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Sweet dare


Pizza Dare
My wife and I got married when we were both only 18. Lynn had been raised very conservatively in a small ultra conservative town the daughter of the local preacher.

She'd always had to dress in a way to hide her body and wear her long red hair up in a bun. But all that changed quick after we got married. It started by us taking nude pictures one night with her wearing a sexy garter belt & stockings, spiked heels, and a totally see through housecoat that didn't button or tie closed, so stayed open in front.

All of this had been given to her by one of her cousins along with some make-up as a secret wedding present.

After seeing how she looked dressed like that with eye shadow, lipstick, and nail polish she couldn't believe how sexy she looked.

But at 5-8, 120 lbs, and a sexy 34-DD-24-35 body with long red hair & matching bush, I'd always known she was hot. After seeing the pictures she started wondering if the guys who'd developed them had been turned on.

In bed she was even talking about it, fantasizing about them making copies and showing them to their friends or taking them home and jerking off looking at them as they imagined her sucking their cock or fucking her. And it made her horny as hell.

It wasn't long before she was ordering more sexy outfits. And though she still had to dress conservative around town. At home in front of my friends she started wearing really short shorts and skimpy tops with no bra.

And she loved watching them checking out her sexy ass and big tits. She'd bend over to sit snacks & drinks down letting her top fall open so they could see her tits. And it wasn't long before things went farther and we started having some hot threesomes with some of my friends.

And we got in the swinger lifestyle meeting couples to swap with through swinger magazines, as it was before computers in homes. The wife of the first couple we met turned out to be bi, and I was surprised when she let the girl suck her tits. But more surprised when after a long hot kiss, Lynn started sucking the other girls tits. And before long they were in a hot 69 eating each other's pussy.

The other husband and I just watched and took pictures that night. But after than when we'd meet we'd let the wives hook-up, then we'd get with each other's wife. It was so hot fucking another guys wife as he fucked Lynn.

So we changed our ad in the swinger magazine to say we were looking for couples with bi wives. Us being only 18 and Lynn looking like she did, and me being 6-5, 260 with a thick cock we got offers from more couples than we'd ever imagined.

So we were having threesomes with guys & swapping with couples with bi wives and soon having threesomes with single girls as well.

But we'd started going out of town to meet up with people we met through our ad's and that's when things really got hot. We started picking up strangers for hot threesomes and even occasionally 3-4 guys for a small gang bang in our hotel room.

As well as going to adult bookstores with glory holes. Where once in the back Lynn would strip and go from booth to booth naked. Sucking & fucking guys off through the holes or at times in a booth with the door open so others could watch as they waited their turn.

She also exposed herself whenever and where ever she possibly could. She loved to order room service or order from places that delivered and answer the door in totally see through lingerie.

She'd let them in as she stood behind the door so they didn't see her until she closed the door. She had lots of lights on so her outfits were so see-through she might as well have been naked because you could see every inch of her body.

I'd hide on the balcony or in the bathroom so as not to spook them. She had several guys comment on how hot she was or say they wished all their sexy customers opened the door dressed like that.

The only one who'd actually went further was a hot girl around our age. She didn't try and hide that she was checking out Lynn's body, or that she liked what she saw.

Then she commented on how smooth that material looked and asked if she could feel of it. Lynn said sure feel anything you like. The girl felt of the material on the shoulder then moved down and rubbed the material over one of Lynn's tits.

She'd slid her hand inside and was fondling Lynn's tits as Lynn was groping the girl from room service. Just as the girl leaned forward and took one of my wife's tits in her mouth and moved one hand to her bare cunt the phone rang and it was the girls boss asking if she'd left.

Lynn said she had just left and said she'd been so helpful and told him she'd lost the key to her suitcase and the girl helped her get into it. And commented on how she should be commended for her outstanding service to guest.

Lynn gave her a long kiss and told her she'd have loved to have finished what they'd started and ask if she could come back after work.

She said she wished she could but her husband picked her up and he had no idea she was very bisexual. After that Lynn decided to be more aggressive wanting to have sex with one of the delivery people.

But we knew it would be hard to do with people from room service. So we started to order more from pizza & Chinese places that delivered.

She had a few guys feel her up and suck on her tits but it hadn't gone beyond that. But one night she ordered a pizza and had a garter belt & stockings and sheer housecoat laid out to put on with a pair of 4" heels and had started fixing up her make-up.

When there was a knock on the door. They had gotten there in record time. I went out on the balcony and figured Lynn would put on the housecoat real quick. But to my surprise she stepped into her heels and answered the door totally naked.

She stood behind the door and told him to put it on the table. After he'd passed her she closed the door and there was a sexy 19-yo redhead with big tits standing there naked as the day she was born.

She walked across the room to get his money and bent over with her tits hanging down and sexy ass up in the air. She always put her purse under a chair so she could bend over like that, and went through her purse getting the money as she stayed bent over.

She was watching his reflection in a mirror and saw him adjusting his cock, so she knew he'd gotten hard looking at her. She got some money out of her purse but only enough for the pizza. Then walked over to the closet and looked through the pockets of a jacket.

Finally she walked toward him putting a bounce in her step so her tits would bounce around. All the delivery guys before had been our age or just a little older, but this guy looked to be in his mid 40s.

And had said he'd gotten there so quick because he'd been on his way home, and she knew buy his ring he was married. But she also noticed he was trying to pretend like he wasn't looking he was openly checking out every inch of her sexy body and was mature enough to know she wasn't walking around naked by accident.

And seeing the garter belt & stocking on the bed he knew she liked looking sexy and he saw the housecoat she could have easily put on but chose not to. As he looked over her sexy body he was openly rubbing his hard cock through his pants.

As she got closer she started saying she had enough to pay for the pizza, but not for a tip. But that/ and he cut her off. He said you have some other way to show your appreciation. Which was close to what she was going to say. But not wanting to suggest anything he said what did you have in mind?

She'd reached him by then and handed him the money, then put her hand on his belt and said oh, I have something I think you'd like more than a couple of bucks. He said really and what might that be? She asked if he liked getting his cock sucked? He said sure, then said or from what he remembered and said it had been a while and his wife wouldn't give him head.

Lynn asked if he'd like for her to suck his cock for him. Still not wanting to suggest anything he asked if she wanted to. By then she'd figured out why he was being that way so said yes that once she saw he'd gotten hard looking at her she'd been hot, thinking about sucking his cock for him while he played with her tits. Then told him she loved sucking cock and especially to strangers.

Soon she had his pants off and was sucking his cock while he took his shirt off. So now he was naked too. He reached down and started fondling her tits as he was commenting how good if felt having her suck his cock like that. Then asked if she'd suck lots of guys off. She said not as many as she'd have liked. Then he asked how old she was? When she said 19 he said his daughter was 19.

Then she asked if he liked fucking a girls, and he said of course. She said what she was going to say was did he like fucking a girls tits? Then added that she loved having guys fuck her tits & shoot off on them. He said he'd never done it, but it sounded really hot.

She got up on the bed and he straddled her and put his cock between her tits as she pressed them together and he started pumping his cock between them. After only a few minutes he shot a huge load of cum on her face & tits. She sat up and started lifting her tits up licking cum off. Then let her fingers scoop up the rest and sucked it off of them. Then got a wash cloth for both of them and he watched as she cleaned up her tits & face. He'd cleaned up but she noticed he was already semi-hard again.

She had him lay back on the bed and got between his legs and started sucking him off again. He was hard again in no time. So she asked what he was thinking about while she sucked his dick. He said he'd thought about what it would be like to fuck her?

She said any particular position? He paused and then said actually he was fantasizing about fucking her in the ass ever since seeing her bent over getting the money, but said if she wasn't into that any position, but that he'd really like to see if she fucked as good as she sucked dick. She told him she loved getting fucked in the ass. But she wanted him to wear a condom. Soon he was fucking the hell out of my wife's sexy ass, as he reached around groping her tits.

She could tell he was ready to cum and told him to fuck her mouth. She pulled the condom off and he started pumping his cock in & out of her mouth and she stopped for a minute and said shove it in, fuck my throat. He really started skull fucking her as he held her head and pounded his cock in as far as he could. He finally shot his cum down her throat and she swallowed it with ease, then licked his cock & balls clean.

He sucked her tits some more and went down & ate her pussy for a while. Then asked her to try and get him hard again with her mouth. After getting hard again he said he really wanted to fuck that sweet pussy of hers. She got him to fuck her doggie style saying she loved being fucked from behind. And surprised him when she said preferably with another guys big dick in her mouth, wanting to try and excite him.

Then she added, or another hot girls pussy to eat. That really turned him on, and he started fucking her harder & faster as he asked how many girls she'd been with and how old she was the first time she had another girl eat her and how old the other girl was? As she gave him answers he asked more questions. Like if he'd ever let guys watch her doing another girl? She told him once she'd let a few guy watch her and another girl have sex and then they sucked them all off. He shot off in her pussy about then and just rolled over totally spent.

He got dressed and she walked him to the door. As they stood in the doorway he reached over and cupped one of her tits as she stood halfway outside totally naked. About then 2 guys a couple of years younger than us came around the corner.

She's sure they saw his hand on her tits, but he pulled it away. The guys were checking out her tits & pussy as the jabbed each other with their elbow, they finally looked her in the face and she'd made no attempt to go inside or cover anything up. She just smiled and said hi, and said doesn't the ocean air smell good? They said yes and seemed to be looking for something to say as they looked over her body some more. The pizza guy left and she told the guys she hoped they had a nice night and turned to go inside then looked back and said she had some pizza and couldn't eat it all and asked if they wanted some. They came in and she made no effort to cover up.

She got some sodas out of the cooler and got some napkins and bent over between them to set it down letting her tits rub against their arm and as she stood up turned letting her tits rub against one of them's head.

She stood up as she ate her pizza letting them see her hot body. They were obviously turned on, but didn't know how try anything. She asked if they liked seeing girls in garter belts & stockings? Neither had seen a real girl wearing anything like that.

So she put the garter belt & stocking on and put her heels back on. She said how good they felt and let them run their hands over the stockings. Then after them saying it felt good she moved their hands up to her pussy and then up to her tits, and asked if they liked how those felt.

She had to ask them to put her tits in their mouth & sucking them. Then she moved them to the end of the bed. Soon she had their cocks out and was taking turns sucking them off until they were about to cum and she jerked them off until they both had shot off on her tits.

She was pretty sure neither guy had seen a girl naked before, much less had a girl suck them off. So she thought she'd try something and stood up right in front of them and said you know what to do now don't you? They had a blank look so she said you know you're supposed to lick & suck my tits clean.

They looked confused but both leaned forward and started licking & sucking her tits clean, licking up their own and each other's cum off of her tits. She told them how much it turned her on to have see guys licking up each others cum from a girls tits, and said it was to bad more guys weren't there to shoot more cum for them all to lick up.

Then she asked if they'd ever sucked each other off? One was about to say no and the other spoke up and said some. She asked what he meant and he said they'd sucked each other off some but didn't cum in each others mouth. She said why, then said didn't the cum on my tits taste good? Both said yes. and she didn't miss a beat and said if you'll suck each other off whoever cums last could fuck her.

Soon they were on the bed sucking each other's cock. They were sucking & stroking each other as fast as they could wanting the other to cum first. They both shot off and they swallowed each other's cum. Both saying the other one shot off first. Lynn said it looked like a tie, so she guessed she'd have to fuck both of them. They flipped a coin to see who went first.

But they both admitted they'd never fucked a girl before. When they finally did neither lasted long and had quickly shot their load inside her. It surprised them when she thanked them and said the pizza guy wasn't that good a fuck and that she needed to be fucked good like they'd done. They strutted out like they'd really done something.

Not knowing she was just trying to make them feel good. But what she'd done with the pizza guy was the turn-on for me. But he wasn't the only older guy she did that way.

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Poster: Like2watch1576