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Fling at work
Continued fun post-conference....
At work dare And Doreen notice
nightclub 3
More fun, continued #2.....
The fun continues.....
Fun at the Conference
Rick and Molly continued
First BJ
Having fun on the floor

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Sweet dare


My mom and dad divorced when I was 15. Two years later my dad married Jessica. She was a stunning, young 36 year old, with an 18 year old daughter, Kate. For my 18th birthday dad rented a villa in Italy and all four of us went there for a month. On about the third day, Kate and I were at the pool. Kate took a swim and when she came out, everything was visible through her wet swimsuit. She asked me to put lotion on her back when she lay down. I was happy to do it and thankfully she couldnt see my erection, which was really obvious at this stage. I was a bit embarrassed and as soon as I put the lotion on, I went to my room. I had just got there, when Jessica called me to come down stairs. She asked me to help her in the gym as my dad had gone into town. We went to the gym, which was a seperate building attached to the villa. Jessica asked me to hold her ankles while she did some sit-ups. As soon as she started, I could see her pussy quite plainly through the side of her loose shorts. She asked me then to kneel and she faced away from me, asked me to put her leg on my shoulder and move up and down, to help her stretch. I could see everything. Her pussy, her asshole...I was hard as a rock and sweating and hoping she wouldn't turn around. She stopped, I stood up and when she turned around, her nipples were pressing against her top. She said "I saw you with Kate, by the pool..." My cock was visibly throbbing through my shorts. "You're well equipped" she giggled. She walked over to me and without stopping, pulled down my shorts, took my cock and started sucking hard and fast. She stopped as suddenly, kissed me and said we would have to be careful. She left the gym and I finished myself off. She carried on as if nothing had happened, for the next two days. I began to think I had imagined it. She hardly looked at me. She asked my dad on the second day would he take Kate shopping in Rome. My dad asked me to join them but Jessica said she could do with a hand cleaning around the villa. When they had left, I heard the shower and about twenty minutes later, Jessica shouted up to me would I like some lunch. I said yeah and she called me when it was ready. She was wearing a t-shirt and sandals and looked beautiful. We chatted about this and that and then she said that a half hour would get the villa clean. I was dissapointed and she saw that. She kissed me gently and then more forcebly. "We must clean or they will wonder what we were doing all day" She wore nothing under the t-shirt. I could see the little pubic hair she had was gone. When we finished cleaning, she called me to the bathroom. She took off my shirt and shorts. She said I had a lovely cock. "Much bigger than your dad...and he ain't small" she laughed. She asked me to stand facing the bath. "18 year olds got way too much jizz...lets get rid of some so I can have some fun". She stood behind me, cupped my balls in her left hand and wanked me with her right. She rubbed her tits on my back. I came in seconds. "Told you" she teased. I went to turn around. She hadn't stopped pulling. "No...once more" She licked my ear, squeezed my balls and rubbed her knee against my asshole. Once again, I had a huge orgasm. It took a few minutes to come this time. She turned me around and put her tongue deep in my mouth. "Ever fingered a girl?" she asked. I said I had. We went to the bedroom. She lay down on the bed and beckoned me beside her. We kissed, I moved to her breasts. Her breathing was fast but quiet. I started to put my finger in but she stopped me. "Two this" she said. She held my hand and worked it the way she wanted. Her groans became louder. "Lie across me" she said. "Is my ass pretty?" I said yes. "Finger finger" I hesitated. "It's ok...I like it. Do it....please" My hand was like a steam hammer in her snatch. She came, writhing violently. I was hard again. "Would you like to fuck my ass" she said. I didn't even know girls did that. "Open the drawer" There was a bottle of ky jelly in there. "Bring it" she said. I followed her to the shower. She turned on the shower and took me in. Her hands rubbed me as she kissed my mouth. Her nails dug into my ass as she bit on my lip. The heat was unbearable. She went to my cock and started to suck and lick. Much harder than the first time. She put some gel on her finger and put it in my ass while she sucked..faster and faster. I exploded again. She sucked and swallowed every drop. She kept her finger in my ass, gently stroking. I kept my erection. She got the gel and coated my cock with it and put some in her ass. She turned from me and raised her right leg a little. "Come on..don't be scared...gently. Stop if I say that's far enough" I put my cock to her asshole. She pushed back against it. "A little harder" My cock slid in, she grunted a deep growl. "That's it...more....give it to me" She reached under and grabbed my balls. Her growls got deeper. "Oh fuck....fuuuucckk....Christ you're fucking huge. Pump me....harder". My thighs slapped against her ass. She was growling like an animal. "Ooohhh fuck, fuck, fuck.....I'm going to come" She came again, shuddering and swearing. I couldn't stop if I tried. I kept on pumping. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was loud and exhilarating. Her legs started to slip. "Lift me...don't stop". I lifted her up until she was hanging forward like a rag doll. I couldn't stop fucking her. I felt like superman. Eventually, I shot my load, she felt it and squeezed my balls until I finished. I went to withdraw but she tightened and kept me in. "Just a few minutes" she said. We eventually washed each other and went back to the bedroom. I started to get dressed. "Don't you want my pussy?" she asked. "After I prepared it specially for you?. We can continue with this but we must be careful. They won't be back until dark so we have a few hours". She went to her wardrobe and took out a box. It had dildos, vibrators and butt plugs inside. She took a buut plug, lubed it and put it in her ass. She handed me a vibrator and showed me what she wanted. Her pussy was soaking and gaping and she continued swearing and groaning. "I want you to fuck my cunt as hard as you can. Really give it to me" She put her legs almost behind her. Her pussy was swollen and shaped beautifully. I stood over her. "Fuck won't come for ages". I put my cock into her pussy. She arched her back, butt plug still in place. I moved in and out. I'm long so I was able to get force into each stroke. I went faster and harder. I went into a frenzy of pumping with no sign of coming. She was screaming and grunting. Swearing obscenities, digging her nails in my back and ass. " Fuck me, fuck me, you prick. Fuck my cunt...fuck it fuck it fuck it. I'm going to come agaaaain. FUUUUCCKK!!! Moisture poured from her. Her pussy was like a furnace. "Don't fucking stop....keep that fat fucking cock pumping" I was getting scared with the screaming. "Jesus fucking christ" she barked. "Again..I'm coming aga....fffuuuuccck.....oooohh.....fffuuccck!!Oh I love your cock....christ christ.....come for fuck sake come.....please. We were fucking hard for nearly half an hour when I came. It wasn't the best orgasm. I didn't have much spunk left. She whimpered and gasped for a few minutes. Then we both laughed. "Oh my certainly deliver. Did you enjoy?" I nodded. "Not a word or a sign" she insisted. I nodded again. She kissed me deep again and gently patted my cock. "Time to get washed up" she said. "Thats mine for a while" she said, pointing at my cock. Again I nodded.
When my dad and Kate got home, Jessica and me were having dinner by the pool. We chatted away as normally as ever. We fucked twice more before we went home but not for as long and much tamer.
When we got home, I went to live with my mom and Kate went off to university. After about three months my dad and Jessica called round and had a discussion with mom. She called me to come in. "Your dad has to go away on business for 8 to ten weeks and he wants you to move back and stay with Jessica while he's away. She's nervous and asked would you be up for it?" Jessica said " I would really appreciate it. I'll try not to be too boring. Do you think I could convince you to come?"
Of course I would, I answered. Jessica handed me an envelope. "Thats your train fare and some spending money" she said. It certainly was...and about ten photographs of her pussy and ass and a note with all the treats waiting for me. I came home fucked to exhaustion. That was five years ago. We still fuck every so often....about three or four times a year. She's become my best friend and my parents think it's good that we seem to "get on" so well. Jessica says we "get off" even better.
Poster: Kev