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Sweet dare


Party wife 10/10/2023
Party wife 10/10/23 Back to it.

Been a while, major illness in the family (not us) but all well now thankfully.

So as usual the grandparents were more than willing to have the kids again so we could have a few days away. We booked a well known cheap motel thing. The first night was quiet, we both needed a rest, a few drinks in a nearby pub and sleep.

The next night we saw a movie, had dinner and back to the same pub, nice but rustic like, a few side booths and plenty of tables. After three or four drinks an old acquaintance caught our attention with a wave from the bar. You know when you recognise someone, but not wherefrom?

Mid forties and square cut, he walked over and said, “Hi, Marcin, we met at a wedding a few years back?” (See 9/5/19)

He knew Karen's name but I had to tell him mine. It soon came back, Marcin, Polish and a few others had had Karen at a wedding bash in a hotel not far from where we were. They had a thing for fucking her on the small balcony. Marcin was waiting for Jakob and Bogdan, Both had been at the same do and had Karen too.

Naturally we all sat together and during the seat shuffling as we took turns getting the drinks in, Bogdan and Marcin ended up with my wife between them. I'm sure she had been felt up already, not difficult when she is wearing her favourite short black skirt, stockings and white suspenders and t cut panties. Her silky light blue camisole top showed she had no bra and she had already removed her light weight matching cardigan as it was a warm night.

In case you have forgotten or have not read our earlier posts, going back to Feb. 19, Karen is 6' in bare feet, short blond hair and built like Xena but with bigger boobs, creamy white skin. A body built to be fucked.

Marcin had his left arm round Karen's shoulders and pulled on the shoulder strap of the camisole to get a better view of her chest, That meant the distant look was down to Bogdan doing something under the table. Jakob went for more drinks and I played footsie with the Mrs.

Marcin squeezed in closer and slid his left hand down to play with Karen's left nipple and she sighed out an orgasm. I looked over to Marcin and gave a small nod, he grinned and carried on stroking my wife's tit.

Jakob thought maybe we had attracted some attention so we left after those drinks. Jakob and Bogdan were happy to make sure Karen walked steadily. Apparently this meant Jacob had to keep raising the skirt halfway up Karen's arse and keeping it warm with his hand.

We came to some traffic lights where the traffic was still a bit busy. Jakob had his hand up Karen's skirt and must have had a finger or two inside her snatch, she bent over a little and came in front passing cars. Jakob chuckled and said something in Polish and the two others grunted.

Marcin told me Jakob had said it was about time she was fucked. I agreed.

We turned off the main path and toward a small copse behind what I think was a supermarket on the edge of a retail site, There were a couple of piles of rubbish and an old screwed up duvet that was rather dirty. I said that here looked good and Marcin told me that was why they brought us this way.

From the copse we couldn't see out well and so hopefully no one would see in. Jakob immediately had Karen's skirt up around her middle and Bogdan removed her top. Somehow Karen was on her back on the duvet and Marcin slid off her panties. She was so wet that Marcin just slid straight in as he raised her legs to his shoulders. Karen came within two minutes calling for some spunk. A few minutes later she got it.

Bogdan went next, mumbling in Polish as he rode my wife. I knelt down to put my cock in her mouth and took about a minute to shoot down her throat. Bogdan pumped away hard for ages making her cum twice more before he shot inside her too.

As Jakob took his turn Marcin motioned to the nearby building where we could hear voices. We listened for a minute or so and they went away, I was wondering if Karen could have had more takers.

With her third load Karen was done. She looked like she was just fucked in the woods as we walked back to our room, the girl on reception gave us a sort of look.

Next day we did a little sight seeing and Karen did some flashing here and there. She was quite horny by dinner time. We went out to a burger place for dinner, then found a different pub and enjoyed a few drinks, Karen wearing a tight ish snap fastened blouse, no bra, and a pleated almost school gym like skirt, deep blue.

Karen was eyeing a guy near the bar who eyed her back. He soon had a couple of friends with him who also eyed. They were around twenty to twenty five I guess, T-shirts and jeans with jackets nearby.

I asked Karen if she was pulling and she no, she had pulled. So what was the plan I asked. It was not what I thought.

Two drinks later and Karen said it was time to go. Leaving her fans behind we went outside to find Jakob waiting in a car. He was taking us to a house, as arranged by him and Karen the night before. I was interested in the fact that this was the first I knew of it.

At the house Karen stripped as soon as we entered, leaving a trail of clothes going up the stairs. Jakob was behind her in front of me. He told Karen it was the room on the right and in she went. On the double bed was a set of restraints, A T shaped chain with straps, one for each wrist, and the single part fixed to the headboard. Karen lay down and we strapped her in.

Jakob began eating my wife out, reaching up to play with her tits. After a few minutes he moved up to fuck her, slipping his cock into her with ease, and fucked her hard to orgasm just before he came inside her. I went next, quickly shooting up her wet hole.

Next, Jakob and I went downstairs to a room with several guys in, all shapes and sizes and shades, drinking beer. No studs though. Jakob told them it was time and they set off in an orderly line to go fuck my slut wife.

We let them go for a few minutes and then joined them. We stood in the doorway and watched as they took turns to fuck Karen. There was a fairly fat and hairy guy pounding away and Karen was actually moaning in a way that I know means she is coming, long and slowly. The guy was saying;

“And I bet you do this all the time you whore. You have no morals you slut, you're just a cum dump with a name, I bet you fuck every bloke that wants to fuck your slut cunt.”

He went on until he told her, “Here comes the spunk slut, what you're here for, stranger cum in you whore pussy, take it and thank me you...” And he shot his load deep inside her with deep stabbing moves while droning, “Slut, slut. Slut...”

When he went still and quiet Karen said to him, “Thank you, thanks for the cum, thanks.”

He said nothing but just climbed off and left the room, pulling up his track suit bottoms that he had just lowered to fuck my wife.

The next chap in line crawled up Karen and slid in, squeezing out the juices from the previous loads and raising her legs to his shoulders. Karen moaned as she was refilled with cock. Jakob and I went downstairs and had some beers.

For about three hours we listened to sounds of fucking from upstairs, I went up twice to look in and see Karen taking cock after cock, one time there was a guy taking her arse from behind while another held her hair to face fuck her from in front. I watched as she took a mouthful of come from a skinny short guy with a mass of pubes, then went back to my beer.

The last fucker finally left after thanking us for a great time, and we went up to Karen. I fucked her from behind for a bit while she blew Jakob, then we swapped to unload in the opposite holes.

We undid the restraints and left Karen to recover for a while. After a shower she came down and dressed in the blouse and skirt, and a fresh pair of pants which soaked up cum that still oozed a little. Jakob then gave Karen £500 as her 'Share' of the takings. Another surprise for me.
Saying our goodbyes to Jakob we took a cab to our room and slept deeply.

We left after lunch that day for one quiet night at home before the kids arrived, Karen now wants to record some action purely for our viewing. We will have to see, after we talk a bit.
Poster: Ivan