and danced naked in front of him. I had only really seen Johnnie on stage and in videos, now here I was in his room and in less than 5 minutes I was starkers flashing everything I had.

I walked up the bed astride his legs and he could see clearly my fanny lips. I dropped down onto him and put my arms around his neck and rubbed my tits into his face and mouth while he took a firm hold of my ass.

I undressed him and got hold of his cock which was fairly short and dumpy but that did not seem to worry him. I sucked his cock and then he tried to get on top of me and fuck me. I didn’t let him I rolled him onto his back held his throbbing cock and wanked him and he soon cum up. I got some tissue by the bedside and wiped him dry before giving his bellend which was still exposed a kiss.

Johnnie said he had to pop out to have something to eat before the concert but for me to wait for him. The room was warm so when he left I washed and led nude on the bed. He was quickly back and he stripped off and we went at it again.

We had oral sex. I sucked his cock while he sucked my fanny and then I gave him another wank. After a while I got up and as I searched for my thong we discussed when we would have a chance to meet again.

Over the next four or five years we would meet up two or three times a year. We always met in either his or my room. We were always naked in minutes of our meeting and I stayed that way until we had to split which was usually for several hours.

We always messed about on top the beds because the rooms were so warm. I was quite casual being nude with him even though I would not see him for long periods, at times I would lie by him or be walking around doing something while he talked to his wife on his mobile.I think Johnnie saw me naked far more than with any clothes on.

On one occasion when in Bristol after a session I had got up and washed and went to my handbag and sprayed some scent over myself. Johnie was watching as I stood there and I told him I have to do this because my husband will be taking me home and I don’t want to smell of spunk. ( I had got my husband to drop me off at the hotel telling him I was meeting a friend and arranged for him to collect me a few hours later.)

Johnie laughed and I told him it was alright for him as he would not be seeing his wife for days. He said but he might be seeing someone else! He was trying to goad me but it may well have been true he was in another city the next day.

I crawled up onto the bed and knelt up beside him. I told him he was a naughty boy he got hold of a tit and with his other hand my bare ass and said I was a naughty girl. We fell upon each other groping and sucking each other parts and I wanked him off again.

I looked at a bedside clock and could see I was 40minutes late so I hurriedly dressed and left I told my husband a friend had cum late which was sort of the truth and he didn’t ask too many questions.

The last time we met was again in Bristol I had got my husband to drop me off while he visited a museum.
On entering Jonnies room I stood in front of him and just stripped off. He grabbed me turned me around kissed my neck rubbed his hand over me and put his fingers inside me getting me soaking.

We fell onto the bed and I helped him off with his clothes and he rolled on top of me and opened my legs up with his hand. I don’t know why but on this occasion I let him fuck me. I could barely feel him but he went at it and I felt his spunk explode in me. He rolled over I reached for some tissue.

I wiped his cock and put some between my legs to stop it dripping onto the bedsheet. I got up and went to the bathroom where I let the rest of his spunk drain out before washing myself. I strolled back into the bedroom with Johnie watching me. I led next to him and we chatted and petted and I worked on his cock a bit and he got another erection and with that he got back on top me and gave me another fuck.

He got off me and I quickly got up as there was no tissue left and the spunk was dribbling out. I walked to the bathroom with as much dignity as I could before washing myself again and bring some tissue with me.

I got hold of his cock which was shrunken and soft and I pulled back his foreskin and wiped him. He made some joke about having two fucks. I led next to him but he put the tv on and started watching football.

I was a bit miffed but did not say anything I just kept pestering him by kissing him making him hold my tits and I played with his cock. To my surprise it stirred into life so I sat astride him and lent forward dangling my boobs into his mouth.

I sat up and reached behind and his cock was hard. I immediately sat back and onto it. Johnie held my hands and our arms were stretched as I jumped up and down on him I saw him watching my boobs bounce and then he came again. I thought Christ not bad 3 times for a man of his age and he wasn’t in best physical shape.

I fell onto his chest and hugged him but after a couple of minutes he said I best go as he had to get ready.

I didn’t like the way he said it . I thought you fucked me and that’s it.

I cleaned myself up and got my clothes together meantime Johnie was dressed. I put my clothes on a chair and with my hands on my hips I had a quick conversation with him but all the time thinking have a good look Johnie because you will never see me naked again.

I left without arranging to meet again and it was the last time I saw him intimately.

What I haven’t had time to get over was Johnnie was fun in bed he made me laugh and it was enjoyable. There was nothing ever going to come out of relationship I was just one of probably many he used to break up the boredom of tours.

For my part I liked the fact that a reasonably famous man in his field picked me out of a crowd of hundreds. I doubt very much I would have gone to bed with him if it wasn’t for the fact of who he was and his connection with the international singer.

I don’t regret what I did as I said it often was very good fun and so I don’t begrudge him getting a fuck out of me in the end.
Poster: Di